The Ravishing Surprise Part 4 - Conclusion  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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6/30/2021 1:15 am
The Ravishing Surprise Part 4 - Conclusion

Before I finish this story I must tell you that I am struggling a bit to finish this. You see it is a little bit out of my realm, and I am losing my desire to finish, but I will.

So where were we? Oh Yes I told me to bend over, and I reluctantly did. Trembling, you notice that my legs are shaking. I have never done anything like this before, and while it is exciting it is also scary. You reassure me that the safe word is RED.

I grab hold of the bench and all the sudden feel a slight sting of the Cat O Nine. "Thank you, may I have another", I recite to you. With that you swat me a little harder on the buttocks. I repeat again, and after repeated swats you notice that my ass is a nice shade of dark pink. You tenderly rub my tender spots, and then lean down to kiss me on the nape of my neck.

I moan, and you have me stand up. You are sitting on the bed, and I present you with my breasts. One in each hand, and you lightly give a tug of the chain. I moan and you take off the nipple clamps because thankfully it is not your desire to hurt me. My nipples are now erect and begging to be sucked on. I love any kind of breast play, you know this very well. You take your time, enjoying my very large breasts, the softness of them.

Finally I lean you back on the bed, having you lay on your back. I take my time to kiss and lick you all over, until I come to your manhood. I can see that you are starting to get hard and I must take you into my mouth once again. You wrap your fingers in my hair and pull me fully down, fucking my mouth. I am gently touching your jewels, letting you know that I love just how you are. You are now becoming very hard in my mouth and I beg you to fuck me.

Laying me down, you again run your fingers down my body, enjoying me just as I am. Kissing me deeply, you slowly slip yourself inside of my very tight pussy. Nice and slow, we start to move together. fingers entwined,, like a instructive dance. I arch my back as the first<b> vaginal </font></b>waves of orgasms cascade down. You feel my muscles grip your cock so hard, I hear you groan.

I reach around and grab your ass cheek, pulling you even tighter into my womb. I want you to feel every bit of the woman I am. My essence, soul, sensual embrace. You feel me orgasm wave after wave, each one getting stronger. Finally you can hold back no longer, and I feel a explosion of warmth as you cum deep inside me.

We lay there, together for a bit - kissing.

Unified finally, embracing the beauty of life.


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singleandunattac 35M

6/30/2021 2:26 am

Simply splendid

wingdale1985 56M  
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6/30/2021 4:04 am

that was the best thing i read in a long time. your words made me feel like i was there.

69ereatwetpussy 59M
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6/30/2021 5:06 am

It was worth the wait .to enjoy a man tea can satisfied your needs.
To be able to enjoy each other
To cummm as one with he final push
Knowing this will happen again
In a different way
A different place.
That you both know
You are wat you both want.
Thanks for telling your story
Wish it was me xoxoxoxo

Birthedhorny 54M
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6/30/2021 5:45 am

sounds like a nice saturday ...

dell9600 65M  
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6/30/2021 6:35 am

I would love to share that experience with you...

Grumpabear1962 59M

7/2/2021 7:24 pm

You did good Sweetie, it came out real well. let your imagination and desires flow. Hopefully someone soon will help turn fantasy into reality. Ladies choice.

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