Tim and Abbie 08: Thursday  

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Tim and Abbie 08: Thursday

Tim wakes up Thursday morning, so rested, considering the few hours of sleep he had. Then his mind takes over and reminds him of what happened yesterday. He is a bit sore from all the physical labor he did but remembering last night with Abbie sends shudders through him.
He wants a sexual and loving relationship with Abbie. Both of them equals, well actually her leading him down this new undiscovered path they find themselves on. Now he is supposed be the one in control, be her ‘’ keep her in line? Was he up that? He is a bit uncomfortable with the ‘’ part but does realize Abbie feels she wants someone keep her on course. Maybe referring it as something else would work better?
He needs her guide him through these milky waters he is entering, but something stirs in him, realizing that he did want help steers her, make sure she stays on straight and narrow of this deviant path they are going down.
So with mixed feelings, he gets up and showers. As he does, he starts thinking about ‘the rules’ he would like set for Abbie. Suddenly as the water sprays over him, and he feels himself harden so quickly, he realizes that yes, Abbie’s desire for him keep her in line is exactly what he wants, keep her true only him, be his cherished girl.
A few minutes of jerking later, he lets the water continue run in the shower wash all the evidence of that away and goes dress. Tim is getting more and more disappointed in his wardrobe. Everything is somewhat dated and shabby. Maybe that will be his first rule for Abbie; she needs help him improve his look – for both of them.
He finishes dressing and heads out the door be at the bus stop at the appropriate time.
Abbie wakes in the morning, still feeling a little sting on her ass, but it feels so warm and pleasant. She doesn’t remember when she slept so well. Tim did give her what she needed. He helped her release her demons at least for a while. She didn’t realize when imagining someone helping her this way, what a weight it would take off her.
She remembers back to last night and what all transpired and smiles as she does. Damn. Tim did her just as she required. Will he continue to monitor and deliver what is called for when she needs it? She thinks back to Monday night’s little excursion to the Wilde Peacock and wonders if she should confess that to Tim too?
She knows she has to be totally honest with him about everything now. And that sends a warm ripple through her body. No one, never, ever, showed her the concern for her wild side and want her to stop it like Tim did last night.
The spanks did hurt, but the rush that went through her knowing it was someone who totally and completely cared about her and wanted her to be good was so incredible. She wants a real relationship with Tim moving forward to intercourse and more, but that he can see this needy side of her too swells her heart.
She gets ready for work and hurries to the bus stop, afraid she might be late for ‘their bus.’ Abbie boards the bus and finds a seat for Tim to join her when he gets on.
Her face shines with a big smile when Tim gets on and sees her. He comes and sits beside her, and she leans and whispers in his ear, “Thank you, , for last night. It was what I needed, and I am going try be good for you.”
Tim grins at Abbie’s comment and pats her knee. “Just so you try your best baby,” he whispers back, “Though I think we need replace the ‘’ part. I am not sure I like that image between us. I know how it relates you in some way, but perhaps we can find another way for you show your respect.”
Abbie is a little surprised how concise Tim is in his thought and wants. She can see it from his side now, and perhaps that is how they should work this new part of their lives. She whispers, “Okay, Sir, whatever you decide works for you, it will be that way.” Tim squeezes her hand in thanks.
Unspoken between them, they know this will be a conversation for this evening. Tim and Abbie change the conversation chatting about what was on their schedules for the day.
Up until this moment, Abbie didn’t know Tim had taken the day before off wor Tears almost form in her eyes, realizing her foolishness yesterday cost them an afternoon of fun together. Again, in a little girl's voice whimpers, “I am so sorry I messed things up so bad yesterday, Sir.”
Tim takes a handkerchief from his pocket and dries her eyes, so her makeup does not smear and then tells Abbie to blow as he holds it over her nose. That act of Tim caring for her sends shivers through Abbie’s body. She understands just how much Tim cares about her on all levels.
As they near Tim’s stop, he turns to Abbie and says, ”We will work on the rules tonight, but for now know, you need to every hours during the day let know you are okay and behaving. That will be rule number one.”
Abbie nods her head in agreement and squeezes his hand, letting him know she will do as told.
Tim heads off the bus and into work, as Abbie rides to her stop a couple later where she gets off.
Tim's arrival at work has such a different reaction than what usually is the norm. The receptionist greets him warmly and asks how he enjoyed his day off. He stuttered over his reply as no one ever asks how his weekend was or anything like that.
At his desk in his cubical, colleagues come by asking the same thing, offering to get him some coffee, and showing him what they completed the day before, It was funny, things he has been waiting for others to finish for weeks, they now had for him to sign off on.
Even his manager stops by to let him know if he needs more time off to take it; he had more than enough time banked. What is going on? Why are they all being so friendly and helpful?
Tim tells a couple of people that he spent yesterday scheduling for people to do long overdue work on his house, which fueled the gossip flames which soon spread like wildfire. Wondering why he could possibly want to do that. The forerunner reason why is that Tim has gotten a job somewhere else and getting ready to sell his home.
Yes, once the rumor flame is lite, it takes off on a burning pathway of its own.
Tim didn’t catch on to any of the rumors stirring, but he is a bit curious why everyone is acting so solicits to him. He gets on with his morning but did have his phone out on his desk to catch when Abbie texts.
Abbie gets to her work and begins her day. But before starting, she takes out her phone and puts in events to her calendar. One for -thirty when she is settled at work; one at eleven before considering lunch; at o’clock; and again at four say when she would be leaving wor She put repeat the event chime every day with no end date with the first alert at five minutes before, and the second at the time of the event.
‘There,’ Abbie thinks, ‘that should remind me Tim when he commanded .’ Tim telling her on the bus that he is working on rules for her follow gets her throbbing. He is willing fill that role when needed gives her a warm feeling of protection.
Her phone alerts her at -thirty, and Abbie sends her first message, “Tim, how is your morning going? I am a bit busy catching up from being gone yesterday. I miss you.”
Tim hears his phone bing with a coming in and lifts it read the message. A warm glow spreads over him when he sees that Abbie is doing as she was told. And even saying she misses him. He replies he is busy too for the same reason but is missing his Abbie girl also.
Abbie getting this reply feels herself getting a bit stiff in longing for Tim.
At eleven, when she messages, Abbie is trying to control her longing for Tim, but gives in and asks if he would like to meet for lunch. Tears start to form in her eyes when she sees his reply saying as much as he would like to, he is too busy catching up still to do so. Abbie dabs her eyes and tells herself to stop being so silly.
But then she leans back in her chair for a few minutes, closes her eyes, and remembers being over Tim’s lap last night and how sensual it was when he spanked her. It had hurt how it should. But the feeling of all her cares and woes wash off her with her tears as she was spanked was such an incredible relief.
She wants to be good, so Tim does not have to take that step again but is glad knowing he will take that role when needed. And then Abbie remembers Tim telling her that they would work on the rules for her tonight and she felt her clitty throb at that thought.
The truth about Tim not having lunch with Abbie, as much as he would have liked to, is that he needs his lunchtime to research this adult discipline thing and see what is suggested for rules for Abbie to abide by.
Tim searches several sites, jots down some of the recommendations. He did also search the baby girl/ rules see what they suggest. Those sites were more for a couple in that type of relationship 24/7, with real limits placed on the baby. But in time, he gets the feel of what should be the rules, so they only go that place between them when true misdemeanors or worse have occurred.
When he finishes about an hour later, Tim does have a good starting place for rules for Abbie based on what she told him she craves help with last night. He does like that his first rule is she is to keep in contact with him throughout the day. That will help him feel more confident that Abbie does want something between them.
Which leads him to imagine where things might lead to this evening. Every time they seem to move forward some, something seems to put up a barrier for a day or so before they were able to take a step forward.
Since in the<b> bubble bath </font></b>with the soft cloth, Tim has imagined Abbie’s lips and tongue on his cock, sucking him. He only had that done a couple of times in his life, and both were rather quickly over. Since Saturday night, when Abbie had just pressed her lips against his glans for a second, and Tuesday night when Abbie licked their mingled juices, Tim has wanted to feel her lips on him more.
Another short message came in from Abbie at o’clock, and then one at four saying she is winding down work for the day so catch their bus, the four-thirty bus, home. In that message, she does ask hesitantly if Tim would like come over her apartment from work?
Tim would love nothing better, but he knows he needs stop at his house to see how the first day of workers is going. He sends Abbie a message that he does want to see her that evening, but it would not be until about six when he could come over.
Abbie is disappointed, to say the least, and wonders what Tim has to do that he can’t just come over right from wor She tries hide her regret as she replies she will look forward seeing him then.
Abbie catches the bus home and is thrilled see Tim get on at his stop. He comes to sit by her giving her a chaste kiss on the chee Damn, Abbie wants full-throat him with a kiss for him know how much she wants him.
As the ride goes on, Tim hands Abbie a printed page of something saying, “Abbie, this is the start of the list of rules I have come up with. I want you when you get home copy them out five times on lined paper in your best handwriting. Think about each what it means as you do. When I get there around six, I expect you have them done, and you ready talk about any you would like modify.”
Abbie gasps a bit at how much Tim is embracing this role for her. How could she be so lucky? She just nods her head and says quietly so only he can hear, “Yes, Sir, I will do what you are asking.”
“Good girl and I will bring a pizza and some wine for us have dinner and celebrate if you have completed your tasks as you should,” Tim says, hugging her shoulder before he rises get off at his stop.
Tim hats to leave Abbie for an hour or . He would have so loved just hurry her flat. They both undress and begin pleasure each other again. But he does need check on the work going on in his house.
Walking up it, he sees all the boxes of donations are gone. Someone had been there scraping the paint off the trim of his house. Going inside, he sees all of the first and second floors have been sanded, waiting be varnished. The kitchen surprises him the most. Nothing is there but the framed room. They had been able demolish the , enlarge the entrance the dining room, and it looks like they are getting ready put down new tile and move forward.
This is a good start, but he knows as more things come light, which needs be dealt with, the project will have an extended timetable. He calls Les see if any issues had come up during the day, but she assures him that everything is going great.
He goes upstairs change and confronts the door what was his mother’s bedroom, the big bedroom of the house looking out on the street. He had not gone in there since she died, and he knows he needs clean out her clothes, and more so, redo the room for him and Abbie if that happens. His sparse bedroom would never do.
He will tackle that this weekend and have the painters in there too. More things for him to order, he knows the room is large enough for a king-size bed, and that is what he wants for his princess.
He looks at the time and hurries to his bedroom to change into shorts and a polo shirt, to get over to Abbie’s. He calls and orders a pizza to pick up on the way, and the wine is available in the store right next to the pizza shop. He texts Abbie that he will be there in about thirty or forty minutes and head out.
Abbie had been spending the last hour or so copying out the rules five times. Each time she wrote one of them, she felt a tingle go up and down her spine, knowing this was so what she wanted someone to do for her.
There were twelve rules in all.
Number 1: Abigail will text or call Mr. Hudson (referred to as Sir in following rules) every day if they are not together at 9:30 am, :00 am, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:00 pm, and when going bed.
Number 2: Abigail will ask permission go out on her own, and accept Sir’s decision if he tells her no.
Number 3: If Abigail does something that she realizes she shouldn’t have done, Abigail must tell Sir immediately, and accept the consequences of her action. If Abigail hides what she did, Sir will, in time, find out, and the discipline will be much more.
Number 4: Abigail will dress properly for whatever the occasion. If her outfit is deemed too revealing, she will accept the consequences.
Number 5: Abigail will behave at all times like a proper young lady.
Number 6: Abigail will not flirt with others. Or allow them to touch her in any improper way.
Number 7: Abigail will show Sir proper respect and accept his judgment about things.
Number 8: Abigail will trust, obey, and be loyal and honest to Sir as he will be to Abigail. Abigail and Sir’s relationship should be the number one thing. Show that it is essential to Abigail through her actions and words. Do not do anything to make Sir question this.
Number 9: Abigail will accept any disciplinary actions Sir feels she needs without argument or resistance. When being punished, she will be called Abigail, and she will refer to Tim as either Sir or Mr. Hudson.
Number : Abigail will answer her phone or texts from Sir promptly. Work issues may require a short period between receiving and replying, but all other times Abigail will respond immediately.
Number : Abigail will keep Sir informed of where she is and what she is doing at all times, if not where she should be at any time.
Number : Abigail will comply with all these rules without argument. Rules can be changed or added if deemed needed by Sir
After Abbie finishes her first copy of the rules, she feels an excitement building in her. First, that Tim has created a discipline name for her (she has never been anything except Abbie since her transformation). She likes the idea and wonders if she should have a middle name so Tim could say, ‘Abigail Elizabeth Adams, you have overstepped the line,’ and she would know she is in trouble. Abbie decides she will mention that Tim.
And her calling Tim ‘Sir’ or ‘Mr. Hudson,’ yes, that sends tingles through her also thinking about it. She agrees with all the rules he has made so far. It is all the things she does want be accountable for.
Though she wonders about the rule of how she dresses. Does Tim not like what she wears? Though Abbie does, by the time she is on her third copy of the rules start comprehend what he means, and blushes some realizing she probably is too promiscuous in many of the outfits she wears.
‘I wonder if Tim would like me to help him improve his wardrobe too?’ Abbie wonders. Then her phone bings a message, and Abbie pulls herself out of the tangent. Abbie sees the message is from Tim about being on his way and looks at the cloc She still has more copies make, and she does want change her clothes. It is already twenty minutes six.
She is finishing the last copies, which are not her best penmanship, but legible and hurries change. She is just slipping a casual dress on when she hears the buzzer from the front door. Abbie is not wearing stockings, only panties and bra, and bare feet.
She hurries to answer, and just hearing Tim’s voice right now sends trembles through her body. She replies in a whisper of a voice, “Yes, Mr. Hudson, I am waiting for you, Sir.”
Tim’s hands full when he enters just gives Abbie a quick kiss and moves to put his offerings on the coffee table. He turns and tells Abbie, come here, I want a real welcome now. Closing the door and coming to stand before him, Abbie throws her hands around his neck and kisses him deeply and fully. It is more than minutes before they pull apart.
Tim laughs and says, “Hum, maybe I should add a rule. That Abigail always shows her affection Sir when they first come together after apart.” Abbie giggles in response.
“Mr. Hudson, I love how you refer to each of us in the rules. It makes it all so official. I wouldn’t mind at all that rule is added.” Then shyly, she tells him her suggestion on what he would call her first when she is going to be punished.
Tim laughs and says. “Abbie, yes, ‘Abigail Elizabeth Adams’ would work fine for her to know she is in trouble. Or even just Abigail Elizabeth when out in public.” She hugs him, telling him how much that would mean.
Tim tells her they will talk about the rules after they eat, for her to get glasses and plates while he opens the wine.
Sitting side by side, as close as they can, on the couch, they eat and just chat about their days. Abbie grumbles some about some of her employees that annoy her with their work habits. Tim listens as she describes some of their ‘crimes’ and realizes maybe Abbie is overblowing their incompetence. He wonders if that area of things in Abigail Elizabeth’s life should be checked out.
A flush comes over Tim as he realizes how much care and guidance he is undertaking. But knows in the end, it will all be to both their advantage. They finish eating just chatting about things they like, comparing, and getting to know each other much more.
When everything is cleaned up, and their wine glasses refilled, they turn to the big issue at hand, the rules. Tim tells Abbie, “I had you make five copies for reasons. First, copying them numerous times helps you memorize what will be expected. And second, because from what I have read today, for your benefit, this should be a contract between us, so it is clear we both agree to these terms.”
“We will each keep copies, one have regularly visible at home remember what we have agreed . The other put someplace in our offices for the same reason. The fifth copy I would like put in a sealed envelope which we give Leslie hold. She would never open it, but it would be a reminder both of us we have this binding agreement.”
Abbie feels her clitty trembling, thinking about this. Yes, this is precisely what she wants make her feel accountable. The idea of Tim researching this, him compiling these options and rules does thrill her. She tells Tim, “Yes, I like that idea a lot. But can we add your last rule about greeting each other too?”
Tim laughs and replies that yes, they could add that. He would be all for it. Though perhaps not that expressive when out in public. Now Abbie blushes agreeing that might be a bit much for others to observe.
She then asks Tim, “How would you like sign? Abigail Elizabeth or Abbie. Abigail Elizabeth is not my legal name.”
Tim is excited that Abbie is so serious about this contract and suggests, “Maybe sign it Abbie (Abigail Elizabeth) Adams?”
Abbie likes that, so first, she takes one copy and as Tim dictates Abbie adds an addendum:
Rule 13: Abigail will always show her affection Sir when they first come together after apart.
She then copies it on the other four sheets. Solemnly Abbie begins signing each copy and dating it. She hands Tim the pen, and he does the same. She gets an envelope for Tim to put one copy in and then takes her copies, putting one in her briefcase for work, and tapes the other beside her mirror on her makeup table. “That way, I will see it each time I get ready,” Abbie tells Tim.
Tim replies, “You know, keeping the work copies in our briefcases might be the best place remind us.” Abbie agrees and kisses him gratefully. Tim’s copies are put by the door take with him. It was now time they turn something more important them both.
They start making out on the couch, removing pieces of clothing as they continue. Tim takes Abbie nipples in his mouth and runs his tongue around her areola and sucking on them to make them harden.
Abbie’s hand is firmly squeezing Tim’s shaft, enjoying feeling it grow between her fingers. She does think, ‘Tim is rather well endowed, I can’t wait to feel him in . I hope I can handle it.’
After about twenty minutes of groping on the couch, them both fully naked, Abbie stands and takes Tim’s hand as asks, “Would you like continue this in my bedroom?”
Tim readily agrees, and Abbie helps him stand. His cock if full out in front of him, making Abbie giggle. She takes hold of his prick and leads him her bedroom. It is dimly lit, and the bed looks soft and comfortable.
Last night when Tim put Abbie bed, he really hadn’t looked around the room so involved with what was happening then. Now he looks around as they both lay down facing each other. They kiss again long and deep.
Then Abbie moves Tim, so he is on his back, and she sits on his knees. He can see her big clitty at full attention too. She moves down some and bends her head over his coc First, kissing it softly on its head like she did Saturday night. Then Abbie runs her tongue up and down his slit and around and around his glans.
A little precum escapes in Tim’s excitement of what is now happening.
Abbie takes it very slow and often stops and asks if Tim likes what she is doing or is it uncomfortable for him. Each time he responses with more and more of a croaked voice saying it was terrific.
Abbie spends a good while concentration on his glans as her fingers caress and pump his balls. Then she begins running her tongue up and down his shaft and then starting at the base running her tongue around his shaft, moving just a smidgen higher with each orbit. When Abbie reaches the glans, she sucks on it for a few minutes before circling his shaft back down again. This time, adding tiny nibbles as she goes.
Tim just lays back moaning as she administers this pleasure to him. All he can do is stroke her hair as he is incapable of doing any more as Tim enjoys the best oral sex he ever could imagine.
When Abbie reaches the bottom of Tim’s shaft, she moves down farther and takes one ball after the other into her mouth and sucks them to hard walnuts. Tim feels his sperm rising in him. He can’t believe this feeling.
Then she goes back up to his glans and starts sucking on it, taking more and more of his shaft in her mouth. The feeling of the warm moisture of her mouth sets him on fire. But then she sprays lighter fluid on the flame as she helps him roll to his side facing her. After seeing Abbie stick her fingers in her mouth, wetting them, Tim feels her slide them down his back to run up and down his crack, landing on his asshole.
She circles and circles before he feels her pressing one finger up in him past his sphincter, which relaxes so easily from her touch. Probably from how hard he is panting from the attention being spent at his front and his back now. When Abbie presses a second finger into him, and they find his prostate to pump against the fire explodes.
He is panting so hard, trying not to cum yet as this feels so wonderful, but knows he can’t hold bac Tim moans, “Abbie, I am about cum.” Warning her move bac But she doesn’t. Instead, she takes more of him into her mouth. His cock is pressing at the back of her throat when he cums.
She gulps and swallows almost all of it, leaving just dribbles on her lips. Tim tastes his cum as she lifts and kisses him circling her tongue around his mouth. He does the same in her mouth, realizing that he is kissing where his prick just was moments ago. That sends an after a rush through him.
Abbie cuddles up next to him, and Tim realizes how nicely she fits in his arms and resting beside him. Abbie’s still hard clit is rubbing against his stomach right now, so Tim reaches down and takes it into his had to start to stroke how she likes.
After a few minutes of such action it is Abbie turn to begin to moan, Tim licks his fingers and very tentatively starts to run his fingers up and down Abbie’s crac Slowly moving circle her rosebud. Abbie, feeling this, moans harder with delight. This encourages Tim, and he hesitantly begins press his index finger up in Abbie.
Abbie whimpers out, “Yes.” So Tim continues until his finger is in up his second knuckle. Abbie whimpers again, “More, please, oh, please.” In response, Tim pulls back and presses his middle finger with his index up in deeper. Then remembering what Abbie had just done him, his fingers search around and find where press massage Abbie’s prostate.
Abbie is beyond glee. She cries out and can feel her juices stirring about gush out of her. She clings tightly Tim’s neck, kissing him deep and constant as she does cum in long spurts on Tim’s stomach.
Abbie pulls away enough and slides down and starts licking Tim’s stomach clean, then coming up to kiss him again so he can taste her cum too.
Oh, what a night. Both exhausted now, and so content, they cuddle under the sheets and comforter. Abbie’s back to Tim’s stomach, his cock between her thighs, rubbing against Abbie’s clit. He is holding her gently as they fall into a deep sleep for the first time together.

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