Do the terms Whores and Sluts exist anymore?  

DiscreteSlowRide 51M
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7/6/2021 11:36 am
Do the terms Whores and Sluts exist anymore?

I was reading another blog earlier today and another blogger wrote her view that she does not want to be considered a if she were to partake in a threesome or any thing of the sort because she does not want to be considered to be a .

Now I think it is very unfortunate in 2021 that a woman would be called a because she enjoys whatever she enjoys sexually whether she likes to be at the center of attention in a gang bang, a three or foursome with all men....or whatever she enjoys.

I know a lot of us men in the heat of the moment will call our female partner... a , slut, dirty girl etc... My assumption is based on my own use of these words with a partner and that is only if my partner enjoys being talked to like this.
Would I say these things to her if she did not like it?
Hell No!! Of course not!

In 2021 a woman might enjoy being called a or slut in bed but this is not a definition of who she is as a person nor does it define her character. She is just embracing her inner bad girl at the moment.

In 2021, if a woman embraces a healthy sexual appetite and a strong sense of adventure sexually it does not make her a . I dont care if she is in a threesome, a gang bang or any of the such, she is not a .
Is she???
In a time when swinging, swapping, sharing, threesomes, open marriages/relationships is almost as common as playing tennis, women are no longer whores.

Sluts and whores do not exist by definition of character anymore.

I suppose the exception to this view is if a womans husband steps outside of their marriage with another women and he is caught by his wife. This soon to be ex wife will likely forever label the woman his husband<b> cheating </font></b>with a or slut.

What are your thoughts??

author51 59F  
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7/6/2021 10:46 pm

Coming from one who saves her inner slut for just one lover, my thoughts on those that do gang bang, yes I would consider them a slut..Just my opinion and may sound closed minded, especially on this site, but it is what it is..I embrace my inner bad girl, sex and sensuality in different ways without the need of multiple partners.. As for that one lover bringing out my inner slut in the bedroom, the dirtier the better my sexy man..xoxo

DiscreteSlowRide replies on 7/7/2021 11:54 am:
Every woman should embrace her inner slut in her own way. We all have our boundaries, as sharing and multiple partners is not for everyone.

lust4life59 63F
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7/7/2021 5:15 am

As someone who who embraces their own sexuality and inner sluttiness. I would never presume to call someone else a slut in a derogatory way because their choices differ from mine.

itsallfantasy 55F  
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7/7/2021 7:42 am

I honestly, and seriously with all my soul, despise men that call women that dare to have the same sexual appetite as they do whores and sluts. The double standard is stupid, but unfortunately idiots use it all the time trying to put women down and try to take make them unequal sexually.

DiscreteSlowRide replies on 7/7/2021 12:32 pm:
I'm with you! 1000%. There is no need for the double standard to exist today. This is not 1950, we have come a long way.

DiscreteSlowRide 51M
373 posts
7/7/2021 11:44 am

    Quoting lust4life59:
    As someone who who embraces their own sexuality and inner sluttiness. I would never presume to call someone else a slut in a derogatory way because their choices differ from mine.
Exactly what I want to hear. Embrace your sexuality, your feminine prowess and own your inner sluttiness. Make No apologies! I love it!

agelesssexylegs 78F
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7/19/2021 8:53 pm

The men are whores,the ladies are sluts,i do not find the term slut derogatory,though i do if i called a whore,which i certainly am not, if it was made by a man i was in a relationship with that is a different matter as it can slip out in the heat of passion knowing i must have really turned him on,or he found i do really love being his dirty girl

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