Emergency Rest Stop  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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7/13/2021 9:45 pm
Emergency Rest Stop

Not all my encounters or lovers were short lived. I did have a younger lover that I saw for over 7 years. We had many mnay encounters. Usually they were at my house, but occasionally he would get a motel room for us. One time we were going out of town for a day.

I do like to be playful, and had been teasing him sexually all day while he was driving. Even sucking his cock for a bit while he was driving on the interstate. Thing was he always made me feel beautiful, and very wanted. Anyway, he came very close to cuming a few times before he told me to stop before I made him wreack his new car.

I saw up ahead the Independence Rock stop. I knew that they indeed did have family bathrooms. Which were big and roomy and most of all locked. So I asked him to stop so I could use the restroom. I begged him to walk in with me, and then as we got to the door I grabbed his hand and drug him into the family restroom. He grinned and knew what I was up too.

He had me get up on the marble counter. He ate my pussy with a fever within him, and it did not take long for me to cum. I returned the favor by sucking his cock while he was up on the counter. He loved to pull my long blonde hair and guide his cock in and out of me. We had worked for a long time to get my throat trained to not gag as he deep throated me.

He was getting very close to cuming, so he hoped off the counter and spun me so I was leaning over the counter top. He entered me from behind, grabbing hold of my hips like he loved to do. We fucked each other hard, both so turn on by the spur of the moment tryst.
Cuming hard, and then staying that way for a few minutes to let him finish cuming.

Washing up we laughed and scurried out of there before anyone got suspicious. I often wonder what he is doing now, but things turned sour fast and it was best to let go of him.


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1bighammer1000 56M
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7/14/2021 3:32 am

Ha ha I remember when younger, and less self control, a gf had been teasing me while I was driving. A hard throbbing dick has no shame. I pulled over on the side of the highway, got her out and bent her over on the side of the highway, middle of the day, but I didn't care. Everyone driving down the highway got a show. Ha ha

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69ereatwetpussy 59M
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7/14/2021 5:44 am

7years is a long time
In today's world that longer then marriages
You had more sex with him then me in my own marriage.
Thing must have gone bad for ild be call you back for sure.
Even if it was once a month

Grumpabear1962 59M

7/14/2021 6:26 pm

Ahh, youth and the pleasurable memories it can bring

justme51 70M
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11/1/2021 3:54 am

What a beautiful time.

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

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