3 days of bliss  

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9/14/2021 7:09 pm
3 days of bliss

One Thursday evening I signed onto FriendFinder-x to check messages and see who I could chat with. I tapped on a woman with no profile pics to say hi on IM. We started chatting and having good chat and we decided to switch platforms and chat on this sites biggest nemesis k!!k. Boy you mention this on this site it’s definitely frown apron lol.
We met that other site and chatted for a bit and decided to meet half way that same evening halfway between us. Just happened to be salt bay near Damariscotta. We met in the parking lot in a public place so she would feel safe, which is very important. We hugged and walk to the water of Salt Bay and chatted for bit. We’re having a wonderful chat and then it was getting a bit chillie so she started snuggling up to me to warm up. Then I gave her a kiss which lead to a very deep passionate kissing and groping. We were interrupted by people closing down and coming out to their cars. I looked into kristy’s eyes (she had the biggest brown eyes that were saying fuck me eyes) and and smiled at her and asked if we should find a more private place to play bit more and she’s like absolutely please. We decided to drive to my place to continue our hot passionate sexy fun.
She followed me all the way to my place and pulled into my driveway. I escorted her to my tv room and sat down on my couch. We smiled at each other and then continued at the BAy. I started to undress her and popped her breasts out so could play with her nipples and suck on them. She undid my pants and pulled them down so could step out of them. Mmmmmm so sex watching her rub and kiss my cock through my boxer briefs. Suck and lick my pre cum through my briefs and she slipped her hand passed my waist band to pull out my hard cock out. She slid my hard cock in her mouth and started sucking and rubbing my balls in her hand. Mmmmm so very sexy watching work my cock in and out of her sexy mouth. Then she slipped off my cock and I bent over kissed her and slid her pants and panties off. Mmmmm so very sexy revealing her freshly<b> shaved </font></b>pussy, I couldn’t resist kissing her sexy wet pussy lips. Circled her clit with my tongue and sucked on her clit. Mmmm very sexy moans as I sucked and licked her clit. As I worked her pussy and she started to beg me to fuck her. She wanted feel my throbbing hard cock deep in her tight wet pussy. Mmmmmm I grabbed my hard cock and started to rub the head of my hard cock up and down her wet pussy lips and guided the head inside her as she gasped with pleasure. I slid myself deep inside of her tight wet pussy. We fucked on the couch, on the floor and then I popped out of her pussy so she could taste her pussy juices off my cock and then continued to fuck her doggie style on the floor. I could feel my seed building in my balls as I pounded that sweet tight wet pussy. Oh fuck Kristy I’m getting close to cumming sexy. Mmmm yeah omg cum baby. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and she turned her head towards me as I was fucking her hard and deep. She smiled at me and said “i want to swallow your load baby”. After few more thrusts i pulled out of het sweet tight wet pussy and she jumped up to her knees and started sucking my cock. Mmmm yeah sexy and i grabbed my cock and started jerking myself off as she sucked on my head. Oh fuck I’m cumming sexy and she didn’t miss a drop of cum. Good girl.
The following night we decided to meet again half way. She hoped into my car and we drove around to find a private spot to have some naughty hot fun. We drove up a dirt road on top of hill. We found a open field with a few semi trailers were parked. We laid down some blankets and sleeping bags. She immediately pulled my cock out started sucking on my cock like it was a tootsies pop trying to get to the center of it. While she sucked i undressed her so i could fuck that wet tight little pussy of hers. I told her that i need to fuck her right now and she smiled and monad oh god yes fuck me baby good and hard. She got on all fours and she stared at me with her big brown fuck me eyes. So i moved in behind her and slid my hard thick cock in her tight wet pussy and slid into her balls deep and just started fucking her deep and hard. I grabbed her hair and started slapping her ass as she met every thrust with her thrust backwards. Mmmmmmm fuck yeah baby take my cock, fuck yeah!!! I grabbed her ass cheeks as i slapped her ass. I started rubbing her rose bud with my thumb. Then slowly started pushing my thumb in her ass bud. Slowly worked into her tight little asshole. She started to go crazy “omg yes play with my ass!” She blurted out yes. Slowly started fucking her ass with my thumb as i pounded her pussy with my cock. She got up onto her knees and reached for my head and whispered in my ear and asked if I’d fuck her in her ass. Mmmmmmm yes baby!! I pulled out of her pussy and had her suck my cock and i told her to spit on my cock and get super dripping wet. Then i bent her over and licked her little asshole and got her ass nice and wet. I got up to line my thick hard cock with her ass. Took the head of my cock to her ass and worked it into her tight ass!! Oh fuck it felt amazing as i slowly worked it into her tight ass. She didn’t fight me one bit and slowly worked into her. She groaned and moaned oh god that feels so good. I was almost balls deep before i stopped and let her catch her breath and let her ass relaxes and get used to being stretched open with my thick cock in her tight asshole. She was yes omg yes fuck my ass omg yes. I started to slide in and out of her tight ass slowly and started to pick up the pace. Holy fuck it was so hot fucking her ass and she seemed to love very moment of me fucking her tight ass. She started to twitch and groan omg I’m cumming, yes keep fucking my ass yes!!! I was getting ready to cum myself and i slapped her ass and started cumming in her ass.
That Monday she called if i could come to her house in the afternoon. I left work early and headed out to see her. We had an afternoon delight fun. I knocked on her door and she answered the door. We kissed and as soon as she closed the door behind us clothes were flying off. We fucked every where in her bedroom. The floor her arm chair under her bed. I pull out and she’d swallow every drop of cum. We start fucking again and the next time I’d cummed on her pussy and rubbed my cock in my pool of cum and slide it back into her pussy and start fucking her again. Then i put her on all fours and got the lube out to lube up her tight little ass again. She took my cock right into her ass mmmmmm fuck so tight mmmmm yeah sexy. I was deep in her sexy ass and started fucking her harder and harder in her tight ass fuck yeh baby. I was getting ready to cum and she started shaking and groaning and she came. I pulled out of her ass and she turned around and opened her mouth waiting for me to cum in her mouth like a good girl. I started shooting my load into her sexy mouth. Then she took my cock into her moth to suck out every drop mmmm fuck so hot atm. So fucking hot. I’ll never forget her it was the hottest three days of my life. Kristy mmmmm sexy fun hot asf.

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