Make Love Even If You Are Alone  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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7/18/2021 11:08 pm
Make Love Even If You Are Alone

I was laying on my bed earlier, with my little Poodle. Her name is Jellybean, and she is a real pistol. I forgot how nice it is to have a little in addition to the big dogs.

Anyway, I was laying there, alone in my room. My dress flipped up exposing my bare ass. Not caring, and just listening to Aretha Franklin belt out "Chain of Fools". I think the title just about says it all, don't you. Shaking all that god gave me and then some. Just being happy that I am coming into my own finally. Slipping a finger onto my already excited and glistening clit, closing my eyes and imagining a certain someone would be there, using his wonderful full lips on my aching clitoris. Heaving my humongous breasts and not caring.

I mean we all are some horny fools. I know I am, though I am very picky. Honestly with the turn of events in my life recently I want more the a FWB NSA. I want the whole deal. I want love, respect, friendship, and a lot of hot sex.

If anyone tells you that sex is not a very important part of a relationship, I call bullshit. At least to most of us here, sex is vital. In some form or the other. Think about it, without some form of physical touch, what keeps a couple close. It is that sweet release that you share with that person, whether you choose to have a open relationship, swingers, or in a vast pyramid of different "lifestyle" journeys.

I want to have a wonderful hot love affair. I want to be loved on, appreciated for just the way I am. I am no longer going to apologize for the way I am. I am embracing all of my sexiness and sensuality. I know at least one man who wants to embrace all of me just the way I am. That is saying so much to a empath like myself.

Whether you are alone right now, be sexy. If you have to make love to yourself - then do so. Do not let one day go by without loving yourself and treating yourself well. Fools will come and go, but a real man or woman will make the time, find a way, and keep you happy, satisfied, and loving them.

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justskin1 69M
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7/19/2021 6:04 am

Aretha got it right, we humans so often are a chain of fools. That need of touch, sex, connection makes fools of us all sometimes. But, sometimes it leads to what we are after and then WOW!!!
I never expected it at 68 but I found that person who loves me for who I am and loves so many of the parts of me that I can only let others see a bit of. As she said to me "It is wonderful to be loved for the parts of me l like best about myself."
Have hope because when you least expect it that someone will fall into your life. Still, the waiting is hard.

PS Being picky is a good thing.

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cyclingfool 60M  
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7/19/2021 6:51 am

Your time alone and making love to yourself is important. I find I cherish this time alone even when in an active relationship. Maybe not desired as often, but still quality time to be enjoyed.

As justskin1 mentions, finding that one person that truly gets you. I thought I had that, but recently wondering. Nothing bad between us, just seem unsure.

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