First Meet Up (Part 2 of 2)  

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10/1/2021 7:49 am
First Meet Up (Part 2 of 2)

I was lucky enough to be massaging a beautifully curvy woman, both of us stripped down to our underwear. We were just about the same height - I'm 0 pounds, and she was about 300 pounds. The combination of our bodies together was beautiful. As I reached up to her shoulders, my body came into contact with hers, skin on skin, and the warmth of it was sensually soothing. My hard cock brushed against her panties and I felt her ass rise up to meet me. It was a moment of ecstasy that bode well for what was to come.

I tried to concentrate on giving her a good , but that tiny gesture of hers was so very distracting. An almost primal urge came over me, and I wanted to grind deep into her, pressing my thick and now throbbing erection against her. Instead, I kept kneading her shoulders with firm, deep pressure, but still couldn't help but rub against her plump ass. To calm myself down a bit, still straddling her thigh between my legs, I pulled myself upright and began to her lower bac My cock was still rubbing against her a bit when I leaned forward, but when I leaned back, there was some space between us. I kept up a very sensual rhythm, massaging her back and grinding against her soft bottom. I loved her body. I moved on to her arms, then down to her thighs. After I had given her thighs a good deal of attention, I finally allowed myself the pleasure of caressing and massaging her ass. She still had her panties on, but I could feel the warmth and the wonderful softness through them. I had both hands on her ass, caressing, gripping and pressing deep, and all the while, nibbling and kissing her thighs higher and higher until I was kissing and gently licking right at the spot where upper thigh meets ass - a beautiful sweet spot of the feminine form.

I could hardly stand it anymore. I asked her to turn over. Her breasts were the perfect size - not too big, not too , and her pink nipples were calling out to me. I moved up to the front of her shoulders and again felt my cock slide against her now wet panties. I slowly and firmly thrust my hips closer to her and she met me with a slight angling of hers. I instinctively pushed deeper into her warm, wet lips - even through her panties, I could feel her opening up. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked hard while I pressed deeper into her panties. She moaned. I could feel that my underwear were now also wet with her nectar. I wanted to taste her so badly. Her scent was in the air now, luring me in, but this was just a ... there should be no kissing, there should be no oral...

I continued to suckle her nipples, and couldn't resist moving up to nuzzle and kiss her neck occasionally. I was enjoying so many parts of her body all at once and I was in heaven. I continued to press my cock in between her pussy lips, still hidden behind her now very wet panties. She grabbed my wrist. "I you to help me cum", she said. "I you to touch my pussy". I helped her pull her panties off and laid down beside her. She turned toward me and we kissed, deep. I thought for sure my dick would rip right through my underwear when I tasted the sweet warmth of her mouth and tongue, sensually exploring my own mouth. I reached my hand down between her legs and felt the slippery<b> wetness </font></b>of her pussy for the first time. I felt her erect clit and moved my slippery wet finger across it, then pushed my finger deep inside of her. She gasped, then moaned again. I waited to feel the rhythm that she wanted and then matched my strokes with her hips. I fingered her deep, then slid my finger out to focus on her clit. I rubbed it with a broad stroke of three wet fingers now, and I could tell that she was getting close and losing control of her body. We were both reaching heights of pure animal lust, and anyone watching would have noticed this as the moment we gave ourselves over to ecstasy. The pace quickened and both of our moans became louder and less controlled. Her pussy<b> wetness </font></b>was all over my hand now, her belly and even my belly as I moved in even closer to her - we became one big sticky, wet mess. With my fingers still swirling across her hard clit, I found her nipple and sucked hard. Her soft moans turned into loud yells. "Yes, yes, more!", she cried. I kept rubbing and pulled her closer to me. She was grinding wildly against me, warm and wet, and she came with an animal grunt, then slowed down and I could feel her muscles go from tense to completely relaxed. Even though I hadn't cum, I felt completely satisfied and we both lay, spent for a moment before talking. "Thank you," she said. "You're very welcome - thank you for sharing your beautiful body with me", I said. We lay there enjoying the moment, feeling each other's body warmth combining into one. "You were really tense there - I'm glad my was able to relax you!" I joked.

We cleaned up a bit and then she remembered she still had to drive me to my car! She threw on some clothes and dropped me off with a kiss. I was still hard and could still smell her scent on me. As she drove away, I got into my car and started to drive home. The scent of her brought the whole encounter flooding back to me. I was instantly hard again and had to do something about it. At the next red light, sitting in my car, I awkwardly pulled my pants and underwear off. I grabbed the underwear and held them in my hand, her scent stronger than ever, and grabbed my hard cock in my other hand. The light turned green and I grabbed my dick firmly and started to masturbate. It didn't take long with all of the fresh imagery I had and the wonderful smells for me to reach the point of no return. I could feel the cum building at the base in my groin, and in no time, I had ropes of cum shooting from the throbbing head of my cock, all over my stomach, all over the steering wheel of the car and everyplace in between. There was even a tiny bit that got onto my face. I was so horny that I licked it into my mouth and swallowed it down. I had to pull over to clean it all up with my now, fully sex soaked underwear. They were a wet, sticky mess. The mixed scent of her nectar and my cum and mixed together was wonderful. I put my pants back on and left the underwear on the passenger seat to dry. I was sure they would leave a stain, but it would be a nice reminder of that first meet up. I drove home fully drained and fully satisfied.

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