Mountain Frolic  

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7/6/2021 11:13 pm
Mountain Frolic

I started to tell this story a few nights ago, but accidentally erased it. Then it had gotten too late to redo it all. This is one of my fondest memories, and I am still friends with this man to this day.

This was back when I lived in Wyoming. I had finally given in, because this one man had pursued me for a few months. So we got to talking, and yes I belonged to this site way back then. We started on here, then went to emails. Then finally text. He used to write me the most beautiful emails, really touching ones. Eloquent, romantic, and very flattering. Later I found out he was a attorney, and we agreed to meet. He brought his lab puppy which didn't hurt him win favor with me either. Being a huge animal lover, especially dogs that is always a plus with me.

We sat on the grass playing with his talking, then he leaned in for that first kiss. Now he was quite a bit older then me, but I am drawn to older men, though some of my lovers have been younger too. But that kiss, he was one of the best kissers. He had that passionate flair, long deep kisses and that tongue of his. Lord all mighty.

We agree to meet a few more times for some innocent kissing before taking the next step. We used to love to go to the pond, and throw the ball out in the water for his to retrieve. Of course every so often he would lean in and cup my face and kiss me and look deep into my eyes. We both were about to go insane with want of each other.

Finally we decided to do the deed, lay horizontally with each other. I was a volunteer that fall with the local art museum and he happened to have right across the street. He would stop in, just to say hi, and bring me a flower or a note. I was just crazy about him, and the feeling was mutual. We both were married, and had no intentions of changing that. But we enjoyed each others company.

So he picked me up from the art museum in his old truck. Now mind you, he had a new car - but he knew that I loved that truck. And frankly he enjoyed the way the bad shocks made my boobs jiggle. We had decided that we would go up to the mountain on this beautiful fall day. The temperature was perfect, and the sun was shining. The leaves had just started to change colors and drop. The pine trees were loaded with pine cones and very fragrant. The fall flowers were all in bloom and we had been blessed with no snow yet.

Riding in his truck we held hands as he cascaded up the mountain road. Now part of the mountain was dirt road, pretty rutted. So every-time we would hit a rut I would giggle and well the boobs would, well you know jiggle. I think he started to hit as many ruts as he could after awhile. Finally we got to the perfect spot. Off the road a bit, secluded mostly. A bed of kaleidoscope leaves played underneath these two majestic trees.

He laid a quilt down, and grabbed hold of my hand. He knew I was nervous, as I had never had sex outdoors before. And we had never had sex together, so this was all new. He laid me down gently, and began undoing my dress. It was a buttoned Levi jumper, so he unbuttoned it from the bottom up, like unwrapping a Christmas present. He opened it up and began sliding it off my shoulders. Kissing my neck and shoulders, I shivered a bit from excitement.

I reached for his shirt and he told me "Not so fast". I looked at him bewildered. "I plan to savor this, there is no rush. Just lay back." He had a very self confident air to him and I really loved that about him. He managed to unhook my bra with one skilled hand faster then you could blink, and freed the girls. He took each breast in his hand and sucked on each nipple, hard like I love it. He started to slide his hand down my panties, and I told him "Not so fast mister. What is the rush? I think I should get to touch some too." He laughed and said "Fair enough".

He laid back, hands clasped behind his head and said "Go ahead." I laughed and proceeded to do just that. I leaned down and kissed him fully, taking his breath away. "Wow, you have been holding back!" I just said that perhaps a bit. Then I slide my hands up under his shirt and then tweaked his nipples. I played with his grey chest hair, loving how curly it was. Then I slide my hand down the front of his shorts, and heard him moan. His shorts were already making a very tight outline of his hardening cock.

He grabbed my shoulders and reversed positions so I was beneath him. "See what you do to me. You are a tease." I informed him that I am no tease, I deliver fully each and every-time. Knowing he would make me prove it, or at least I was hoping he would. He slide his hand down my panties, and was surprised to learn that I was shaved smooth and bare. He felt my dewy lips, and could tell that I was very wet. I felt his finger tip circling my clit, letting the heat build up. "Now who is being a tease?" I asked him.

He slide my panties off and threw them over his shoulder. "Hey I might want those later." He just replied with "Tough!" which made me laugh. I felt him slide down until his lips were on my mound. Suddenly I felt his tongue working on my clit, alternating between sucking and licking my engorged clit. I grabbed hold of his head and began moving my hips. He hung on for dear life, a hand on each thigh, feeling me coming again and again. He moaned that he loved the way I tasted, which only made me cum even harder. Finally I begged him to stop for a bit.

I was dying to feel him in my mouth. So I traded him places and slide down his body, only after giving him a very long deep kiss. Tasting my cum on his lips as I did so. I took his semi-erect cock in my mouth and began slowly licking the head. Ever so lightly and slowly, driving him insane. "Girl, don't tease me.". I ignored him and continued because I like to take my time too. I kissed every inch of his cock down each side, and front and back. Then taking each ball and gently rolling it around in my mouth, letting my tongue swirl. Then back to the cock that was now beginning to leak delicious pre-cum. I licked up the pre-cum, then finally slide his now erect cock into my moist hot mouth. Pulsating the underside of his cock with my tongue while I slide him in and out of my mouth, he started to fuck my face. He grabbed hold of my hair which was long back then, and started to moan.

Suddenly he stopped, and I smiled at him. I laid back down and he said, get on your knees please. I did as he had asked and he entered me from behind. Grabbing my plentiful hips, I felt him push all the way into me. It was such a rush and he felt so good deep inside me. We were in perfect rhythm as we fucked until I had had a few more internal orgasms and then at last he began fucking me even faster. I knew he was getting close because he asked if it was okay if he came inside me. We both had been tested and had no other sexual partners so it was safe.

He came very hard and we stayed like that for a few moments before he withdrew. I felt a rush of our mingled juices cascade down my leg. WE didn't care, we just both laid there, holding each other, watching the sun glitter through the trees that wonderful day.

He and I talked about this memory just a few days ago, he will always be a special friend to me and vice versa.


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godehnatty 58M  
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7/7/2021 12:37 am

Sweeeet ! The Mountain has kept your "secret" safe

jajo696 67F
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7/7/2021 3:05 am

Sweet story ~~

Grumpabear1962 59M

7/7/2021 5:10 pm

That was a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing Sweet Pea. Take care

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