And then there is this side of me  

DominantWoman100 58F
987 posts
8/19/2018 5:13 am
And then there is this side of me

farmer1969 52M  
18 posts
10/13/2018 2:16 am

I like this idea better lol

Leegs2012 48M
86905 posts
10/11/2018 5:08 pm

Yes, take me I'm yours!!!!

BigSmilesnMore 65M
775 posts
8/27/2018 11:15 pm

Oh, I would never worry while with you ... I would simply obey !

BigSmilesnMore 65M
775 posts
8/25/2018 7:48 am

What would you like to tie me up with ?

DominantWoman100 replies on 8/25/2018 5:09 pm:
I have all needed supplies, don't you worry.

cyclingfool 59M  
6634 posts
8/22/2018 3:24 pm

Sounds like fun...

Wyndchill 54M
204 posts
8/20/2018 8:37 pm

" know what he's like once he gets the bit between his teeth..."

BigSmilesnMore 65M
775 posts
8/20/2018 8:03 pm

Yes, Please ...

Rayateu 65M
261 posts
8/20/2018 8:00 pm

My kind of rodeo

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 61M
3847 posts
8/20/2018 11:08 am

Sounds like fun, If turnabout is fairplay and I could do the same to you??

DominantWoman100 replies on 8/20/2018 6:06 pm:
No, I don't allow myself to be tied up.

boobwhisperer69 58M  
7850 posts
8/19/2018 8:30 am

Sounds like a great Sinday afternoon!!!

DominantWoman100 replies on 8/19/2018 12:45 pm:
I completely agree!

Paulxx001 64M
21927 posts
8/19/2018 7:14 am

Definitely! Certainly sounds like a worthy plan... Would it be a cliché if I admitted that I'd be a up for the ride?

CleavageFan4U 64M  
68353 posts
8/19/2018 6:19 am

Works just fine for me.

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