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10/2/2021 6:16 am

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10/2/2021 6:18 am

After giving it some thought when a friend pointed out that he enjoyed my stories knowing that they were real ( most are taken from my life experience ) That you the reader would enjoy something of the same style, better then something that formed in my imagination. So the tale I planned on spinning this morning was tossed aside I'll keep in the back of my mind, maybe tell it some other time. Instead I'll tell you about Beth.....

I got to know Beth when she instant messaged me on U.S.A. in Line. Parked in the chat room chatting with friends... I was making passes and flirting with the ladies. The usual thing to keep my mind off the fact that the soon to be ex wife had just left me. Knowing as a single guy raising three minions on my own now I wouldn't be able to get out and really meet someone new given my responsibilities as a single Dad.

Beth's first message to me was a simple "Hi" with a sideways smiley face. ( Emojis where still in the typed phase back then) I messaged back hello and went to check out her profile. Clicking on her screen name finding out where she was from, what her real name was ( first name ) and read the vital stats one found on those old profiles. As it turned out we were about the same age, a month or two apart, both divorced ( well she was, I had yet been though that wringer ) both of us had kids around the same age. But I was sort of crest fallen to read that she lived in Florida. Well, being in Pa. the thought crossed my mind that we'd never get together...the distance was just too far.

After our first hello's to each other she sent me a question.. What high school did I graduate from? When I told her, she said Really? I went to the same school, what session were you on.. Green or White? Was her next question. Our High School was a large place. A Tech School where students not only learned the regular stuff you'd learn in High School but also attended classes in various trades. Given the times...lot's of students were going to trade schools rather then normal four year academic schools in hopes of getting out and into the working world early, and with trade school training thinking we'd be up on the competition for jobs. Any who, because of the number of students wanting to learn a trade the school was really two schools in one divided into to sessions. One being the Green session attending classes on Monday through Wednesday, and the White session going on Thursdays to Saturdays. In the middle of the term year the days were switched up so people could have a break and not be in school on a Saturday. So it was actually two schools, both with different staff and students but using the same building. We did in fact attend the same school, but with me on the White session, and her on the Green. So we had never gotten the chance to meet back then, though I found out later that she and the soon to be ex wife were both on the Green session. In fact they had some of the same academic classes together. As it turned out they didn't get along well in school.. not exactly unfriendly towards each other but more of a West Side Story thing. Shops at school were very tight, people in the same shops didn't really mingle with others in different shops.. and of course there were rivalries between shops. Silly I know, but it was high school after all. The ex was a business shop student, and Beth in the Nursing shop program. Funny thing is my home room was the Nursing we were chatting we figured out that the same desk I sat in for home room was the one she was assigned to sit at while doing her theory work for shop class. It is a small world really I suppose.

I heard the "Please check your Email" voice chime. Beth had sent me her photo. Very cute.. picture the country singer Reba, but younger and cuter and you'd get the idea of how pretty she was and is. I instant messaged her back after opening it and told her how good looking she was. ( and she was good looking.. hot really ) I returned a photo and waited.. this is where good looking women suddenly found something else they need to do and signed off ending conversations with me. To my astonishment she wrote back.. calling me a hunk no less. Okay I might be a an okay looking guy but I never thought of myself as a hunk, my ego boosted the chatting between us on line came easier now, and a daily routine thing for the next seven weeks or so. During those chats talking about everything from ex's ,to jobs and of course sex and the lack of it for either of us at the time. We'd exchange fantasies of what we'd like to happen when and if we ever managed to really get together, some of those fantasies would make a blind man blush had he be able to read them...Both of us frustrated on being so far apart from one another. As silly as it sounds I had fallen in love with a woman I'd never met, and I believe she fell in love with me as well.

Well summer was getting near...I was enamored with Beth so much so that I was seriously thinking about having the soon to be ex take the minions for a week (Giving me a break and them much needed time with their Mom who seldom had time for them ) and flying down to Florida to finally meet the woman who made my heart beat again... Before I could broach the subject with the ex though Beth wrote me an email letting me know she was coming back to her home town for a visit. A family reunion was on tap for late June, and she was wondering that since she'd be in town for a few days if I wanted to meet? ( Why she sent the email instead of instant messing me, was because she had been afraid that our growing "love' was perhaps nothing more then "ships passing in the night" sort of thing. ) Well she was online ( I could see her screen name in my friends list box ) and I sent off an instant message to her the minute I got done reading her email. Telling her I was on pins and needles happy as a drunken fool that I finally get to meet her and will be waiting anxiously till she arrived. Her reply? A sideways winking smiley face with over sized font.

We started making plans for when she got home, sure she had family stuff to do, and friends to visit.. after all it been about ten years since she'd left. But as she said " she'd make time to see me as well, even if it meant her missing the big family reunion party.....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4994 posts
10/2/2021 6:21 am

Next Saturday... Beth 2, Our first dance
Till then my friends.... Have a good one!

countryqueen1 72F

10/2/2021 6:32 am

Lol, what a way to leave us in the air!!! First time I'll be hopping for the week to go by fast.

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/3/2021 5:34 am:
Ah my Queen... Isn't the wait part of the fun? Like counting down the day until Christmas when you get to pen all those presents.

Have a good one!

author51 59F  
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10/2/2021 6:54 am

Oh my friend that was a beautiful read and on pins and needles to read more next weekend. She was right though, you are a good looking man. Falling for someone online before meeting is something most of us have done and will again. The heart knows no distance, does it....xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life.....xoxo


Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/3/2021 5:39 am:
Thank you for the compliment my sexy friend. You'll have me blushing over here on my side of the lake if you keep that up. Oddly enough you remind me a lot of "Beth". Must be because your both red heads who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it. That, and your bodies are similar...both of you being small of stature and sexy as all get out.

Have a good one Dear!

author51 59F  
129142 posts
10/2/2021 6:55 am

When I read the title, the lyrics to Beth by Kiss popped into my

You can never have enough JOY in your life.....xoxo


Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/3/2021 5:42 am:
You and me both.. well when I chose the name for her I didn't want to use her real name.. and the song was running through my head for some reason. Actually that's one of the few songs by Kiss that I really enjoyed.

PonyGirl1965 56F
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10/2/2021 10:51 pm

And what happened next?

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/3/2021 5:45 am:
You'll find out next week Pony. No spoilers... Liked your blog post, maybe next time you see one ( or two ) of those t-shirt wearing ladies you could send them my way?? Better yet..model your own t-shirt for me.

Have a good one Pony!

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