Tim and Abbie 70: At the strip club  

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8/5/2021 12:40 pm
Tim and Abbie 70: At the strip club

After all the excitement of Timara’s birth, Mark coming out, and Les and Phoebe moving in next door, things begin calm down by mid-October. The weekly Thursday dinners continue, as do the football night at the sports bar.
Timara’s baptism occurs during all, which is lovely, especially as Tim and Abbie are named godparents. An honor they somewhat tremble over, but more so gush over. Timara finds gifts streaming down on her and a lovely start a university savings account from her godparents by that Saturday.
With all the changes going on, the one thing that has languished is Tim and Leslie’s chats with each other. Both with partners now and their busy lives, it just isn’t possible for the two get together. Much less alone to talk about things. For the most part, does not matter, but after Abbie revealing her feelings about aging, Tim would like someone talk about .
Though by chance, does happens. One Tuesday night, Abbie is over at Martha’s cooing over Timara, and Phoebe is working at the Peacock. Pulling in the drive at the time, Tim and Leslie wave each other, and after a bit of small talk, realizing both are alone for the evening, Tim invites Leslie over.
At this time, it is like she is Leslie again. The kind, second mother he had, has helped him sort out feelings and problems he faced growing up. Over a bottle of wine and dinner, Tim brings up his concern about Abbie’s worries about growing older. He asks Leslie if she knows any older transgender women could talk with Abbie and help her feel easier about the aging process.
Leslie laughs, replying, “Tim, you knew a whole group who could help you. And even now would love see you again, meet Abbie and talk with her for you. Don’t you remember the club Cyn did the books for all those years? Where she took you when you were very young?
“All the women always ask about you and follow your career all these years. Both the strippers and transgender women, as does the owner. They all are so indebted for what your mother did for them over the years. They will never forget her or you.”
Tim has visions of being in the dark lite bar with the different strippers practicing their numbers. Then the transgender women, he would be in awe of, coming out run through their acts. They all would have been in their twenties or thirties then. So now, mid-fifties at the most.
Leslie tells him that many of the originals are now supervisors or trainers. The owner is soft-hearted and never kicks anyone out without cause. So as they age, he moves them new positions as bartenders, trainers, or such as, younger women take their place on stage. Or gets them training begin new careers. Something that Cyn helped start. So the legend of Cynthia lives on all these years.
Tim is surprised that Leslie knows so much about the club still. He never knew she ever had any knowledge of at the time. She explains that she and Cyn would go now and then when Tim got older and could be left alone at night.
They enjoyed the strippers and even the trans acts. Leslie laughs, remembering some of the lap dances she and Cyn had as comps from the owner or thanks from the girls for Cyn doing their taxes. Yes, April and May were fun months at the club each year.
After Cyn died, Leslie occasionally would visit. Often when feeling melancholy over Cyn. The owner would always join her on those evenings, and the two would end up rather drunk remembering and lifting drinks her.
Since Phoebe entered her life, Les has taken her a few times, and she also enjoys the club and the fact that the girls are all friendly with Les. It is a much different evening than a night at the Peacock, but very stimulating for both of them.
Leslie suggests that perhaps Tim and Abbie should visit the club. She and Phoebe would be happy join them. Reintroduce Tim the owner and the women would be thrilled see him. Leslie tells Tim they do know about his promotion and life now with Abbie. Of course, Leslie would have bragged about him.
A bit embarrassed that they have been so interested in his life, while he had forgotten more or less all about them, Tim agrees. Plans are made for a visit on Saturday night.
The next day, Les wastes no time calling the owner tell him about the prodigal ’s return. He is overjoyed and immediately lets the main girls remember Cynthia know so that they will be . Even the acts are changed highlight the transgender women and strippers still working were closest Cynthia.
is like homecoming night. Everyone primping and putting on their best front for the long-awaited return.
Tim did not realize how important this place had been his mother. How much they cared for her. They knew about her bouts of depression and supported her through them. The help Cynthia offered them more than paid for the little they felt they could do in return.
Tim, from a they all cooed and cuddled over, watching grow up, later taking pride in all his triumphs. When Tim got a bit older, and Cynthia felt it not proper bring him into the club, they hung on her stories and pictures of his achievements and accomplishments. They felt they were part of his life. Even after Cynthia was gone, Leslie’s occasional visits fed their need to hear how he was doing.
Tim, to all of them, was the they never had. And when they learned about him and Abbie, they could not be happier for him. Though as mother hens, especially the transgender women, they worried about if he would get hurt.
Before Saturday, Les talks a bit more with two of the transgender women care about Tim - Shelia and Shirley. She explains Abbie’s concerns and Tim’s trying find help for her. They understand Abbie’s worries as, at fifty, they have gone through the thing. They thank Les for the heads up and chat about how they can try ease Abbie’s concerns.
As planned, the four, Les, Phoebe, Tim, and Abbie, head the strip club, The Blue Angel Cabaret. are three other such locations around south England, each is numbered two through four, but this is where all started. Where Cynthia mainly worked. Abbie looks a bit curious as they walk into the door of the club.
“This is the place my mother did the books for all those years,” Tim explains. “Les told me how they still ask about me, and I thought it would be fun and nice to visit.” They are hardly in the door when the owner, a shorter plump man, Frank, comes up to them.
Frank hugs Les first, next Phoebe, then holding Tim at arm’s length with tears in his eyes, says, “Tim, I would know you anywhere, but so much more handsome even. How are you, ? It has been a long time.” He hugs Tim tightly. Then turning to take Abbie into his arms, “And this must be Abbie. She is even prettier than I pictured. Welcome, welcome.”
He leads them up a ramp which ends with a row of doors to private suites looking down on the stage. The club is set up in an interesting manner. The main floor with the bar to the back has a downward ramp to the seats around the stage, looking up about four or five feet. Other tables moving back towards the bar are on rising levels.
Up the ramp leads to the private suites. These look down around the stage about four or five feet. So both levels have a very close view of the acts. But neither can really touch the dancers. Instead, are shelves and tubes that shuttle the money into a bin for the girls. To get to stroke or more, visitors must for lap dances and such.
is a high level of respect in The Blue Angel, and customers do not follow the rules find they are not welcomed and are barred in the future. Frank is very protective of his girls and makes sure they are safe and do not feel forced do anything they would not want .
The suite Frank leads them is the primo room, facing center of the stage. Drinks are orders all around. Frank shows them how press get more. And not worry, everything is on him tonight. He stays and chats some. He is overwhelming with his delight in Tim’s position in life now and tells Tim how proud Cynthia would have been of him.
Then the conversation dies down as the first act begins.
The lights lower, a spotlight beams on a lovely,<b> older woman </font></b>dressed in a bustier, panties, garter, and stockings. She is sitting backward on a chair. In a deep and scratchy voice, which is so sexy, she begins to sing, “They me naughty Lola.”
Yes, the singer is older, but she is in great shape, and on looking closer, becomes apparent that she is a transgender woman. Making the whole allusion being presented even more arousing. Yes, she is Greta [Garbo], and this is The Blue Angel Cabaret.
Tim hugs Abbie him and whispers, “I can see you looking like that in twenty-five years, still so tempting and desirable.” Abbie squeezes his thigh in response. She is rather turned on by this woman, so graceful and sexy. She is not showing any signs of age.
The singer goes on sing, “Those charming, alarming blond women,” putting everyone into a feeling of being in the cozy, warm, world of a bistro in Paris or Munich. A wonderful opening for the delights ahead.
Tim leans back, enjoying the show. Though something else too. His mind wanders back in time, and he remembers ‘Greta’ twenty-five years ago, practicing these numbers. Tim was watching her so intensely as his mother and Frank went over the books.
She has not changed much in looks. Perhaps they are using more fog now hide some of her wrinkles, but she looks and sounds as wonderful as she did back then, when she would have been about Abbie’s age.
Greta’s finished, the evening continues with a mixture of strippers and trans acts. Many of the performers stop by their suite to say hello. Others working the front of the house join for a while too.
Shirley and Shelia, the two older transgender women used perform along with Greta, come join them for a bit. Now in their fifties, they work the front side of the business. Tim learns, it is all thanks his mother. Shirley got her accounting degree and took over for Cynthia when she died, Cynthia helping her through the program all the way and encouraging Shirley she could do .
Sheila manages the performers and acts, getting a business and entertainment degree also due Cynthia’s encouragement. Both women are dress stylishly, and one could say sexily. They do have a few wrinkles but very good for their age for the most part. No, not some caricatures like Abbie dreads.
They go on and on about how Cynthia influenced so many of the women at The Blue Angel. Frank laughs that yes, Cynthia did have a way of turning over his staff regularly, but see his girls accomplish so much and go on make something of themselves was well worth .
For a while, the evening turns into the wake that never was held for Tim’s mother. Recognizing all she had accomplished in her life and how much Cynthia had meant to so many. For Tim, is a welcome closure that never had been . He feels his mother is finally at peace.
Tim feels guilty that has taken almost nine years for him get this place for his mother. When she died, he was at such a loss. is just one more thing that he thanks Abbie for helping him open up and understand more. All that she has given him these last months. He so wants find ways repay her.
Abbie, seeing many older transgender women, all still very stylish and appearing happy with their lives, is a bit of a boost her. She wonders how they do day--day and if they need assistance with health issues. Perhaps now, with Tim reconnecting with them and Les’s link, she could chat more with them one day.
But that is part of the evening. After all the nostalgia and some tears, more drinks are delivered, and attention turns back the stage for new acts being performed.
A younger woman, nicely formed and very pretty, does a revealing strip which catches Phoebe’s attention especially. While Abbie knows Phoebe in her wicked past would primarily bed older women, she did at times like the younger flesh. A nice firm mid-twenties lass. And the lady on the stage fits that criteria.
Abbie is surprised watch as Les presses a button for service and whispers into the waitress’ ear. Moments after finishing her act, the young star, now in tassels and G-string, comes into the suite and with a nod from Les, heads over to stand in front of Phoebe.
She shifts Phoebe’s dress up her thighs to almost the top and straddles her legs sitting down. Their cunts, the dancer’s just string-covered, and Phoebe’s wet satin bikini covering not much more, begin with almost rubbing together.
The dancer smiles at Phoebe and begins to gyrate her hips provocatively. Phoebe smiles back at her and feels Les’s fingers running through her hair as she leans back and enjoys this encounter.
Phoebe is feeling on fire, especially in her loins. This young, girl, almost crushing her cunt against her, feeling her heat and juices seeping through her g-string. Grinding and grinding.
After a bit, she lifts herself, so she is riding just one of Phoebe’s legs, pressing her knee against Phoebe’s spread pussy, kneading her clit up and down as she rides her leg. Phoebe is gasping with each gallop they make.
Les is enjoying the show. Between her fingers in Phoebe’s hair, she is kissing and licking Phoebe’s ear and neck, whispering encouragement Phoebe cum. Phoebe does not need much prodding; the younger girl knows her stuff. She is giving Phoebe a magnificent lap dance.
Taking Phoebe so close the final edge, then pulling back and shifting the other leg ride on, taking her back galloping up that path again. As the dancer does, Phoebe and Les kiss deeply. Les is going back and forth between the dancer and Phoebe’s breasts, squeezing their tits, being a part of this strange dance of lust.
Abbie and Tim watch the first part of this encounter, but their attention is diverted when Greta is back on the stage, this time singing, “I get no from champagne.” As she does, she looks up at Abbie in the suite over and over. Abbie feels like their eyes are locked on each other. is no glass at the front of the boxed suite, but Abbie does not realize how much can be seen from the stage. Or is it just her imagination?
Or is it Tim Greta is looking at? Does she recognize him from long past?
Shortly after the finishes, is a knock at the door, and Greta comes in. She smiles at the three in action on the one side of the box and walks over Tim and Abbie.
First, Greta hugs Tim, welcomes him home and offers him belated condolences about Cynthia. They talk a few minutes about that and how well he is now doing. Tim introduces Abbie Greta, looks intensely at her up and down. In her husky, scratchy voice, she asks permission of Tim, “May I be so bold as ask permission for a dance with this lovely lady, Tim?”
Tim looks first at Abbie see if she is willing, and with her tiny nod, agrees the request. In that split second, so much runs through Tim’s head. Abbie told him about her and Grace’s afternoon and her fears. This could help with part of that too. And damn, it could be really watch.
Abbie’s mind is whirling in that millisecond also. The woman up close is beautiful. Yes, the lights are soft and low, but she actually has a glow about her. And be picked out this way. And Tim agreeing and watching. Shit. This evening is turning into something amazing.
Greta nods her head to Tim in gratitude and bends and kisses him gently on the lips. Then she pushes Abbie’s dress up her thighs as the dancer had done to Phoebe. Sitting down straddling Abbie’s legs, their stocking thighs rubbing against each other, their lap dance begins.
It is similar to what is happening to Phoebe, but much different. Greta leans in her breasts in the bustier brushing against Abbie’s as she kisses Abbie. Gently first, but soon both their mouths open, and deep kissing continues.
The kiss initiated by Greta is a bit strange in a lap dance, but it seems so right between the two. It is like Greta is a spirit from the future coming to tell Abbie everything will be fine, and she can have an enjoyable life, just how she is for years to come.
Both Abbie and Greta feel the heat in their loins as they move closer together. Both of their clits have grown and are touching each other. Greta is about the size, a bit smaller, than Abbie. Abbie puts her arms around Greta and, holding her ass cheeks, pulls her closer, squishing their bodies together. She turns her head and kisses Tim deeply, then back to Greta to do the .
Tim puts his hand on the back of Abbie’s neck squeeze and stroke as she goes back and forth between the two, kissing them both. Abbie’s one hand and one of Greta’s reach over and caresses Tim’s cock through his pants. Taking turns massaging his shaft and balls.
Greta and Abbie’s other hands now move rub each other’s clits on the outside of their panties. Tim moves his hand over go back and forth between the two’s labia marbles help and share the wonderful feeling he is enjoying.
They, too, like Les, Phoebe, and the stripper, are enjoying these erotic and intense lap dances. Tim is the first to back away. He is so close to cumming, and does not want to in his pants. He moves his hand over Abbie and Greta’s to stop them and move them away.
They understand and allow him to add to their climatic symphony, which crashes upon them both in a matter of moments. They all hug each other, and friendly kisses are exchanged.
Before rising, Greta reaches into a side table and brings out two small towels to wipe her and Abbie free of any lingering evidence. A final kiss and a wave goodbye, and Greta is gone.
A similar but different finale between Les, Phoebe, and their dancer concludes, and she too departs. All four, sighing and getting their breaths back, lean back in their chairs from such an enjoyable evening.
After those in the suite readjust themselves from their private entertainment, glasses of champaign are delivered. As they sip on them, they watch Greta’s last . Again in the floodlight , straddling the chair and reminding Abbie how she was just straddled, Greta finishes with “Falling in love again,” the theme song of the cabaret. Looking up at Abbie and Tim throughout the song, and at the last chord winking at them.

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