His Birthday Present  

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7/12/2021 9:46 pm
His Birthday Present

This is a fond memory of many years ago back in Wyoming. At that time I was working as a waitress at a pretty popular truck stop. Lot of the locals frequented this restaurant, including some fellow couples that I had made acquaintances with. I met them thru mutual friends who attend the same swingers parties I did. There were not that many of us that attended these by invitation events. Maybe at the tops about 40 of us. You have to show proof that you were on this site, by printing out your profile page. Single males were not allowed, but single females were of course. I always attended these with a man, one time with two men. Lol, I will tell you about that another time.

Anyway this couple came in to have coffee with their friends, who were on this site as well. So they introduced those that I did not know, and the male counterpart always flirted with me outrageously. I would flirt back and then talk with his wife who I was pretty good friends with. One night as they were leaving she asked if she could talk to me alone for a few minutes. So we got to talking and she asked me if I would consider coming over to their house and being with them both. That was what he wanted was to be with me. So she was going to surprise him for his birthday.

So we arranged when she would like me to come over, and the address. I arrived right on time, all dolled up and ready. He answered the door and let out a cat call. He liked plus size women and he had heard about how I was in bed and specifically my oral skills. She slid up beside him and said "Let her in already." It was October and already very cold and icy.

He held the door open further for me and I walked into their living room. He helped me off with my coat and was surprised that I was wearing a very sheer top, and no bra. I did have a long skirt on, but no underwear. He twirled me around and said - "Oh man, am I dreaming?" His wife told him right then that I was his birthday present. He asked "When do I get to unwrap her?" She told him that he needed to go shower first, and he almost ran into their bedroom.

I was a bit nervous, because I had never been with either one of them, though we had been friends for almost 5 years. She fixed us both a drink of rum n coke, and we made small talk while he was showering. I could feel the effects of the drink because I seldom drink, and it was relaxing me. Anytime I have a drink, I tend to get even hornier. I lose my inhibitions, and I am very ready.

We could hear him whistling while he dried off. Then we hear him saying "Oh Ladies, come here." We both started laughing because he did it in a real high pitched voice. So we grabbed our drinks and walked into their bedroom. He was laying dead center of their waterbed clad only in a towel wrapped around his waist. Now he was a very well built man. Tall and he had huge hands. We both got on either side of him, and I leaned down and kissed him with full tongue. His wife then did the same thing. Then we leaned over the top of him and started kissing each other while he watched.

I leaned back and with that he leaned down and took off my top, and then started to slide his hand up my skirt. Once he realized that I was wearing nothing else, he pulled my skirt up. Exposing my bald pussy, he again whistled, licking his lips. His wife told him to go ahead and enjoy. With that he started kissing in a outline from mu lips down to my lips. He traced the outline of my pussy lips with a big calloused middle finger, then tasted my dew from his fingertip. He moaned a bit, and then leaned down and started working on my clit. He took his time which I love, savoring all of me. Then he told his wife to taste me, which she then bowed her head and began licking and sucking on my clit. I felt her slide two long fingers up inside me, locating my g spot. With that he climbed up by my head and undid his towel.

He already had a raging hard on, with some precum leaking. I reached out and brought his cock to my awaiting lips, knowing that he had been wanting this moment to happen for a very long time. So I started to lick each side of his cock and then slide all of him into my mouth, all of what I could fit because he was bigger then I thought he would be. He was on his knees and was guiding his cock in and out of my mouth. He kept going on about how good I felt, and how good I was at sucking cock.

His wife had me cumming over and over again , and suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and laid back on the bed. He told us that he needed to clam down because he was too close to cumming. So we girls did what we do so well. We laid there kissing each other, and sucking each others nipples. The we decided to eat each other out, so she climbed on top of me in 69 . I had never eaten pussy, and she was nervous about me going down on her. So I just rubbed her clit with my thumb while my fingers were deep inside of her pussy. She was eating my pussy and doing a great job at at. Pretty soon both of us were cumming, and this in turn turned him on even more.

He asked me to get on my knees doggie style. I did as he asked and he slid into me deeply. I felt him pumping me, and she was sucking on my nipples. I reached down and began fingering her some more at the same time. I know it probably did not happen all at the same time, but it felt like we all came around the same time.

After that we all laid there and talked, us girls still fingering each other. He was playing with my boobs, and he said it was the best birthday present that he ever got.

They moved away a few years after that, and I wonder where they are now,


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7/13/2021 2:02 am

That was such a hot story. It really turned me on.

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7/13/2021 7:14 am

I agree, good story. I would luv for you to be my birthday present...... mmmmm

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7/14/2021 6:00 am

That a present Ild enjoy once a year till I die.

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11/1/2021 3:56 am

What a beautiful birthday he had for sure.

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