Interested In Friendship Only.  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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1/2/2021 6:07 pm
Interested In Friendship Only.

So there it is, probably what every man dreads right? The friends only zone. But I am putting it right on there. I am looking just for friendship. I am happily married for the most part, though I could do with alot more sexual activities. Couldn't we all.

But I have gone down the road of seeing other men for sex. It leaves me feeling rather empty because what I want with it, is affection and perhaps eventually even a bit of love. That really is never going to happen with anyone other then my husband and I am smart enough to know this now. Took me a very long time of going down a very lonely road to understand.

Sex is wonderful, especially if you have a deep friendship. Or perhaps you like the anonymous stranger, hey whatever gets you off. Who am I to judge? I just know in my case I need a level of caring and affection to go along with it. I want the naughty and nice all rolled into one experience.

So this arena, blog as we all want to it will serve as a outlet for . I will tell you about experiences I have with my husband when he is able, as well of past stories about him, and past lovers even. I have had some fun, and I am glad that I did.

Please comment and enjoy!


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LadiesR2B1rst 58M  
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1/2/2021 6:41 pm

Keep writing your blog. You never know who you may help out by sharing your feelings ! Thank You !

TicklePlease 53F  
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1/2/2021 7:06 pm

Welcome (back?) to blogland... In case no one beats me to it, there's a few glitches here that can interfere with good times. In an ironic catch-22 situation, there has to be a comment made on a blog entry before it will show up on the list of new blogs... where people can see it and comment on it. Most bloggers add their own first comment to speed things up. Without a comment, a blog post will just sit on your profile with very little interaction.

Mr2please2 59M  
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1/2/2021 9:11 pm

It all is better the closer you are to the my case too...friendship is all I'm seeking since I was further than that recently and it didnt turn out good after a long while.

forgotforgetting 55M
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1/2/2021 9:14 pm

Welcome to the blogs. I look forward to your posts.

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kirkcashew 63M
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1/2/2021 9:31 pm

Fair enough. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say. Could make for lively conversation.

discreetdesir55 63M/61F
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1/2/2021 9:41 pm

I have sent you a message Ann, lets connect. lee

fashionablegma 78F

1/2/2021 10:28 pm

Everything starts with friendship and leads into different directions,that only you can decide which direction it is to go,mutual respect

Bluesradio62 59M
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1/2/2021 11:11 pm

I agree on a couple of things...One it all begins with friendship and respect..without those, it's really very shallow in my opinion...and yes I think you can have Friends in a Lover and a side piece if you want to call it that......Just being real in what I am saying......
And I know about that friend zone..Been placed in it often and sometimes it's not what I wanted as I had desires for the Friends but I am also respectful...doesn't mean I won't crack every once in awhile and try and get them out of the friend zone..but at 58 who knows one if I will find a permanent spouse or wife, two if they will be the same age or younger or older, and three if I will just live to goal..and be happy being single all the way.....but even as a single, I have several Life Partners and yes I believe we can have multiple of those on this planet..Just some thoughts...

Typical39 43M
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1/2/2021 11:25 pm

Sounds good

rusty_nail 71M
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1/3/2021 10:26 am

This is a good place to release some thoughts.. Hello.

EroticMusings2 57F  
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1/7/2021 3:42 pm

    Quoting  :

Thank you

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EroticMusings2 57F  
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1/7/2021 3:43 pm

    Quoting LadiesR2B1rst:
    Keep writing your blog. You never know who you may help out by sharing your feelings ! Thank You !
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

*Creative Outlets of All Forms thru Me*

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