E135: What is happening on the Cape  

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E135: What is happening on the Cape

While Emma and Donald are enjoying the three weeks of their honeymoon, many new things are developing in their absence. Sasha and Joseph are becoming closer and closer, but the real total change in things to come happens at Cape Cod.
Since the Christmas interactions between Karen, Julie, Dorothy, and Maude, the four have been in regular contact with each other. During one of their video chats, Karen and Julie learn more about Dorothy and Maude’s relationship with David and Bobby. When the two become more interested in what goes on, the older women are more than happy to delve into the topic.
From these chats, two things result. First, that as happy and in love Karen and Julie are together, the idea of finding a similar partnership with two men would be of interest to them. The older women smile over that admission and talk between themselves more about it, which leads, in part, to the second thing. The older women invite Karen and Julie to join them on the Cape for a week while Donald and Emma are gone.
All quickly agree to the idea. Then Maude tentatively mentions that David and Bobby, the two men from their college days onward, are going to be there around the same time. Actually, with a younger couple of men, Bobby’s great-nephew Rob and his partner William. Both are in their late twenties, around Karen and Julie’s age.
Dorothy explains that like his uncle and David, Rob and William are partners, but enjoy the opposite sex too. The two younger men have known about the older foursome for a while, even to the point of talking with Bobby and David about how they would like to find two women like Maude and Dorothy to be friends with, with benefits.
The younger women raise their eyebrows over what is being suggested, the idea of something different being added to the mix excites them. After finalizing plans, Karen and Julie do spend a delicious afternoon in bed with a strapon to ‘practice’ for their upcoming trip.
Karen starts first wearing the strapon as she pulls Julie to her to kiss and caress. Feeling the pseudo-cock rubbing against her mons and stomach sends butterflies flitting in Julie’s stomach. She twists and wiggles, so the cock is laying against her slit. Being washed with the juices coming from her delightful state.
Julie moans as the dildo rubs against her. Karen kisses her lips, around her neck, and down to her heaving breasts. Karen holds Julie’s raised arms in a grip as she teases and pleases her lover. Julie starts purring madly as she feels Karen’s lips and tongue on her nipples. Karen’s knees spread Julie’s thighs wide. Karen sits up and takes the phallic in her hand. Julie lifts her legs in the air and swings them over Karen’s shoulders.
A long, "ooh," comes from both their lips as Karen presses the rubber cock deep into Julie’s joy box. Karen begins pumping as she stares into Julie’s eyes. Julie is gasping at each thrust. She feels her vag begin to contract against the toy providing such feelings.
It does not take long until Julie is crying out in joy, her back arched and her cunt holding the dildo in a grip which does not let go for a minute. Sweat drips down her red face and chest. Julie is unable to speak for a few minutes as she catches her breath.
Karen leans and kisses her before helping Julie move her legs down, then rolling to her side. Now the two women are clinging together as Julie calms.
After a bit, just enjoying this state they are in, Julie takes the strapon off of Karen and puts it on herself.
The second act is much the same as the first, just with roles reversed. Though it does have the added delight that when Julie presses into Karen, the cock is now lubricated with her juices from earlier. Julie slides in to please Karen, thrusting away as her fingers, on one hand, play with Karen’s clit to add to her frenzy.
As Karen gets closer and closer to culmination, her ass lifting to press the plastic pleasure toy more profoundly in her, Julie moves her other hand under Karen and finds her back hole. Julie’s fingers wet from Karen’s cum slide easily into her ass, making Karen buck and rear against Julie.
Karen’s climax is at hand as she screams out from excitement. Her body shudders and shivers as she feels the welcome rush pass through her. A few minutes later, as the women lie together, they agree that it is now probably time for them to enjoy real pricks.
And so, a few days after Donald and Emma’s departure to Europe, Karen and Julie find themselves exiting a plane in Boston. Dorothy and Maude are there to greet them, and hugs and kisses are shared between them. The flight is early enough that after a quick lunch, they all head for the cottage on the Cape.
Maude and Dorothy chatter all the way, telling Karen and Julie the things they have planned for their visit. All are relaxed, and this feeling comes over them that whether anything happens like last Christmas or not, it doesn’t matter.
After a casual evening being shown around the cottage and beach, then dinner, the four women settle in the parlor over sherry and conversation. Dorothy and Maude gently tell the younger women about David and Bobby and the younger couple. They assure Karen and Julie nothing more will happen than what Julie and Karen want.
Karen and Julie giggle as they reply that they are looking forward to meeting Rob and William. The gleam in both their eyes assures Dorothy and Maude that the younger women are interested in a highly creative and fun week together.
Upstairs there are six bedrooms in all, including the room that Dorothy and Maude share, which does have a rather large bed. The smaller room that always has been Donald’s, then four more rather large bedrooms, all with king-size beds in them. Showing the women around, Maude explained that one of the rooms is where Bobby and David always stay, the next will be for Rob and William, and the fifth room for the women. The sixth room, much like the others, but all with different décor, will be handy if things get randy.
Together, all the women hug each other, and a few minutes of shared, deep kisses are exchanged between them. Karen, after kissing Maude, looks back and forth between her and Dorothy’s eyes and softly asks if the women would like to join them for the night. Looks of happiness and lust show on both the older women’s faces as they all move towards the bed as helping each other shed their clothes.
The women start a wonderful sexual dance with each other partnering in every way possible. Three pleasuring one, then two on two mixing and matching. The heat level rises in the room as all four taste and mingle the juices of each other as they provide oral delight to each other.
Dorothy and Maude find themselves side by side, caressing each other’s tits and kissing, while Julie and Karen are between each of their thighs licking and fingering their steaming muffs. Feeling the hungriness, the younger women must be servicing the older couple so thoroughly.
After the receivers of this attention cry out as they tip the scales, the four women come together, holding each other as they calm and go to sleep.
The next morning the women are all up earlier, and over breakfast, talk about what they will do during the day. Julie shyly introduces a totally new topic which she and Karen have both been lusting over for weeks now. She meekly tells Dorothy and Maude about Donald’s account of Subject I, and the rush both felt at the idea of being thoroughly spanked. That and the fact that they know and have sometimes heard Donald spanking Emma, and then lately Emma him.
Together, they realize that they would like to experience a spanking, but as yet they seem unable to do it to each other. They had researched how a good spanking, not going too far, will take away the stress and toxins an individual has built up. Allowing them the incredible release of tears taking all the anxiety out of them. Leaving the person so relaxed and more centered. And if the one spanked feels a different, sexual arousing sense, all the better.
Julie and Karen knowing about Maude spanking Emma when they visited last summer and wondered if Maude and Dorothy would perhaps do the same for them?
Both the older women are surprised by the request and respond positively. It is decided that after breakfast, in the parlor would be the right time and place to do so. The older women leave to get cleaned and dressed, and as Karen and Julie shower each other, they giggle about how drippy they both already are in anticipation.
Over breakfast, Dorothy explains that Maude will be spanking them both, as she is much better at such discipline. She has them toss a coin to see who will be first. Karen will be the first over Maude’s lap. Dorothy also clarifies what to do and what will happen. She also confirms for them the wonderful benefits of a spanking when needed to clear a person’s head and become more focused.
As they are told, Karen and Julie head to the parlor while the older women clear up the breakfast dishes. Standing in the room on two of the roses in the carpet facing a straight back chair, with their arms clasped behind their backs, Julie and Karen shiver with excitement over what is about to happen.
Untold, they stay silent as they stand and wait, though both want to share the feeling they are having. The wait, with such anticipation, seems to go on forever. Finally, first Dorothy enters, comes behind them both, and pin-up their dresses to their mid-back, exposing the pantie covered asses. She then sits in a comfortable chair beside them with a good view of the entertainment soon to be started.
A moment later, Maude walks in and stands in front of Julie and Karen. She asks them, “This is the last time for you to change your minds, once started, it will go through to the end, are you sure you want this?” Both women squirming now realizing it is going to happen, nod their heads and say ‘yes’ in hoarse voices.
Maude walks over to Dorothy and hands her the hairbrush to hold until needed. She settles herself it the straight back chair (which she had moved into position when they came down this morning) and tells Karen to come and stand by her side. Suddenly hesitant, as the tone of Maude command makes her feel like she has been bad and about to be punished.
But a lovely shiver of excitement runs through her also as Karen moves to stand at Maude’s side. Maude helps Karen lower herself over Maude’s lap, moving her some so Karen is centered.
Maude rubs Karen’s panty-clad ass cheeks for a minute or so before she tells Karen to lift a little. Karen feels Maude’s fingers move under the waistband of her panties and pull them down to her knees. ‘Oh shit, this is really going to happen!’ runs through Karen’s mind as she feels herself throbbing, and the first spank is delivered.
Karen, in surprise, cries out, “Oooh.” This is followed by gasp after gasp as Karen feels Maude working up steam as her hand spanks Karen’s reddening cheek over and over.
Karen turns her head some as tears begin to fill her eyes and looks at Julie, who has a surprised and worried look on her face. Through her tears, Karen smiles at her to assure her it is all worth it.
About then, Maude has Dorothy hand her the hairbrush, which she rubs against Karen’s now tender ass. Maude knows, as Karen is dripping so much on her lap, a change of dress after this is over will be needed. She smiles and nods to Dorothy to let her know that Karen is so aroused right now.
The brush comes down on Karen over and over, back and forth. On each cheek hitting all over to redden. Then repeatedly on one cheek for a while before moving to the other to do the same. Karen cries out with each stroke, but then this calm comes over her. All her concerns and worries seem to wash away from her. She is now feeling absolved of all guilt and burdens. The spanking with the brush stings as it lands, not only on her cheeks but upper thighs.
Karen feels herself reaching a different height of excitement as Maude slows the brush and stops. Karen is a little frustrated that she did not climax, but Maude tells her to stand, and go sit on Dorothy’s lap. Karen does as she is told. Her cheeks are a bit sore as she settles into Dorothy’s lap.
Julie hesitantly moves forward to Maude when she is directed, with one more anguished look at Karen. Maude repeats what she did to Karen on Julie while Karen sits on Dorothy’s lap. Both watch Julie’s punishment some, but while watching, Dorothy is taking care of Karen. Dorothy presses Karen’s thighs apart and moves her fingers to stroke Karen’s crotch, back and forth over the wet river running through her legs.
Karen moans with gratitude as she feels Dorothy helping her to reach up higher and higher to the peak she just was at. Then, almost there, to take Karen crashing down in excitement, Dorothy opens her top and presses Karen face down to take the nipple in her mouth.
Suddenly, Karen is feeling this total sense of excited contentment. She sucks Dorothy’s nipple like she is nursing. Karen feels her body beginning to shake as she is coming to the finale of her longing. Mouth filled with Dorothy’s tit, only a muffles the groans coming from Karen as her body is electrified, juices ejaculate from her cunt as she cums.
Dorothy moves her hand. It is more her palm pressing against Karen’s cunt gently as Karen continues to nurse, the only way to explain the current situation. Karen, so complete after her discipline and now nurturing, is enjoying this relaxed moment of comfort.
Karen hears Julie crying but is so content she doesn’t want to look up at the moment. Soon, Maude brings Julie over to Dorothy and helps Karen stand. She lifts Karen’s panties and unpins her dress as Dorothy welcomes sobbing Julie onto her lap.
Maude hugs Karen tightly and kisses her head as she leads her out of the parlor. She tells Karen that Julie now needs her comfort time with Dorothy. Karen is so happy about how this worked out, is more than content to let her lover recover as she just did.
On the porch, Maude and Karen talk more about the discipline entering into a stable relationship at times to ‘clear the air’ if nothing else. Karen confides that now knowing how relieving it is when done well, that she is sure she and Julie will find a way to make it a part of their lifestyle now.
It is a while later that Dorothy, with her arm around Julie, join them on the porch. Julie hurries to Karen’s side and kisses and hugs her whispering how wonderful the morning has been spent. Maude and Dorothy leave the two to discuss just how this could become an ongoing thing. They put things together in the car and about a half-hour later call to the younger women that they are ready to head out sightseeing.
When Karen and Julie join them at the car, they see Maude is in a new dress, before getting in the car, both hug Maude and then Dorothy thanking them for what they did for them. Sitting in the backseat as the car starts down a gravel road does warmly remind Julie and Karen how sensitive they behinds are right now.
The rest of the day flies by as they enjoy exploring the Atlantic coastline, have lunch at a bistro overlooking the ocean, and returning home closer to the bay. As only May, the water is pretty cold, but the sun is out, offering a pleasant warmth to the day.
The next morning Julie and Karen are nervous at the men are arriving at noon. They twitter around choosing what to wear and fiddling with their hair and makeup. They giggle together over this, acknowledging that they are acting like two<b> teenagers </font></b>get ready for their first date.
As the clock in the hall rings out the chimes for noon, both have calmed a good bit and can carry on conversations with Maude and Dorothy. They help with fixing lunch, a lovely spread of ocean delicacies, and even some early herbs from the greenhouse.
They hear a car pull up, and as much as Julie and Karen hate to admit it, their stomach flutter in anticipation. The go with Dorothy and Maude to the porch to greet the men. As introductions are made, Karen and Julie look over the men and realize that all are quite nice specimens.
Later they will laugh over how both envisioned the same thing on see the men. David had a look of Gregory Peck about him, while Bobby reminds them so of Jack Lemon. Both rather well preserved for tipping into their seventies. As Rob and William are introduced, the likeness of David to Tom Hanks and Rob to Jason Bateman is not missed.
As they laugh over their first impression together later, Julie and Karen wonder how the men saw them. But not ever knowing or asking, at the moment of meeting, it is clear all are impressed with each other. When the men shake their hands in greetings, Julie and Karen feel a welcoming electric shock running through them. Suddenly, this week’s visit is going to go to an even higher level.
Over lunch, the conversation is lively and witty. All laugh at spontaneous humor being offered. Then to Julie and Karen’s embarrassment at first, one of their secret pleasures is revealed. They, Rob, and William start sharing horrible puns. As one after another spurt from them, the older two couples laugh with joy. Even occasionally joining in with some.
After such an enjoyable lunch and having been assured by Bobby of the younger men’s ability, Dorothy suggests the four youngsters (she calls them laughingly) change and take the sailboat out for its maiden cruise of the season. The four jump at the idea. While Karen and Julie have never sailed before, the men are very adept at sailing, having both done it most of their lives.
Down to the dock, the four travel, and Rob and William explain what they are doing to get the boat ready to sail. (Dorothy has an arrangement to have the boat taken out of the water in the fall; stored and prepped over the winter; back tied to their dock in the spring. As they all climb aboard, the older couples come to the dock to offer a picnic basket of beverages and snacks for them. Dorothy suggests that considering the time of year, it might be best to stay in the bay than venturing to the Atlantic. Rob agrees and promises they will do so.
Starting out, they head south, tacking back and forth around the bay. Rob is at the tiller with Julie sitting by him, as William near the winch to be ready to bring the boom around with Karen beside him. It is a wonderful sail, the women’s first time, but they adapt quickly, even understanding having to sit up on the side as the boat leans to come about.
The afternoon is filled with much laughter. The wind calms as they are out in the middle of the bay. The four are feeling the passion rising in them, along with everything else. Rob holding the rudder steady, leans to Julie and kisses her. At the same time, William does the same with Karen. Soon the women’s arms around the men’s necks as they kiss more and more, hands available moving to explore each other’s bodies.
When a light breeze catches the sail, and they are bounced around a bit, all pull back for a minute. Rob tells the other three that they have a couple of options, they could sail out more to the middle of the bay away from inquisitive eyes or go back to the cottage and go to one of their rooms.
The idea of such an encounter on the water is appealing. They decide to save that for another day and head back to the dock. Once there and the boat cleaned and secured, they laugh as they have not opened the basket of food yet. William grabs it, and Karen’s hand and they run laughing to the house.
When they get to the cottage, they all quietly sneak up to Karen and Julie’s room. From the sounds coming from Dorothy and Maude’s room at the other end of the corridor, it seems the older foursome is well occupied right now themselves.
Clothes are thrown aside, and the four fall on the bed, touching and kissing each other randomly. Who is with who or how many are involved has no meaning. Soon both the men are deep in a cunt as they bang away, the women clinging to them with abandonment. All the repressed sexual passion is released as the room fills with the exotic scent of raw sex.
After the first wave, and cumming, as the men calm some, Karen and Dorothy split their time in caressing each other and the men. After all are calm, Karen gets the basket of food, and the four sit in a circle nibbling on the treats and drinking the wine included.
A couple of wonderful hours follow as the four really get to know each other, what they are doing, where they want to go, both in their careers and lives together as couples. In between the conversation, much caressing and kissing, and exploring continues to go on. By then, the food is gone, dusk is coming in, and a few more mingling one way or another have happened. It is enlightening for both couples when first the women showed Rob and William how they pleasure each other, followed by the men doing the same for Karen and Julie.
In such a short time, these four have formed a new bond. Each enjoys all the others with no real distinction between one from the other. Well, yes, there is a stronger bond with their partners, but as a group, it does not matter who is with who at a given moment. As it would soon be a different combination.
The four try to compose themselves for dinner, though still a bit disheveled when they come to the table, but the older foursome is not much different in their state. As they eat, it is acknowledged that the younger four seem to have hit it off rather well. And perhaps the sea air helps.
Over the next four days, Julie, Karen, Rob, and William are together all the time. It isn’t just this sexual yearning but that they enjoy each other’s company so much. As they get to know each other more and more, they can see that the start of a real, long-lasting friendship, or more, is beginning.
They spend each night together, not always with sexual Olympics going on, but just four people who quickly come to care about each other. They talk about so many things, on so many topics. The men are interested in the studies Julie and Karen are pursuing, something out of the normal realm of things, but so fascinating. The women share with the men the exciting news about where ISE is moving. Their hopes that when their doctorates are done next year, to find places to work on this project.
Rob and William tell them that their lives are nowhere near as exciting but have their moments. Rob is an investment banker in Boston, and William is working towards being a partner in a law firm soon, also in Boston. They have a home there and do enjoy the life they have, but now, they confess, the possibilities of Karen and Julie being a regular part of it would make it so much more gratifying.
The women blush at this statement, but admit, that yes, they want this added piece to their lives also. So soon, plans are being made on how they can make this work, especially for the next year as Karen and Julie finish their doctorates.
In, and among the many things they talk about, it is mentioned, and they all agree, one day, they wish to have at least one . Realizing all are so interested in this possibility if it could ever happen, they all blush some and hurry on to other topics.
The eight all have fun, and while each in their own mind, or with their partner, wonder what it would be like all eight of them together. They realize that it might be going just a step farther than would be good for all of them.
The week winds down, and it is time for Karen and Julie to leave. Rob and William have to get back to their jobs also. It is decided that they will take Karen and Julie back to Boston for their flight, allowing the older couple to stay as long as they like.
Chattering all the way back, when they get near to the city, Rob asks if Karen and Julie to stay a day more, change their tickets and fly out tomorrow? Then they could see Rob and William’s home for the evening. Quick phone calls are made, and their flight is switched.
A lovely evening is spent, much of which is planning when and where they can get together. Karen and Julie know they have much to tell Emma and Donald about what has happened, but know that the men would be welcomed to their home, such as it is.
Plans for getting together at least three times before the end of the year made, and the women, so well satisfied in every way, board their plane home. On the flight, Karen and Julie chat about how to explain all this to Emma and Donald. Not just what happened with Dorothy and Maude, but this new twist of Rob and William. Shivers run through them, and not the sexual desire ones, as they contemplate that conversation.

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