First Meet Up (Part 1 of 2)  

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10/1/2021 7:49 am
First Meet Up (Part 1 of 2)

I'm a body worshiper and love giving massages. As massages go, giving massages to curvier women is very much preferred. I find a lot of beauty in curvier women, and not just curvy - anywhere from curvy to chubby to sensually spilling out of your clothes and more. The more there is to adore, the more I like it. I wasn't always this way, but once I experienced it in the flesh, there was no going bac The soft, round belly, the wonderfully wide thighs, the extra curves over the hips and all around - it's a beautiful sight, as the female form in all shapes and sizes has always amazed me. I worship every inch of it.

There was a woman I had been chatting with sporadically for weeks, but had not met up with in person yet. That would change tonight. We had traded plenty of photos, so we knew what each other looked like. I'm relatively fit - I was blessed with good genes. I only have to exercise a few times a wee She was beautifully curvy, and fair skinned with light brown hair. Our bodies would look so good together. Our photo exchanges started pretty tame, but we both knew how to tantalize and tease, so they got pretty racy after a while.

I was telling her how much I loved her photos and how it would 00 times more exciting to feel her soft, beautiful curvy body. I reminded her that I was actually certified in . That fact, along with my vivid, zealous love and appreciation of the female body would make for a really amazing meet up. She must have been really in the mood that night because after weeks of a slow building sensual burn, she suddenly asked if I wanted to come over, right now. "Of course I do!" I wrote. I thought she was very brave (or maybe just very ready for some physical closeness) to ask me over, having never met in person. I wanted to make sure she knew how much I appreciated her candor about that. "Do you want to meet in a nearby park, or at a late night store - someplace public?" I asked her. "I want you here, but there is a place nearby if that's really how you want to meet" she replied. She gave me the address, and I quickly washed up to make sure I was nice and fresh for her. I jumped into my car and was excitedly off to meet her. I have been stood up before, but since we'd chatted so much, I thought the chance of her catfishing or ghosting me was pretty low. Even so, I always feel nervous when meeting for the first time, and this was no exception.

We were going to meet in a park near her apartment complex. It was late, so I knew we wouldn't stay out there long. I got there and the park was empty. I went and sat on a swing to wait for her. Less than a minute later, I saw a car pull in. It was her. She got out of her car ad waved to me, then walked over and sat on a swing next to me. She was beautifully curvy and as we sat, I couldn't belive how aroused I was - her beautifully thick body so close to mine, yet so far. I asked her if she was ready for that to which she replied, "Mmm hmm - follow me...".

We walked over to her car and before I got in, I couldn't help myself - I reached out to put my hands on her large, beautiful and curvy hips. She leaned into me and pressed her lovely, soft body against my hard one, and we kissed, soft and deep for about a minute straight. After that, we were both in a rush to get to her place. Thankfully, it was very close. As soon as she walked through the front door, she started stripping her clothes off, and I did the same. She got down to her underwear, then took off her bra. Her breasts were beautiful - a perfect size. Not too big, not too . She kept her panties on, so I kept my underwear on, but was completely undressed besides that. I told her to lay on the bed, face down.

She looked amazing, lying there, round ass rising up over her soft thighs. I was in heaven, soaking all of this beauty in. I got on the bed behind her, and straddled her thick thighs. I was about to rip right through my underwear, I was so hard. I leaned over to start the on her shoulders, and as I did, my hard cock brushed against her warm ass. I couldn't help but grind down a over her panty-covered cheeks, and I felt her push back in response. I knew she could feel how hard I was.
(to be continued and concluded in part 2...)

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