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What do you type versus what we read
Posted:Apr 15, 2021 10:06 pm
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2021 3:47 pm

First and foremost I want talk about how you need put in a little bit more effort than just asking where we “stay *” and expecting us drop everything including our panties for the honor of letting you stick your fucking dick in us!
That’s not how that works, unless you’re paying!
Let’s start with the obvious, when you tell what street you live on or the casino that you live next or even go so far as send a map (yes, that shits been done)… It usually means it’s because you don’t have a car and that you expect my ass drive you, I’ll tell you this now there’s not one dick on this planet that is worth that !
Just tell us right if you don’t have a vehicle so that we can judge you’re loser ass for ourselves please. Don’t wait till you’re literally waiting for your Uber on your way us… That shit right there makes us regret giving you the correct .
“ I am so busy with work/life etc”
Means that I don’t have time communicate with you but expect you drop everything so I can stick my fucking cock up in you on my time on my schedule.
Respect our fucking time. Nothing more nothing less, respect our fucking time. If you don’t want put in the time and effort it takes actually get know someone enough where they feel comfortable enough letting you literally inside of them, then I hope you never get laid again because no self-respecting woman unless she’s being , is that fucking , least not one with any self worth, you should be very wary if a woman is not picky about who she fucks… Enjoy your STD you’ll probably get HPV just by talking her, oh wait that’s right you don’t put any effort in actually talking a woman do you.
I cannot emphasize this enough, the of effort you put into trying to get a woman in bed will show us how much effort you actually put in bed.
If you don’t care to take the time to get to know the person, then why the fuck should she let you in? Seriously go get a fucking , go pick up some tourist off the strip a bachelorette party who’s dying to get her fucking titties sucked on by a stranger… This is FriendFinder-x the fucking goddamn motherfucking word friend is in the title of the website you’re on… If a woman says I want a friends with benefits but you don’t get the benefits part without the friends part, make a fucking decision, either you’re going to put the effort in or you’re going to fucking treat her like a and waste her time. Please fucking stop doing that!!
Just a quick reminder as well, on most sites we can see that your online so whether it’s there because you left your computer on, you’re there to enjoy as much porno as you possibly can etc. whatever your fucking reasoning is if you’re not talking to us you’re talking to somebody else and we are no longer fucking interested. And yes we are probably talking to many other men as well because for every of you that we are talking maybe one will pan , we the numbers you don’t get corner the market on that. For the most part we will give our attention, time, and pussy the men who not meet our standards and taste but also put the fucking effort in! Is that you? Statistically no. All I really have say is try fucking harder. Because as of now you are all lacking!

*Yes we are absofuckinglutely judging you on your improper grammar and spelling like a !
Once again, thank you for reading.

*** Quick disclaimer, yes this was written for the Las Vegas area, clearly… If you live in a large metropolitan like city where owning a car is either difficult or unnecessary, then this post clearly doesn’t fucking relate to you… And you don’t need to fucking say some thing about it.
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Things you shouldn’t lie about
Posted:Mar 27, 2021 9:14 pm
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2021 10:09 pm

We get it, we know you’re gonna lie about things, we’re not stupid, we lie too...but not about stupid shit like the length of our cock or our height.
Literally you will never see a woman running around lying about her height, her age, yes her weight probably round down a bit... but to lie about something so obvious… Hey we’re going to see how tall you are once you’re standing in front of us, so if you tell me that you’re 5‘8“ and then you get here, and I’m staring you in the eye cubicle, and I’m 5‘5“, the fuck if you were 5’8”! Do not lie about that… Also don’t post pictures of other cocks, post a picture of yours. As if we’re not gonna figure out that that tiny thing you’re working with is clearly not the giant one you posted… How fucking stupid do you think women actually are. Do you really think that will get to the point where we’re just like oh OK you might as well just stick that fucking tiny thing in me while you’re here… That’s not the fuck how it works. Maybe with hookers that you’re paying to not care about whether or not you lie about your cock size, but if you’re trying to hook up with someone and you can’t even tell the truth about what you’re working with, you’re gonna find out real fucking quick what “no means no” really means!!
Don’t lie about whether or not you’re in a relationship, please let the woman make the decision for herself whether or not she wants to hook up with someone who’s attached. Because if you lie to her and hook up with her and then she finds out it’s because you have a wife or girlfriend or whatever… All that does is up the chance that she’ll find your wife or girlfriend or whatever and fucking tell them every detail about your fucking cock and the way you fuck. So you might as well just be upfront and let the woman decide if she wants to play with other peoples toys.
Don’t lie about being a drug addict, if you have an addiction and a problem please go get help, but do not bring your drug addicted limp dick two pump chump into my world. I have better fucking things to do.
And let’s conclude with my all-time favorite lie… I am coming over. If we’ve actually going to the point where I’m willing to meet with you, a virtual stranger, who literally could have been lying to me the whole time of every single thing we’ve talked about background work etc., and I’m comfortable enough especially during a pandemic to give you my address to come over to hang out maybe more, that’s another thing, real quick sidenote stop putting so much fucking expectation and instant gratification on the women you’re talking to, put in some motherfucking effort. Moving on, so you get the address, more often than not I’ve gotten “what a Time for my car to break down“ I literally do not believe you the second I read that. I have been told that more often than I can say. If you don’t want to come over because insert reason here... then just fucking say so. Wait till my next blog post about how much fucking effort we women put in to get ready to have sex… I get it you barely washed your taint and you’re good to go and yet you expect us to be hairless from the eyesockets down… That shit takes a minute.
So if you’re going to fucking flake, try not to waste too much of our fucking time, fact of the matter is there are 10 guys waiting to take your place, that we could be talking to you instead of wasting our time with you. I will tell you straight up waste a woman’s time and if she has any sense of self worth or value you will never fucking talk to her again!
Thanks for coming to my sex talk!
Tips for pictures!
Posted:Mar 22, 2021 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2021 1:26 pm

Who doesn't want see a nice cock! What we don't want see are a few of the following:
dirty rooms
again, toilets
Childrens toys
dirty mirrors
public mirrors

Keep this in mind, for every pussy pic there are 100 dick pics!
Yours is not special, yours is not unique.
First off the best dick pics are taken after grooming, with a nice clean background (NO TOILETS) with a ruler or similar (think water bottle, not so much a Roku remote) next to it for comparison.
don't tell it's 8 inches... show , because 99% of you lie about something you're trying put inside !
It's like lying about height, if you say you are 5'8" and you come over and my 5'5" ass is looking you square in the eye cubical... you're not 5'8"!!!
Both are very things lie about!

Ok back pictures...
Nobody on the face of this planet wants see your ungroomed limp dick!
Squeezing the living hell out of it the point of loss of circulation is not hot! It's gross and looks desperate!

Get your camera ready with flash and burst photos, set the timer. get super hard, like don't jerk off for a whole day and then watch your favorite porn or whatever gets you the hardest, like throbbing hard. Check your background, fix it, push click!
Remember no toilets, check your background for a messy or dirty room, please no toys in the background or public mirrors, eww.
TRIM YOUR PUBIC HAIR! You expect partners to be hairless from the eyeballs down... first off, naw, not while y'all can't even take a picture of your unspecial cock with a dirty toilet. Don't go demanding shit without taking care of your own!

~trim yo shit
~find something to use next to it for comparison
~fix your background
~don't squeeze the living shit out of it, it doesn't make it look bigger!
~It looks like EVERY OTHER DICK!!!!

But that one is yours and you should be happy with what you've got cuz ya can't make it bigger or wider, or whatever... what you can do is your best with what you've got!

good luck I look forward to seeing what y'all come up with!

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