In the A.M.  

DixonsideU 48M
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7/28/2020 5:40 am
In the A.M.

I had a<b> wet dream </font></b>last night that was wonderful-it was a free fuck you could say.

In my dream I was washing my hands in a bathroom that's one in one out and I didn't lock the door. A beautiful blonde with big tits storms in, sits on the can and is about to pee until she sees me. I say hi and she apologizes saying she didn't think it was occupied. I tell her it's okay and also confess the scenario got me a bit excited.
"what do you mean?" she says.
"Well, I don't know..."
"Why don't you lock the door and come over, show me" she says as she settles comfortably on the seat no longer needing to pee.
I lock the door and walk over to her with a bulging hard on; her face the perfect height to my crotch. I was about to speak before she rubbed my bulge with one hand and undid my pants with the other. Pants dropped, cock throbbing, she took it all in her mouth. She sucked long and hard and pulled on my balls... She usually swallows she said but today she wanted me to cum on her beautiful tits.

I blew a big load! All over myself. It was a good start to the morning.

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