Beth 3 Our first night together....  

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10/17/2021 6:59 am

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Beth 3 Our first night together....

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10/17/2021 7:07 am

Well as the night rolled on Mary became a bit more snarky and standoffish, finally getting up from the table and heading towards the bar leaving Damian, myself and Beth wondering what the frack her problem was? Well seeing Damian down in the dumps because of Mary's treatment of him ( not that he earned it, as he had been nothing but polite since meeting her ) Beth ask him to dance, trying to cheer him up a bit and make the night seem more fun that it had been up to now. The went off to the dance floor ( a fast dance ) While they were up dancing I looked over at Mary Standing at the bar with a couple of guys, at one point she turned and pointed out Beth to them as she and Damian were up dancing. Right then red flags went up for me. I knew they type of guys she was hanging with at the bar were out for one thing only.. finding a woman and getting laid. As I came to find out later Mary had known the guys, and was in fact trying to get Beth to hook up with one of them so she and the other could pair off.

As the song ended Damian and Beth came back to the table, Damian in a better mood looked like he was now having some fun and offered to buy everyone another round, maybe get some shots as well. The idea sounded good to both Beth and I, and Damian got up to get the drinks. While he was gone Mary bopped back to the table, acting nicer than she had been all evening, telling us that a couple of "friends" asked if we wanted to join them at a local private club just down the road. Beth explained to her that she really didn't feel like leaving the bar, the music was good ( old school Rock - N - Roll ) and she was having fun there, and besides Damian had just gone to get more drinks for everybody and some shots as well. It was about then Damian got back, and nice guy that he was seeing Mary had rejoined us bought her another round and a shot for her as well. Well, Mary actually thanked him for the drinks, and as we finished the shot toasting each other as we downed them, Damian thinking he might still have a shot with Mary asked her to dance ( another fast number ) Her reply, maybe after I get back from the little girl's room then asked Beth to come along with her. { again what is it with women going to the can together all the time when they are out ?? } While the ladies were gone I told Damian of the pair of dudes Mary had been hanging with at the bar, and my suspicions... telling him I thought the "friends" Mary had been telling us about might be them. He asked me to point the guys out, but when I looked over they had left the bar already. My mind eased a bit seeing they were gone. Thinking they struck out with Mary, and not going to be able to meet Beth seeing she was with me, they moved on to greener pastures.

I don't know what transpired in the ladies room but when the women got back to the table it looked like they had decided to head over to the private club any way. I figured with the other guys out of the picture what would be the harm? I mean the bar was really crowded, and it might be better over there. I finished my drink and Damian and I followed the ladies out the door, Beth suggested that she would ride with me, and Damian could ride with Mary...Yeah, no. Mary said no.. and said that it'd be better if she rode with her over and Damian and I followed them in my car. Mary saying that Beth was staying the night with her and all...and trailed off. Well, okay we followed the ladies in Mary's car, and as bad luck would have it got stopped at a traffic light while on the way. No matter I saw where Mary had pulled in to the clubs parking lot so, no big deal right? Well after I parked, we got out and headed p the steps to the club, when I got in I saw one of the guys who had been cozying up to Mary at the bar was standing talking to the bouncer at the club when we walked in the door. He quickly went inside as we approached. A sign on the wall stating a cover charge of five dollars ( usually taken as payment for a band that would be playing ) would have to be paid to get in. So I reached for my wallet and Damian did the same, before we could pay the cover, the Bouncer said the club was full and he couldn't let anymore people in till some inside left. So we stood there, and as people came out and left wondered why the guy still wasn't letting us in... So we, Damian mostly, asked the guy what was up. His replay was that they were coming back in and as thy had already been in the club got first dibs at going back in... so we waited some more... Finally I had enough and told the guy that my girl was inside and we were there to meet with them they gotten there just minutes before us. Well, I got the tough guy attitude response, him saying there were many other guys girlfriends inside and if I didn't stop bothering him we'd be asked to leave. That set Damian off, He's a nice guy most of the time but once riled look out. Needless to say but we were asked to leave. Fuck.

We sat in the car for what seemed like forever thinking that maybe one of the ladies would come out looking for us, me hoping that Beth would call my cell phone ( old school brick sized model I usually left in the car while out on the town ) But no call came, and finally Damian suggested we go home. I was crushed.. part of me feeling that I'd been duped by Beth and part of me thinking that something else was afoot here in my heart of hearts knowing she wouldn't act like that and just brush me off after the months we spent chatting on line and talking long distance on the phone. ( hell, that's why I got the brick phone in the first place, no long distance charges when I called her in Florida ) I started the car and pulled out of the lot....

My phone was ringing buy the time we got back to Damian's place. It was Beth... Can I come pick her up? Long story short.... after getting to the club she found out that Mary had planned the whole thing with her "friends" once inside the one guy got all grabby with her.. taking liberties, talking shit, asking if she wanted to fuck him the usual BS guys pull when they want some. Well the dude got a bit too grabby on the dance floor, Beth kneed him in the groin and stormed out of the club, walked to the nearest McDonald's just down the street and used their pay phone to call me. Had I just waited a few more minutes I'd have seen her storm out of the place. Of course I said I'd be over asap. Damian came along for the ride, just in case shit happened. When I got to the McDonald's I found her inside, drinking a cup of coffee and eating a small bag of fries. My heart almost broke seeing her, looking like she'd been crying. I felt so bad... leaving like I did.. I should have known she wouldn't just ditch me like that... I felt even worse when she saw me, she jumped up and ran into my arms, her tears starting anew. What could I do? I held her until she calmed down a bit and she could relate to me what had happened. After telling us the shitty way Mary had set her up and bragged about getting us stopped at the door to the club, and how Mary had told her to fuck off after Beth had kneed the guy, and that she could forget about spending the night at her place and her suitcases and clothing that were still there...well, I could see how that would have up set Beth to the point of crying. ( the ticket for her return flight to Tampa was in her bags, and without t there was no way she'd be able to fly home on Monday ) But I told her not to worry, we'd sort it all out tomorrow, get her stuff back etc. After the tale was done and Beth calmed down a bit more we left McDonald's to take Damian home. Getting back to his place she asked if she could use Damian's Phone to call her Aunt. ( she'd be spending the rest of her stay at her house with the reunion party taking place there on Saturday and all ) I told her she could use my cell if she wanted? But she needed to look up her aunts number in the phone book, not having it remembered it being one of the things still in her suitcases at Mary's place. As it was her aunts number was unlisted...bollix. I offered to let her stay at my place for the rest of the night.. but with my minions at home her looking like a fright after crying and all she didn't want to meet them ( even if it was just my oldest home at the time ) looking like she did. As she put it like some crazy lady begging at the door. I told her she looked fine and besides my oldest wouldn't care how she looked.. but her mind was set. Hearing all this Damian suggested we both spend the night at his place, all he could offer would be the floor and a blanket and a couple of pillows to rest our heads on... Well she looked at me, I at her and she said.. that sounds good. As Damian went to get the bedding she headed for the bathroom to clean up a bit. He got back before she did, so I set about setting up a makeshift "bed" on the living room floor. By the time I was done with the task she had rejoined us, Damian said good night to us both and went to his room... Well I won't draw this out anymore...suffice to say we both took our pants off and got under the covers and spooned together my left arm encircling her waist my hand laying on her exposed stomach, when she took my hand in hers and moved it under her t-shirt I cupped her breasts with my palm softly playing with her pert pink nipple. She drifted off to sleep with me holding her like that. It had been a long trying day, and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't have like to do more than just cuddle with her, but it didn't feel right to do any more than that.....

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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10/17/2021 7:17 am

I hope you all enjoyed? Though it might not have been what you were expecting it is how I remember it happening, not all things go smoothly in life as we all well know. Next Saturday Beth 4, Making love to the farm report on the radio.... Till then, Have a good one people!

author51 59F  
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10/17/2021 11:08 pm

That was a wonderful ending my gallant friend.What a great read..xoxo

PonyGirl1965 56F  
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10/18/2021 1:19 am

I love the story. I'm ready to spoon with them.

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