The Meet-Up  

Deep_Anal_1969 52M  
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9/5/2021 9:30 am
The Meet-Up

You thought this was a simple meet. A safe 'hello' in the privacy of your car with the safety of the public parking lot. You relax and start to flirt, thinking of later possibilities wrapped in his sexy arms. He leans in, you wonder how bold this guy could be. Suddenly he grabs your wrists with one hand and forces a gag into your mouth with the other. A hood is pulled over your head and handcuffs click shut. The hand around your throat convinces you not to struggle. Your skirt and thong are rudely removed. Your blouse is unbuttoned and your bra is snipped off, exposing your pert nipples to the crisp Colorado air. Briefly you are uncuffed and the rest of your clothes are removed. Then you are pressed into the back seat, your hands newly restrained behind your back, but now with your ankles duct taped with them. He replaces your Fuck Me Heels on your otherwise naked self. Maybe arriving with cleavage and a sexy little outfit was the wrong choice. Hog-tied, gagged and blindfolded in the back seat of your own car! You feel a slick wetness at your tiny asshole, a hard cold glass plug circles gently, fresh from the freezer, before suddenly slipping inside as you gasp. Your assailant moves to the front seat and starts the car, your car!, pressing the buttons to roll down the rear windows completely, fully exposing your nakedness. You feel the car engage and start to roll. Where are you being taken? And then what? Despite the situation you feel a happy warmth grow within as you laugh to yourself. Whatever happens, this guy is going to be a lot of fun!

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