A Spankingly Good Time  

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11/6/2021 3:03 am
A Spankingly Good Time

A few years ago, I met a girl whilst travelling through Easter and Central Europe.

Stopped her in the street and told her I had to say 'hello'.

There wasn't much conversation but there was strong eye contact and she simply said 'so you want my number?'

'Yes', I said.

Her name was Joanna.

Texted her the next day and we set up a date, but she flaked on the day.

She told me later that she knew we were going to fuck if we met....and that she have felt like a slut to do that....

But she texted me back the next day...she told me later her friend had encouraged her to see me...'you deserve to have some fun'...she had said.

She turned upfor our first date looking a million dollars. So feminine and sexy...with black<b> boots </font></b>above the knee and a short dress with a flower in her hair. She looked sensational.

She sat down and she was a right old chatterbox, but in a very sweet, feminine way.

Often when a woman talks to much on a date, it is annoying...but in this case it was endearing as she was so cute...teling me about how she rescued a from the side ofthe road and now the is hers.

Anyway, we finish our glasses of wine an dhead off to a Cocktail bar...

I felt instant attraction to this girl. Her energy was incredible. And I knew she was into me because she was talking too much out of nervousness and her leg was shaking when she sat down.

She was a smoker (often a tell-tale sign of a girl that likes to get slutty)...

When we sat down at the Cocktail Bar, by this time...the vibe between is building.

We are getting to know each other and she is still being a chatterbox. So at one point, I take my hand and put it over her mouth to stop her talking. She was shocked. It was a playful move...but also a bold, dominant move...

And she loved it.

He face flushed.

I could see she was turned on.

I had her number and she absolutely loved it.

To be continued...

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