un-sissy like behavior  

Donna_Sexxy 56T  
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10/26/2021 10:05 pm
un-sissy like behavior

It happened to me. I had become cock obsessed.

This probably stems from the past few lovers I've had.
I don't know what it is but I prefer my lovers to be older gentlemen. The thought of entertaining someone<b> younger </font></b>than me weirds me out but unfortunately the mature guys of late lack in stamina and load volume. Some could romance a gurl like no one else's business but when time came perform they could not rise to the occasion. I'm not saying all older men are alike mind you, just the ones I've met.

The last time I got to play but it turned out to be the same old thing. It was so frustrating. For a New Years resolution I promised myself I'd dress more and have sex more. I put an ad in DL to see what was out there and I ended up getting replies from more<b> younger </font></b>guys than older. One guy seemed to be more different than the rest so I decided to meet with him.

He was 30 and in town on business and wanted to play in his room. He left me the key to the room and I went in early to get ready for him. When he got in we made introductions. He was nice and a perfect gentlemen. One thing lead to another and we ended up making out on his bed.

It was hot and passionate. He seemed to know and do everything I've ever wanted done. Something came over me made and I went for it.

His cock was hard as a ROCK. I sucked on it for what seemed hours but it was like 30 minutes it turned out. This was so much different than lovers before. The first time he came was when I jerked him off lying beside him making out. I couldn't believe how much jizz shot out and how high it shot out.

After more kissing he was ready to go again. In no time he was hard as a rock. This time I sucked him off more but I wanted to see it come so I pulled it out of my mouth and began stroking it fast and hard.

Something came over me as I saw the first spurt shoot out. I immediately I cupped my hand over the head as he came. I began to rub his come all over the head especially -- under the head -- as it was spurting out more and more come. He squirmed around big time and moaned loud telling me to stop.

I didn't.

It was fun seeing him lose it as he came. I rubbed all his load all over the head and shaft asking him "Do you like this?" all innocent like.

"Oh yesss!" he said.

I let up on him as he breathed hard and came to his senses. I got up to wash my hands. He asked me to return the next night but I couldn't so we made arrangements to see each other when he came back into town.

Since then all I think about is playing with a mans hard boner sucking it jerking it off making it come so I can rub his come all over his dick as he comes. It was like for a brief moment I had power over him. Crazy huh?

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