The Ravishing Surprise  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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6/15/2021 11:09 pm
The Ravishing Surprise

You have me meet you at a new spot, telling me to leave my car. I almost object but know better then too. When you make up your mind, there is no swaying you. Besides I do not ever tell you, but I like you being in control most of the time. I climb into your car, and you hand me a rose, but this time it is red. The most perfect rose I have ever seen, even more full then the pink rose from the previous time. You lean in and give me the longest, deepest kiss, running your hands into my hair, holding firm in the-nape of my neck like I love. You hear me let out a little moan and you know you have me captivated once again.

You tell me to buckle my seat belt, and we are on our way to your secret destination. You tell me that you have been planning this for awhile, and this is my birthday celebration in part. I start to ask you where you are taking us, and you hold a finger up to my lips. I kiss your fingertip and gently suck on it, ,just to remind you that I am eager to please you also.

We arrive after a bit at a beautiful motel, and you tell me to stay in the car while you go in. I do as you have asked, just inhaling the sweet aroma of the rose. You come out and drive to the side of the motel, and we gather our bags to go in. As you open the door, and am astonished. Such a beautiful room, complete with a Jacuzzi tub. I squeal in glee because it has been years since I have gotten to soak in one, or do anything else.

You come up behind me, and I feel your hand on my back once again. I love the feeling of your hand, and you brush my hair away from my neck and lean down and kiss the back of my neck. I begin to melt because that is one of my weak spots, that really turns me on. We begin to sway to the imaginary music, and you tell me that you cant wait to ravish me over and over again.

To be continued......................


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69ereatwetpussy 59M
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6/16/2021 5:47 am

It a wonderful start
I can't wait for the hot tub myself
I'm getting hard thinking about you naked in it
Glass of wine
Kissing touching then .......
To be continued

NJGUY08090 55M
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6/17/2021 7:15 pm

Very good start. I'd love to slip off to an out of the way spot with you and make our own hot memories. Just dreaming of you makes me rock hard. I hope you think of me and wet your panties.

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