DomDestiny1Diva 43F   
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4/24/2021 3:09 pm

This couple has made a post about .. who are they?? I’ve never
had any interaction with them or care too. I’m not into couples -
females, trans or men that enjoy being fisted up their ass by their wife!!
I’m sexy Latina with a beautiful shapely body, long curly black hair and medium brown eyes . I don't have any stretch masks, blackheads or pimples. I have no need to waste time on these two !!
If your going to take the time out to post a blog.. TELL THE TRUTH!!
The truth of the matter is Suz sent me several messages and I DECLINED!
I personally found her pictures were disgusting ..she doesn't look clean , it looks as though their is some sort of disease trying to emerge from within!.. ASIDE FROM THE FACT I AM NOT Bi !!!
The truth is the truth's not my fault you have low self esteem due to your overall appearance. I would love to know what authorities ?? the" SLUT POLICE" ??
Your on a site SOLICITING SEX...WTF and pictures / videos of you servicing multiple desperate BBC'S WITH YOUR FACE SHOWING. My suggestion to you, would be to go a GYNECOLOGIST, DERMATOLOGIST, PROCTOLOGIST , THERAPY , WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, and a GYM, along with daily baths would hopefully do some good. Clean up your issues if you know what I mean !!!
This is who the Lifestyle Community should clear of.. !! That worm looking pussy belonging to Suz below!! link to post 4389295

Rayateu 65M
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4/24/2021 8:45 pm

A hard pass on that!

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