Coming Home  

Derek2551 46M
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11/3/2021 2:23 pm
Coming Home

Back home from work.

I close the front door into the entrance hallway, and turn around. Surprised for a second to see my sweetheart on all fours,<b> bottom </font></b>in the air, panties down. "Welcome home, master. Do come in" while spreading her delicious cheeks apart. "Good , you remembered". My reward is make her woman then and , until her bodies' trembling confirmation.

After dinner. As usual, she gets up and walks up next my chair. She turns around, faces the wall, and bends over. While slowly removing her butt plug, I ask "How was your day?". " has been a long day, master" while lubing her<b> bottom </font></b>and my member. I put my hands on her hips, and slowly lower her onto my groin. While watching my manhood enter her splendid behind, she gasps for air. All inside her, she relaxes, closes her eyes and affirms "Now everything is fine, master". I put my arms around her. Like every day I hold her like this for an hour, bodies deeply connected. she feels safe as a serving partner and complete as a woman.

Life is good.

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