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Mountain Frolic
Posted:Jul 6, 2021 11:13 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2021 5:30 pm
I started to tell this story a few nights ago, but accidentally erased it. Then it had gotten too late to redo it all. This is one of my fondest memories, and I am still friends with this man to this day.

This was back when I lived in Wyoming. I had finally given in, because this one man had pursued me for a few months. So we got to talking, and yes I belonged to this site way back then. We started on here, then went to emails. Then finally text. He used to write me the most beautiful emails, really touching ones. Eloquent, romantic, and very flattering. Later I found out he was a attorney, and we agreed to meet. He brought his lab puppy which didn't hurt him win favor with me either. Being a huge animal lover, especially dogs that is always a plus with me.

We sat on the grass playing with his talking, then he leaned in for that first kiss. Now he was quite a bit older then me, but I am drawn to older men, though some of my lovers have been younger too. But that kiss, he was one of the best kissers. He had that passionate flair, long deep kisses and that tongue of his. Lord all mighty.

We agree to meet a few more times for some innocent kissing before taking the next step. We used to love to go to the pond, and throw the ball out in the water for his to retrieve. Of course every so often he would lean in and cup my face and kiss me and look deep into my eyes. We both were about to go insane with want of each other.

Finally we decided to do the deed, lay horizontally with each other. I was a volunteer that fall with the local art museum and he happened to have right across the street. He would stop in, just to say hi, and bring me a flower or a note. I was just crazy about him, and the feeling was mutual. We both were married, and had no intentions of changing that. But we enjoyed each others company.

So he picked me up from the art museum in his old truck. Now mind you, he had a new car - but he knew that I loved that truck. And frankly he enjoyed the way the bad shocks made my boobs jiggle. We had decided that we would go up to the mountain on this beautiful fall day. The temperature was perfect, and the sun was shining. The leaves had just started to change colors and drop. The pine trees were loaded with pine cones and very fragrant. The fall flowers were all in bloom and we had been blessed with no snow yet.

Riding in his truck we held hands as he cascaded up the mountain road. Now part of the mountain was dirt road, pretty rutted. So every-time we would hit a rut I would giggle and well the boobs would, well you know jiggle. I think he started to hit as many ruts as he could after awhile. Finally we got to the perfect spot. Off the road a bit, secluded mostly. A bed of kaleidoscope leaves played underneath these two majestic trees.

He laid a quilt down, and grabbed hold of my hand. He knew I was nervous, as I had never had sex outdoors before. And we had never had sex together, so this was all new. He laid me down gently, and began undoing my dress. It was a buttoned Levi jumper, so he unbuttoned it from the bottom up, like unwrapping a Christmas present. He opened it up and began sliding it off my shoulders. Kissing my neck and shoulders, I shivered a bit from excitement.

I reached for his shirt and he told me "Not so fast". I looked at him bewildered. "I plan to savor this, there is no rush. Just lay back." He had a very self confident air to him and I really loved that about him. He managed to unhook my bra with one skilled hand faster then you could blink, and freed the girls. He took each breast in his hand and sucked on each nipple, hard like I love it. He started to slide his hand down my panties, and I told him "Not so fast mister. What is the rush? I think I should get to touch some too." He laughed and said "Fair enough".

He laid back, hands clasped behind his head and said "Go ahead." I laughed and proceeded to do just that. I leaned down and kissed him fully, taking his breath away. "Wow, you have been holding back!" I just said that perhaps a bit. Then I slide my hands up under his shirt and then tweaked his nipples. I played with his grey chest hair, loving how curly it was. Then I slide my hand down the front of his shorts, and heard him moan. His shorts were already making a very tight outline of his hardening cock.

He grabbed my shoulders and reversed positions so I was beneath him. "See what you do to me. You are a tease." I informed him that I am no tease, I deliver fully each and every-time. Knowing he would make me prove it, or at least I was hoping he would. He slide his hand down my panties, and was surprised to learn that I was shaved smooth and bare. He felt my dewy lips, and could tell that I was very wet. I felt his finger tip circling my clit, letting the heat build up. "Now who is being a tease?" I asked him.

He slide my panties off and threw them over his shoulder. "Hey I might want those later." He just replied with "Tough!" which made me laugh. I felt him slide down until his lips were on my mound. Suddenly I felt his tongue working on my clit, alternating between sucking and licking my engorged clit. I grabbed hold of his head and began moving my hips. He hung on for dear life, a hand on each thigh, feeling me coming again and again. He moaned that he loved the way I tasted, which only made me cum even harder. Finally I begged him to stop for a bit.

I was dying to feel him in my mouth. So I traded him places and slide down his body, only after giving him a very long deep kiss. Tasting my cum on his lips as I did so. I took his semi-erect cock in my mouth and began slowly licking the head. Ever so lightly and slowly, driving him insane. "Girl, don't tease me.". I ignored him and continued because I like to take my time too. I kissed every inch of his cock down each side, and front and back. Then taking each ball and gently rolling it around in my mouth, letting my tongue swirl. Then back to the cock that was now beginning to leak delicious pre-cum. I licked up the pre-cum, then finally slide his now erect cock into my moist hot mouth. Pulsating the underside of his cock with my tongue while I slide him in and out of my mouth, he started to fuck my face. He grabbed hold of my hair which was long back then, and started to moan.

Suddenly he stopped, and I smiled at him. I laid back down and he said, get on your knees please. I did as he had asked and he entered me from behind. Grabbing my plentiful hips, I felt him push all the way into me. It was such a rush and he felt so good deep inside me. We were in perfect rhythm as we fucked until I had had a few more internal orgasms and then at last he began fucking me even faster. I knew he was getting close because he asked if it was okay if he came inside me. We both had been tested and had no other sexual partners so it was safe.

He came very hard and we stayed like that for a few moments before he withdrew. I felt a rush of our mingled juices cascade down my leg. WE didn't care, we just both laid there, holding each other, watching the sun glitter through the trees that wonderful day.

He and I talked about this memory just a few days ago, he will always be a special friend to me and vice versa.

Younger Men VS Older Men
Posted:Jul 5, 2021 6:23 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2021 9:24 pm

It seems to me that I attract both older men and younger men.

Not sure why younger men are drawn to me, maybe they see me as a nurturer or safe because they dont have to worry about getting me pregnant.

Older men - not sure why on that factor either.

I seem to be just old enough and yet young enough for both sides of the coin.

Now me personally, I have always been drawn to older men. No it is not the daddy complex - more of the well seasoned, in control more, and knowing exactly what they want and how to get it.


Do tell

A younger man drawn to older females
A older man drawn to younger females
And if you are female Drawn to younger men
And if you are female Drawn to older men
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Motel Hot Tub Tryst
Posted:Jul 4, 2021 11:34 pm
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2021 2:41 pm
Had a wonderful birthday all in all. My husband took me to a nearby Japanese Steak n Sushi place. Always love places like that, where they cook the food right in front of you. Been over 40 years since I had last seen a chef do so in person.. Was the first time we had been to dinner out since moving here to North Carolina.

But I thought I would tell you guys another memory of mine. Now this is with a different lover, actually we were supposed to eventually marry. So bare with me on this one.

Now I was living in Oregon with my two daughters. My husband and I had separated and I had moved to Oregon with the girls. I got a job straight away within a few days at a nearby grocery store. The pay wasn't great, but they had excellent benefits and it was very near where we were living in a apartment complex. Was important to me to be nearby in case one of the girls needed me. They were both in their teens at the time.

I had met one of the local firemen who was a very tall hunk of man meat. He was about 12 years younger than me, but we didn't let the age difference get to us. After getting to know one another he told me he was also separated, and we carried on.

The sex was red hot. I drove him crazy with the way I could flex my vaginal muscles, and he drove me crazy with the way he couldn't get enough of me. One day he decied that we needed to get a room at a nearby motel for some prolonged privacy. I do tend to become a bit nosy, and who doesn't love a motel tryst.

We settled into the room, and did alot of sweet foreplay. On the brink of driving each other crazy, he suggested that we go down to the indoor pool. Now I love water, love being in the water. So I put on my swimsuit, though being a bit nervous about him seeing me. I dont know why because he had seen me from angles I never had. He changed and we grabbed towels and set to go down to the pool.

We played in the pool, alot of kissing and hugging. Lot sof touching and inserting fingers into me very excited pussy. There were only a few other adults in the pool, none of which seem to be paying any attention to us. I wrapped my legs and arms around his lanky frame. Playfully biting his ear lobe I whispered to him about us going to the hot tub.

He grabbed me, and we headed over to the empty hot tub. Turning it on, we playfully let the jet beat against assorted body parts. Suddenly I could feel his raging hard on, poking me in the butt. I turned around and sat on his lap. I was alot thinner then, and he looked around then snaked one hand into the cleavage of my suit. Finding my nipple, he began twirling and twisting it in his fingers. I stuck my hand down his swimming trunks to get my favorite joy stick out, his cock. I could feel that the heat coming from him was hotter then any hot tub could ever match.

Looking around, I pulled aside the bottom of my swim suit, and climbed on his lap, slipping his cock deep inside me. WE started to slowly fuck, trying to not raise any attention. I started to moan and he told me to quiet down. We finished, and as we did, I noticed there were about 4 or 5 guys all standing over by the pool watching.
Truthfully I did not care, let them watch. It is a natural act - even when that primal urge arises.

Oh I need some hot tub fun soon.
Happy Birthday to Me
Posted:Jul 4, 2021 12:59 am
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2021 2:42 pm
Why yes, my actual birthday is today, the 4th of July.

Now of course they do fireworks just because of that, my grandma told this and she would never lie about anything.

But I am serious, so yes celebrate loud and proud however you intend do so. And know that I am there in spirit. My husband does have reservations made somewhere, and we haven't been out dinner since moving here. Excited about getting dressed , and shimmering some.

I remember so many years living in Wyoming that it might even be chilly cold in the evenings. One year it was snowing while the fireworks were going off, that was a sight behold.

What would I really like be doing for a celebration? A MFM of course, and finally experience a DP. Maybe someday that will happen. It is my bucket of sexual things experience.

What is your sexual bucket list?

Adult Store Back Rooms
Posted:Jul 3, 2021 1:27 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2021 5:49 pm
So I pondered tonight on what to write about. See I am trying to become a better me all the way around. One of the things I think I need is a more positive outlook. With that being sad, I thought I would tell you about one of my favorite times.

No this was probably about 15 years ago, and I was going to University of New Mexico in Las Cruces . I had transferred from a community college in Wyoming to further my education in Fine Art. So anyway, I had met a man and began a relationship with him. We went to dinner, and then stopped by a Adult Store near the hotel I lived at temporally until housing on campus opened up.

We browsed a few videos, and the toy section. All the sudden he grabs my hand and we head into the back. Now I had never been in the back of a adult store. This one had all kinds of very small viewing rooms where you pumped a bunch of quarters in and for a brief time a XXX video would play. Well we found one that was open and it just happened to have a leather couch in the room.

I shut the door, and threw the latch. I was very excited, and we fished out some coinage. Feeding the machine I slid my pants off and spread my legs wide with one of my legs on the back of the couch. My partner set to work on eating my pussy. Now y'all know I love me some porn now. So this is right there and you can here other people moaning and groaning in the other rooms and at the glory hole. That in itself was such a turn-on for this girl. I kept feeding the coins in and telling him to not stop. Soon he had two fingers curving very nicely into my g spot. I was so wet you could hear it each time he slide his fingers in and out. I grabbed hold of his head and pulled his face in tighter demanding that he not stop. I do not ever just lay anywhere, so I was already gyrating and telling him that I was going to cum all over his face. Of course there was no answer because he was very busy sucking on my clit and trying to hang on for dear life. It did not take long before I exploded, and came all over his face with such a rush.

He took off his shirt so he could wipe off his face. I told him that it was his turn. He found some more change and started getting ready to feed the machine. "Not so fast hot stuff", as I pointed to his pants. "You know what I want now", and with that he unsnapped his jeans, and I watched as he unzipped them. I pushed him onto the sofa, and decided that he was taking entirely too long. I wanted his cock and I wanted it now. My lips were pursed and ready, and my mouth eagerly awaiting. I pulled his semi-rigid cock out and smiled. There was already a pretty large bead of precum. I licked it off and then crawled between his legs. With that he fed the machine while I slowly slide his cock into my mouth. I love the feeling of a man getting hard in my mouth, feeling a cock grow is such a delight. I started swirling my tongue as I took him in against the back of my throat. I didn't have to worry about him gagging me, but it is how you use the equipment that matter.

I stopped and started to take each ball and gently swirl it around in my mouth before gingerly letting it back out. Licking right where the prostate is, and pressing my fingers on the outside. h girl, I dont think I can stand this much longer", he said in that out of control breathing. He arched his back and said "Please!"
I took him fully back into my mouth and felt him wrap his hands in my long hair. He started fucking my mouth much harder now, and I just held on for dear life. I knew soon he would explode in my mouth and I would swallow every drop with happiness. His stroked are slowing a bit but all the way in and, that meant he was very near. "You ready? You want this?" I nodded my head because I had a mouthful of cock. With that he thrust fully back into my mouth and just held my head there. I could feel his cum hitting the back of my throat in thick ribbons.

We tried to clean up a bit, and then ran back thru the store hand in hand. That is one of a few encounters that I really enjoyed so much. I would do that again in a heartbeat.

Would you?

Being the Best You Can Be
Posted:Jul 1, 2021 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2021 9:56 pm
I think we all struggle as we age still feel attractive and desired. In whatever context you want use that in. Maybe not ALL of us, but most of us.

I know as a woman, post-menopausal thank you god, I certainly do. Most of that stems from me not liking how I look. So all I can do is try take better care of myself and become healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A year ago I almost died, spent a week in ICU. My doctor told me that I would most likely never get my blood glucose below . At the time that the EMT took my blood glucose I was over 800. I was also told that they thought within a year I would be on dialysis for my kidney. My kidney health has stayed right as it was in Stage 3, and I work very hard at staying as healthy as I can.

That is why I am extremely careful on who I might engage with physically. I cant take chances and I dont think any of us should. I think in this day and age we all need to be super careful and when in doubt glove up. If you think you might even have a slight UTI or bladder infection, go get tested right away. Better safe then sorry. If you are going to be with someone, and you even think there might be a remote possibility that you are sick with anything, postpone or wear a full body condom.

Sexual attraction is not always at first glance. I have had some great lovers that at first I wasn't that attracted too, but once I got to know them - they really turned out to be wonderful lovers and friends. Isnt that all we are anyway in life, lovers and friends.

I am working hard on becoming a better version of me, for me. I love me, whether no one else does or not. I want to overcome some of my issues so I dont fight the depression as bad. I will, I can, and I will overcome.

You are too

Depression and Feeling Unhinged
Posted:Jun 30, 2021 6:40 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2021 9:50 pm
I seriously feel like I am becoming unhinged. I will tell you that this probably has been the hardest 2 years of my life, especially the past year. I am under so much stress and it is taking a toll on my body and mind. My primary care doctor even asked me what is going on because my blood pressure is insanely high. Slight infection, but that is being knocked out.

I have been thru alot in my life, too much to ever go into here, not that I would anyway. But I am a survivor and pretty tough though at times it might not seem like it. I am working hard to reclaim my life, to improve it just for me.

I have always fought depression, and anxiety issues. I always will, it is in my DNA. Both sides of my family have mental health issues, mine is very mild compared to so many in the family. But I work very hard to not have to be heavily medicated, and overcome. Currently I am working thru some traumas and it brings up emotions that I did not even know I had.

But I am a complex woman, I make no bones about that. I want to make everyone happy, b ut not lose myself in the mix like I normally do. I fight insomnia, if you notice that sometimes the posts are in the wee hours of the night.

I tell you this, so if you fight depression, hang in there. Drop me a email if you need to talk, or just need to vent.

Together we can get thru it and become stronger.

The Ravishing Surprise Part 4 - Conclusion
Posted:Jun 30, 2021 1:15 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2021 11:11 pm
Before I finish this story I must tell you that I am struggling a bit to finish this. You see it is a little bit out of my realm, and I am losing my desire to finish, but I will.

So where were we? Oh Yes I told me to bend over, and I reluctantly did. Trembling, you notice that my legs are shaking. I have never done anything like this before, and while it is exciting it is also scary. You reassure me that the safe word is RED.

I grab hold of the bench and all the sudden feel a slight sting of the Cat O Nine. "Thank you, may I have another", I recite to you. With that you swat me a little harder on the buttocks. I repeat again, and after repeated swats you notice that my ass is a nice shade of dark pink. You tenderly rub my tender spots, and then lean down to kiss me on the nape of my neck.

I moan, and you have me stand up. You are sitting on the bed, and I present you with my breasts. One in each hand, and you lightly give a tug of the chain. I moan and you take off the nipple clamps because thankfully it is not your desire to hurt me. My nipples are now erect and begging to be sucked on. I love any kind of breast play, you know this very well. You take your time, enjoying my very large breasts, the softness of them.

Finally I lean you back on the bed, having you lay on your back. I take my time to kiss and lick you all over, until I come to your manhood. I can see that you are starting to get hard and I must take you into my mouth once again. You wrap your fingers in my hair and pull me fully down, fucking my mouth. I am gently touching your jewels, letting you know that I love just how you are. You are now becoming very hard in my mouth and I beg you to fuck me.

Laying me down, you again run your fingers down my body, enjoying me just as I am. Kissing me deeply, you slowly slip yourself inside of my very tight pussy. Nice and slow, we start to move together. fingers entwined,, like a instructive dance. I arch my back as the first vaginal waves of orgasms cascade down. You feel my muscles grip your cock so hard, I hear you groan.

I reach around and grab your ass cheek, pulling you even tighter into my womb. I want you to feel every bit of the woman I am. My essence, soul, sensual embrace. You feel me orgasm wave after wave, each one getting stronger. Finally you can hold back no longer, and I feel a explosion of warmth as you cum deep inside me.

We lay there, together for a bit - kissing.

Unified finally, embracing the beauty of life.

Oh The Frigid Husband's Regrets
Posted:Jun 30, 2021 12:38 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 11:32 pm
Sad to say but my husband would have been very glad to have married a frigid woman. Instead he got me, a very sensual sexual woman.

He instead is for the most part been a frigid husband, never learning to let go and just evolve. Try new things, new kinks, or even enjoy a good porn.

I often wonder if he has regrets. He does tell me that he has many regrets about not being more of a sexual man. As is often the case in life, he waited too long and health issues took care of that for him.

I will always wonder what we could have enjoyed. as a couple in the lifestyle. Or even if we both had other partners and then shared in the stories.

But all we can be responsible for in this life is ourselves. I can't make anyone have time to see me. I can't change who desires me or who doesnt. And often all I can do is write on here, and love myself. Orgasms and all.

Never put anyone on the back burner for too long

The Ravishing Surprise Part 3
Posted:Jun 27, 2021 4:32 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2021 12:31 am
As you are sliding your hands down my body, you stop to enjoy each roll and fold that I have. I turn away feeling ashamed, and you stop to watch me in the mirror. "No, don't look away. Everyone's body has beauty in it." With that you take my chin in your fingertips and turn my head straight forward. "Watch us."

You go back to sliding your hands down my body, making me watch. I bite my lip, because I am so aroused that I feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I want to move so badly, that I can't stand it. I reach behind me, brushing my fingertips along your shaft. It is just starting to come to life. I want to touch and feel you so badly, but you brush my hand away and tell me not yet.

Finally I feel one of your fingertips tracing along my dewy moist lips, and I let out a very small moan. With that, you go a little deeper into my hidden fold, almost touching my clit. You love teasing me, all the while still pinching and teasing my nipple. "Please, let me touch you too." I am begging you, because part of me being turned on is touching, feeling, tasting your manhood.

You take my by the hand and I just now notice the candles, some are purely for the enjoyment of dripping onto me. You lay me down on the bed, leaning down and kissing me fully. I kiss you back deeply showing you just how much I want this with you. You start kissing and nibbling on my neck all the while your hands and fingers are dancing on my skin. arousing me, my senses going crazy. I show you the toys I brought, which are my favorite, and you select one. You place it next to my clit, but not on. Just enough of a vibration to drive me insane, on the verge of orgasm. You take out nipple clamps and place them expertly on each nipple. I let out a groan, just enough pain to be pleasurable. Now you are sitting right by me, looking devilish and I wonder what you will be doing next.

To my great surprise you simply lay down next to me, kissing me deeply. Every once in awhile you give the nipple clamps a tug, and move the vibrator a little closer to my clit. you reach down and slip a finger into my pussy, noticing that I am now very wet. "You know what I want". You said to me, and I replied yes. Hoping I can deliver what you want, what will make you so very excited. "Let me touch you and that will help me get there baby", I say to you.

With reluctance, finally you let me start to kiss you all over. Each and every inch of any kind of scar, with full tenderness and tongue. Finally I get to your manhood and slowly take you into my mouth. I love feeling you slowly come to life, every so often taking each ball into my mouth and being ever so gentle with them. I massage right between your balls and anus, the external prostate massage I have talked about. Which I love doing, and usually is exciting to who ever my partner is. You are a bit nervous, it is our first time together. I am nervous too, we both are worried about our ability to achieve. So as long as it feels good to us, there is no reason to worry. I tell you this again, and I then tell you to please fuck my mouth.

With that we get into position to 69, I prefer you on top because you are lighter. WE start enjoying each others flesh, i love feeling you fucking my puckered lips, my tongue lapping at your balls all the while. I hear you moan because it has been a long time since a woman has wanted to please you as well. All the sudden you stop me and tell me not so fast. You know I am trying to please you and you are not nearly down with me.

"Oh please, I am going insane." I tell you. You need to learn some patience girl, you tell me again. This isn't the first time you tell me this. But slowly you will teach me. With that you get out the Cat O' tails and tell bend over.

I start bend over, and you connect a chain between the nipple clamps with a small weight. It is time for you learn surrender, you tell in a firm voice. Tugging on the chain, you make bend over.................

Mmmmmmm wonder how wet I am now?

Knowing What You Need and Want
Posted:Jun 27, 2021 2:43 pm
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2021 3:15 pm
Well, Hello

I am a very different type of woman, often misunderstood I feel. If I like you, you will know it. If I am not sure, I tend to observe. Probably about the worst thing you can do, is tell you do not have time for me.

See I try not be a bother, and I try accommodate requests. Even answering questions, and being upfront. If you are very special , even photographs. But what I ask for in return is just a a bit of your time.

Tell me how your day has been, ask how mine has been. Engage me, be a friend to me. I think too many times the friend part is forgotten in the equation of FWB. Be a friend, I have alot going on in my life but you will never hear me tell you that I am too busy. I might tell you that I will answer your later on, but I will indeed do just that.

Tp No Strings Attached means we aren't going change each other lives. But I do want there be some emotions. I am a emotional being. I can't climax unless there are some strong emotions going on too. That is why to me foreplay all starts in the mind. Love me while we are together, then we will both go home to our respective lives. Then we will look forward to the next time. Hopefully we will decide to play with others together, always using safe sex.

I need love, affection, caring and friendship. This is a cold damn world out there and we all deal with it differently. I no longer can stuff my feelings down with food like I used too. I haven't ever been much of a drinker and I haven't ever used hard drugs. So my release and pleasure area is sensual sexual pleasure. With or most often without a partner.
Oh Those Lonesome Nights
Posted:Jun 26, 2021 11:39 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 11:32 pm
We all have them, why else would we be on here. Or most of us do. Whether or not you are married, attached, or single. We all have nights where it feels like everyone else in the entire world is busy, except you.

You long for any kind of conversation. If you are married you have already dealt with your spouse. But you want to be stimulated, intrigued, flirted with. Entice me, delight me, make me want to rip all your clothes off, right here, right now.

But alas it is only me and my toys tonight. I really want a e-stim Kegel Wand for my birthday which is actually July 4th. I put a different one on the good advise of a friend to not divulge too much about myself. But in and case I want one so badly, but they are about $80, and you can get them through Walmart dot com. But it is something I will need to save up for. But I had such intense orgasms with that, when a former lover used it on me.

I just want to mainly touch base with you guys before I get to touching myself. No, not going to let you watch, just use your imagination. Add some moaning and groaning and me with my toes curling. You get the drift.

Goodnight Y'all

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Invisible Posting and Musings
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2021 4:30 pm

I wrote a post last night, but admit-ably I was so tired and had taken my night medication. So evidently I did not post, so I will rewrite it and post it here in a bit.

Yesterday I fought the stomach flu all day, feeling a bit better today. There is no rest here because my husband just sits or sleeps. I can never be ill and lay in bed to recover a bit, but it has always been that way. Not trying to be negative just being very real here. It is just the complete lack of any kind of even a friendship even. Sitting here in our home, surrounded by my three . They do give alot of love, but I long to have a human to interact with on every level.

Oh update, went down and got the last Saturday. Her name is Jellybean, and she was mainly used for breeding, and had just had her pups taken from her. Matted, and still very swollen Milk glands. But next month I will get her spayed and here nxt week I will get a well checkup done on her at the vets. She is very attached to me, and I enjoy her. The other have accepted her, and even the cat has loved her up. I think they all sense that she is a rescue just like they were and so many other pets that have passed on.

So I am going to start making a list of things I want to go do, with or without a human with . Exercise of course, going to museums, festivals, I love listening to live music. I want to experience life. I have always been the one home, doing everything so everyone else could go and enjoy themselves. Well it is now my turn.

So how is your going?

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