Being Important Enough  

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7/15/2021 12:02 am
Being Important Enough

Though I have cried a thousand tears today, we did not fight. We are still going to be close friends no matter what. I did also get to talk to a wonderful man on the phone today. Was a complete surprise to get to speak with him, but oh it was so much fun. We laughed so much and had really good conversation. Just what I really needed, was someone to reach out and show me that he cares. I need that the most right now.

I feel lost as can be with quintessentially no family to even talk to. Starting over at my age with my health issues will not be easy. But I will do it, and I will push my artwork even more. I am thinking that I should like to work in the art field since I will need a reliable income for sure.

Step by step I will rebuild myself, everything I have gone thru and ma going thru will be a lesson or blessing.

Remember in this life there are no guarantees, but friendship, and caring go a long way. A few moments showing someone you care really matters. We all have time for that and if you have someone telling you that they have no time for you, what they really mean is that you are not important enough for them to make anytime. If you take yourself out of the equation, then they will have more time for what or who is really important.

Trust me, I have felt and seen the difference.

Embrace the suckatoid, with nightly emissions wink

Now I am going to go paint for awhile, and feel very blessed.


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