Last day of fifty-nine....  

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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11/21/2021 4:29 am

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11/22/2021 3:54 am

Last day of fifty-nine....

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Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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11/21/2021 4:32 am

I didn't think I'd make it this far. I've almost taken the big dirt nap a few times in my life. Once almost being drowned while swimming at a family reunion. Once getting almost choked to death when my neck got stuck in a power window ( A minion in the front seat playing with the up/down button as I was looking out the back window of a sixties station wagon ) Being beaned in the head on more than one occasion, one time a buddy threw a large rock at my head cause I shoved him off the hill in a king of the mountain game we were playing ( ticked off because he lost the game I suppose? ) I was down for the count and lights out for an hour or more. Another time running as not to be caught during a game of tag, tripping on a set of cement steps landing of course on my head.. again, lights out, but not as long that time. Like I said it's a wonder I've made it this far.

When I grew up, the spills became fewer... though stepping off a ladder and missing a step or two has happened while working, new ladder more steps.. hey a honest error on my part.

No doubt turning sixty tomorrow that the Autumn years are surely upon me now. More gray in the once brown hair (both up and down stairs ) Aches and pains from places I didn't even know I had.. wanting to eat dinner at five P.M. Or going to bed by nine. ( in my defense I do get up every day at three A.M. so it makes sense. ) Nodding off while watching the T.V. All sure signs that I'm no spring chicken anymore.

There are perks to getting old as well. Grand Minions for one. Nothing makes my old heart lighter than seeing the them smile and run to give Papa a hug. The oldest asking me questions about how life was when I was growing up. Having a laugh as I have to tell him, no I don't remember the aircraft used in the second world war. Papa's not that old.

Yeah I guess it's been an alright fifty-nine years. A few miss steps and troubles along the way for sure...but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
5180 posts
11/21/2021 4:34 am

Have a good one people...

author51 59F  
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11/21/2021 11:23 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You amazing, sexy 60 year old. You are not getting older, you are getting better my friend. I hope you get to celebrate becoming a member of the Sexy 60's Club with your family Hun.I wish I could give you some Birthday Bumps in our birthday suits too. xoxoxo Have an amazing day Hun..{=}

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/22/2021 2:20 am:
Thank you my friend! I wish I could do some Birthday bumping with you as well. Now that would make it a perfect birthday! I plan on taking it easy today ( No work, Yeah! ) Have a good one my sexy friend!

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