Beer! Tell me about yours, I want to know what's out there  

DominantWoman100 58F
987 posts
12/11/2020 4:13 pm
Beer! Tell me about yours, I want to know what's out there

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lindoboy100 58M
23886 posts
2/2/2021 7:55 am

Real ales are great in England, not so much in Scotland, so we're limited up here unfortunately. Things are improving, but it will never be as good as a real pint of something from a proper good english pub.

Hope you're well McDom.

CaptainCock1 67M
32 posts
1/11/2021 9:18 am

Living in Duluth I have so many good choices I can't pick just one.
Can't wait until all the taprooms are open and safe to be in again.
My most recent outing was to Bent paddle and I left with 3 growlers/
Snowmaker Pale Ale which I finish soon after opening., Wee Stout and Mystified a hazy IPA a style I've started to like a lot.

Rayateu 65M
261 posts
1/1/2021 8:50 pm

If you get to Wisconsin, pick up some Spotted Cow. It's only sold there.

whiskeytango11 57M
42 posts
12/20/2020 4:15 pm

Well, my 3 favorites in no particular order are Skullsplitter by Orkney Brewing , Backwoods Bastard by Founders, and Old Stock by North Coast. Boulevard's Tank Series is pretty good, and Central Waters has a couple of good ones in their Brewer's Reserve series. Basically, I look for English Barleywine's, Wee Heavy Scotch Ales, Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts, and the aforementioned old ale....

Backwoods Bastard and Old Stock are small batch brews by big breweries, so they can be hit or miss. Skullsplitter is made in Scotland, put on a boat and shipped over, so can be hit/miss, but supplies have been better.

American style barleywine's are always super hoppy, but they mellow with age, and once they get to 6-7 yearls old they get pretty tasty. Also, never drink any of these ice cold, they will taste like crap...50 degrees is about perfect, and out of a short tulip glass or brandy snifter for best taste.

In case you were wondering, yes, all of the beers I mentioned do get better with age, which is why they will always be in bottles, not cans. Andy's liquor by the ear of corn watertower usually has a pretty good selection of what I am looking for, and I try to stop in when I heading home from checking in on my land.

I also love to hit local breweries to have a sample in their taprooms. Sometimes they will have "the good stuff" that I like, sometimes not, but they have to make what most people want which is usually IPA's and other hoppy stuff.

Anyway, that got way more long-winded than I intended....Happy Sampling!!

DominantWoman100 replies on 12/22/2020 4:12 pm:
Ha Ha, I actually know what you mean when you said "Andy's liquor by the ear of corn watertower" I've never tried any of the ones you mentioned, I wander of to the section of the store and look at them but I never know what to get. Thanks! I will have to visit Andy's and see what they have.

phuntimes19 49M  
2 posts
12/18/2020 11:32 am

I am a big Drekker fan!! Especially Ectogasm. If your into IPA's this one is fantastic!!

DominantWoman100 replies on 12/18/2020 2:36 pm:
I've never heard of either of them, I'll look for them the next time I go shopping for beer.

whiskeytango11 57M
42 posts
12/14/2020 6:28 pm

If you like carmelly, (it's my word), and malty, I have 7-10 can't miss beers if you can find them...all are English Barleywine's or Scotch Ales. The ABV for the runt of the litter is 8.9%, and most are barrel-aged versions made in small batches/limited release. If you like IPA's or anything hoppy, I got nothing for you as that is not my thing.

DominantWoman100 replies on 12/18/2020 2:38 pm:
I dislike IPAs and hoppy beers so what are you can't miss beers?

BigBamMaster 59M
131 posts
12/14/2020 6:31 am

Castle Danger makes some great beers and BTW, they are in Two Harbors not Duluth. Currently enjoying Odell's Mountain Standard IPA.

DominantWoman100 replies on 12/15/2020 4:51 am:
You are right! the brewery is in Two Harbors : )

I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in the area.

foz19504 67M
1647 posts
12/12/2020 9:44 am

I like goose island "Natural villain". Spotted Cow from New Glarus Wisconsin when I can get it. It only sold in Wisconsin.

DominantWoman100 replies on 12/12/2020 5:35 pm:
I am familiar with New Glarus beers, I like their Two Women lager, a nice summer beer. Spotted Cow is overrated, my opinion : )

CleavageFan4U 64M  
68355 posts
12/12/2020 7:03 am

Also on a blogging note - I think this was an interesting question, but don't forget YOU need to post a "starter comment" if you want your post to show up in the "Recent Posts" list. Otherwise only those that have you on the Watchlist will know about it (until one of them posts a "starter comment") and then the general constellation of bloggers will know about it. Yet ANOTHER blogs glitch!!

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DominantWoman100 replies on 12/12/2020 8:02 am:
I honestly didn't know this, after all this time being on here. Thanks

CleavageFan4U 64M  
68355 posts
12/12/2020 6:59 am

Former Pennsylvanian that I am of late I'm drinking Rolling Rock. For a special treat, back when I still felt safe going in to a bar or restaurant, Dos Equis Amber XX on draft if it was available.

Good News Indeed
Holiday Gold, on HNW
Round 4 of You Know You Like A Game for the Blogging Community
Private Cleavage My Private Blog - Tell Me ALL Your Secrets

Paulxx001 64M
21927 posts
12/11/2020 7:42 pm

Ya know, I'm not much of a beer guy, but if I have the choice it's a dark ale - Guinness or a light ale like Corona... lol 😂 Yeah, I know - not that bug!
Otherwise give me a Rye and ginger ale or a really good Scotch 🥃 - neat.
Cheers 🍷 🍷 😎 ❗

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