It's the Wearable Art  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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7/12/2021 9:01 pm
It's the Wearable Art

So I have been thinking about my own body image, and frankly in the stark bathroom lights with huge mirrors, it does not make me feel sexy at all. But you know what does?

Lingerie, specifically lacy things. Now I can sew, make my own clothes that make me feel pretty and sexy. I need to do that. So men, while you may like to be naked, a lot of us ladies do not. Whether you are super thin, or big bold and beautiful like I am, we like to feel pretty and sexy.

Once we are feeling that way, you will see a difference on how we act, our sexual energy goes up, we are ready for all that passion, romance, and raw sexual prowlness that you men love. So let us wear what we feel comfortable in. Whether it is crotch-less panties, to bras with holes for the nipples. To camisoles, or lace like I adore.

I want to not have to think about my very flawed body. I want to thin about your body and how I want to taste every inch of you.


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Grumpabear1962 59M

7/12/2021 11:32 pm

Sweetie, a woman should wear what makes her feel good, sexy and desired. It can be as much fun to unwrap the package as it is to play with what's inside.

agelesssexylegs 78F
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7/12/2021 11:51 pm

Well yes i with you on that,a sexy tease here and there,a hint of flesh,flashing my stocking tops or cleavage makes me feel great and wearing seductive clothing,not just lingerie makes me feel sexy,how i see myself still young in mind and spirit even if my body is not as taut as it use to be,if it even was,love lycra in material,to firm up my saggy bits hate looking in mirror as i do not now recognise the reflection unless i dressed up glam.

By all means the stud can be naked and often love to admire and run my old hands over his hard taut tight body,have many a time tended to rip his manly t shirt off and admired his cute tight butt in jeans but i more into the CFNM scene these days

69ereatwetpussy 59M
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7/13/2021 5:10 am

I'm game for what ever makes you happy.
You but it on I'll look at you
Tell you what I think
Let you do what ever you want.
Sooner or later we will be naked
In bed ,on the floor ,the kitchen table or out side rolling around.
Good morning sunshine hope your day is as beautiful as you.

cyclingfool 60M  
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7/13/2021 5:42 am

Lingerie, the gift wrapping to your beauty.

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