Lonely Hearts Club  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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7/16/2021 9:19 pm
Lonely Hearts Club

Joining the lonely heart club tonight,

We all have been here before, many times perhaps. When you ache to have someone holding you tight, or take your hand and talk with you.

Those dreadful nights when your bed fills as cold as ice, yet the night air is on fire. You throw off your covers and want to go screaming into the night for someone to hear you. Where oh where are all the other lonely hearts tonight. Let's all line up to the bar and belt on for fuck's sake.

I have always played everything safe for the most part all of my life. For the longest time I was the preferable "good ". Heck I had sex with one boyfriend in , one time . Now I wish I had sowed my wild oats before they crumbles away in the harsh Wyoming wind.

So what will I do tonight, well drown myself in Diet Coke and no salt pretzels. And workout equipment I guess. Dream of being in the arms of a lover who is ravishing my scarred body and telling me how much he is loving touching me. Hey a can dream right?

So here's to all of us lonely hearted people tonight!



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soulsinger18 68M  
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7/17/2021 8:43 pm

I know where you're coming from Ann! There are rough times that we all have to deal with throughout our lives. I'm lonely now and have been lonely a few times in my life. It's always ebb and flow. Life happens. Wish I lived closer to you so we could discuss this!

jajo696 66F
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7/18/2021 6:32 am

Im right with ya girl. Truth be told...ive been lonely most of my life. Married for more than half my life...loads of friends...good n stable job....yet still feeling alone. The good girl i was/am. The caregiver.....yet noone is giving to me ( sigh)~

Cheers .......

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