Ride Em' Cowboy  

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7/8/2021 11:05 pm
Ride Em' Cowboy

I wanted share with you another story about a cowboy I had a involvement with. It was a short relationship, that turned into friendship.

But the time we had was a blast. This time, we met at my house. My husband was at work so we went to my room. Now seriously the man was a cowboy who worked long hours on the ranch. So we sat on my bed and started kissing and of course I had to do it. I had to reach down and rip open his shirt. It was one of those cowboy shirts that snapped together. Nothing I love more then doing just what I did. He started to lift my shirt . I stood help him with this task. Now I did not bother with a bra, since we were just at my house and I knew I wasn't staying dressed for long.

He grabbed hold of my abundant breasts and pulled him. He began running his calloused hands all over them, which ironically felt good. He began suck one nipple, and then the other one. The he put them together and sucked them at the same time. He stood and now he was a tall man. Well over 6 ft and I am 5'3", so he pulled my hands together and held them there against the closet door. He leaned down with his other hand and began to run his hand under my skirt. his surprise again , I hadn't bothered with panties. I knew they wouldn't be long either. He presses my back into the closet door and starts to kiss very deeply, and a bit rough too. He playfully sucked and pulled my lip with his teeth.

"Girl, I told you that I am going to have my way with you. Now come here" , he said in that gruff voice of his. He was laying back my bed which was covered in a dark blue velour spread. He had removed his belt, which made a bit afraid. But I walked over there, stepping out of my skirt before I climbed the bed. Just then I noticed that he had also removed his boots. Very worn, weathered cowboy boots. I removed his jeans, and his briefs.

Out sprang a very nice tool if I do say so myself. That was kind of a surprise. Not the biggest, but I am not a size queen. But it was shaped very nicely and he had trimmed the hedges nicely in that area. I reach out and lovingly began stroke him. He told come lay down with him.

We laid there talking, telling each other fantasizes while touching each other. He had found my clit with no real trouble and I was alternating between his balls and cock. I would comment the leaking pre-cum and rub it around the head of his cock. Before long I could feel that he had slipped two fingers deep into my very wet pussy. Pushing he found my g-spot.

Now if done right, most men can make a woman squirt. That is if she is willing let lose and let it happen and if she has hydrated herself well enough. Let's just say everything was a go that day. Before long he made squirt, my surprise because that is the first time I recall ever doing that. This got his so excited that he dove head first into my gushing pussy, not caring how wet he was going to get. He lapped my cum, and set lapping, licking, and sucking my clit while still working my spot. I came and squirted some more and he loved it. I handed him a hand towel to wipe his face off.

While He was standing , I set work his leaking cock. He was already the verge of cuming from squirting, so I knew I had be careful not make him cum. I wanted him cum in , so I took it easy. Every time I would feel him begin to tighten, I would ease off.
Finally he could take it no longer.

He had me lay down and he grabbed my ankles. Now even though I am a large woman, I am still very flexible. He told me to but my ankles his shoulders and hang . I exclaimed "YeeeHawwww", which made him stop and laugh. He remarked how much fun I am. He positioned himself and slipped inside of my tight pussy. He hammered into me and almost came. Then he decided we should do it doggie style. As he entered me, he swatted my ass a few times and then grabbed hold of my hair. Back then my hair was long and blonde, and he pulled it. Now I like my hair being pulled so that was no problem. He continued to pump into me until the sudden I had one more massive orgasm which set him over the edge too. One finally push all the way in and I felt him emptying into . I love feel a man cumming in .

We spent some time cuddling and holding each other. Talking about our sexual bucket list.
We saw each other a few more times, then he got a girlfriend. Last I knew they moved away, and I hope they are doing well.


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boodog50 60M  
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7/9/2021 6:46 am

think that was me

NJGUY08090 55M
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7/9/2021 6:18 pm

Wish I could have that kind of fun with you.

Grumpabear1962 59M

7/11/2021 4:17 pm

Great story Sweetie. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

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