Proving your identity  

DHoliday1975 46M  
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10/10/2021 8:32 am
Proving your identity

I'm sure we've all had issues with the scammers and catfishers on here, but lately I seem to be getting more than usual. A few days ago I<b> received </font></b>a message from this "woman". After some small talk she asked if I wanted to get together since she was local. I said sure, let's do a quick video call just to show each other we are who we say we are. Well dear Lord, she went off on me like I've never seen before. "Can't you see I'm confirmed?" Yes. Called me everything under the sun and used nearly every four letter word there is. Maybe some new ones, lol. I mean how hard is it to do a 10 second call and say, "Hey, this is me. See you soon." The whole thing just made me laugh. So if you are local and want to meet, I'll be asking for a video call first. Don't care if you're verified and confirmed. Don't care if you have 100 pics and 10 videos. No call, no meet. I don't think I'm being unreasonable here. Just wanted to put my two cents out there and vent a little, lol. Thanks for reading...

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10/10/2021 9:00 am

A*F*F verification doesn't mean shit . . .

BiggLala 49F  
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10/10/2021 6:13 pm

You might want to think of alternatives for someone "proving" their identity. Personally, I will not get on cam, as I've experienced far too many men who just want to turn it into a cyber sex session. Doesn't matter if they say, "no sex or anything like that...just talk face-to-face". They all eventually led to some sex-related behvaiors.

There are ways to verify the identity of who you're talking to without insisting they get on cam. Then again, I guess it's easier for me cuz I'm not the typical fantasy type where men question whether I'm "real", sooooo....

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