Awoke to someone calling out my name....  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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5/18/2021 1:32 am

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5/19/2021 12:38 am

Awoke to someone calling out my name....

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
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5/18/2021 1:35 am

There was no one there of course. I live alone. But I swear I heard someone. It almost sounded like my boss. I woke up thinking to myself what hell is my boss doing in my apartment? I guess I must have been dreaming? I was in fact dreaming...a rather silly one at that. At a fast food place ordering a meal, then trying to find a table to sit at that didn't already have someone else sitting at it. I sat down at a booth with two people already sitting in it not caring anymore, like I just want to sit here and eat..don't mind me. Well the table is covered with food scraps, spilled sodas, etc. As as I get up to go back to the counter to get a towel or some napkins to wipe up the mess I see there were horses the lobby of the place just milling about. Then, like it is with some dreams I'm at the back door of the building, removing the threshold under the door and I start finding coins, quarters, dimes nickles, penny's...I even found a Canadian Loony. I see a cardboard box that has printing on it saying it contains those paper coin sleeves you use when you are rolling up coins, I figure "this is great...some place to put all these coins I found" But when I open the box it's filled with thumb tacks. Which fall out of the box and land everywhere when I open it. I think to myself, I'm not cleaning this up...knowing full well that if I didn't no one else would. About that time is when I heard my name being called, like someone was trying to wake me up. Well I now where at the start of this blog once again. Weird right?

Well, it's election day here..the spring primary. Lot's of local races and a few ballot questions to vote on. Two of them concern the use of emergency powers used by the Governor and our Legislator's attempt to curtail those powers. When and how long the Governor can use them. It's a political party fight when you come down to it. The Pa. House is controlled by one party and the office of Governor the other. The other two ballot questions are to do with new equal rights laws that are coming up for passage. As with all local Primary Elections, there really isn't enough time to hear from any of the candidates, to get their positions on the local issues. Heck in the race for Mayor of the city the one party didn't even put up a candidate for the office. So some woman who's never held office before is now on social media asking for people to write in her name for the office. Yeah she started her campaign a week or so ago. What was she thinking? No experience at running a large city...but... "Oh no one is running for my party...I think I'll throw my hat in the ring." The sad thing is even if she gets a few write in votes she'll be the party's nominee. Silly.

Any who...I pulled carpeting and padding out of that really bad unit I told you about a week or so ago, the place is already rented and we'll have to bust our buns to get it done in time. The carpet came up easy...most of it was already up in some rooms, having been dug away by the previous tenants dogs. The padding on the other hand was a bitch to get up. I don't think there was one square inch that came off the floor easily, nor hadn't been pissed on by the pets in there. The result was the padding was stuck to the floor so bad I had to use an ice scraper to get it up. Fun stuff....Not! It took most of the day to get it all up.

Well, time for me to hop into the shower now....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4988 posts
5/18/2021 1:38 am

Have a good one people....

author51 59F  
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5/18/2021 2:12 am

You have a very active imagination my friend..What a dream..You can give me the Canadian Loonie Hun.....xoxo Have a good one..

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 5/18/2021 10:01 am:
Actually I do find lot's of Loonies..or get them back in change sometimes. I usually just toss them into a jar on my dresser. Like the dollar coins the states came out with a few years ago, people mistook them for quarters.

WyoCowboy7751 68M
2475 posts
5/18/2021 5:12 am

MAYBE !!!! Your Subconscious Self waking you up out of that Dream We Once had our First Female Mayor What a Fiasco that ended up being At Times a person might have Thought that She was the Governor Sounds like you are actually having a FUN TIME with that Apartment

WyoCowboy7751 68M
2475 posts
5/18/2021 5:16 am

P. S. I DO NOT have Anything Against a Female Mayor or EVEN Governor or President !!!!

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 5/18/2021 9:59 am:
We've already had a female mayor. She served two full terms that was two or three mayor's ago. Back in the early nineties. Like the president, our mayors are only allowed to serve two terms. That wasn't the case when I was growing up, back then the mayor was elected to six full terms. He had to retire because he got sick. Same time the mayor in Pittsburgh did, same illness they name the illness the mayors illness... odd that.

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