Vetting a Partner Online  

ConvinceMe2useU 101F   
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12/23/2018 1:26 pm
Vetting a Partner Online

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14852 posts
12/23/2018 11:23 pm

Great Blog, This Can Help Others!

*Merry Christmas Eve*


s2ndegree 62M  
9797 posts
12/24/2018 2:11 am

Anyone that has to go through all of this and remains here looking .
Is addicted to drama

Using more than all the road!

Queeningfun44 43F
1 post
12/24/2018 3:42 am

The crazy here is that there are just as many fake men here as women. BSers. I was here years ago and now this place has gone to pot. Still more real men over women and I have heard men share some interesting stories. Great blog

Rayateu 65M
261 posts
12/24/2018 8:30 am

Good read, thanks.

phnx63r 61M

1/1/2019 3:06 pm

This lady has some sound advice, I am stunned at the number of bi men that pose as a couple and say the wife/significant other is no longer participating. There is a ton of good information here, it should be required reading before anyone starts using this site. Everyone who uses this site should also know, the IM software is absolutely terrible, you can never tell if it's working/not working, it just stops all of sudden and you lose contact with whomever you are chatting with, it's ridiculous how terrible it is and it never gets fixed.

mse197478 66M

1/21/2019 4:32 am

Enjoyed your blog. I hope you blog some more.

neednewfun50 64M  
134 posts
2/3/2019 8:40 am

You pretty much touched on all my experiences here like you said if they immediatly want to text,email off site or go to another site odds are they are totally fake and just trying to make a buck off you

WyoPaguy610 57M  
18 posts
2/5/2019 9:43 am

I commend you. That was a very well written and thought our blog. I could not agree with you more. Mutual interest and respect is key. In order for there to be enjoyment, there must be some sort of chemistry in which to develop upon. Very nice job !!

HotSCPAguy 48M
23 posts
3/2/2019 10:43 pm

Well said

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