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7/17/2021 9:48 pm
Step by Step

Baby steps, but still they are steps.

Each day I think I am gaining more peace in my heart and less conflictions.

Today I did decide to buy some more workout<b> equipment. </font></b>I have been looking around for a few weeks at different systems, and had to go back to what I love which is weight lifting. I used to lift weights for over 5 years, and loved it. Then I stopped and of course it has been hard getting back to it. I had a home gym, and of course once we majorly downsized and moved across the country I did not have any. So last year I bought a really heavy duty exercise bike which I prefer over a treadmill. And some resistance bands.

Now I am a bit afraid of bands because years ago, I was not aware that a system of elastic pulleys I had were old. One broke mid row and I ended in the er with many stitches in that hand and I was wearing weight lifting gloves at the time. But now I know carefully check and that they should be replaced often. I did get a newer set of resistance pulleys and a set of dumbbells with a curling bar, collars, and the weights of course. I do not really need a bench right now, I can use a chair for rows, and for most everything else I can use my bed. That way I will also not hyper extend my shoulders or arms which I need do pt . I have decided do that here at home as well because I just do not want yet another medical bill or appointment. I can look different pt exercises and do them here.

I also elected not go the pulmologist right now. I know the restriction they saw is just my asthma flairing . I haven't been taking my inhalers as I should in a effort save a bit of money on prescriptions. I talked with my doctor's nurse and explained this to her and I would like the tests repeated in office before I see another specialist.

We as patients have the right to decide what and when things are ordered and done to us. Never forget that the doctor's work for us essentially.

Anyway, I only cried just a few tears today, and it wasn't out of anger. I will get there yet, step by step.

Thank you to all my friends who have reached out. Especially a certain someone, who I do not know what I would do without.

Muah! Muah! Muah!


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