The unicorn 3, What starts in the bathroom gets moved to the bedroom.  

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10/3/2021 8:54 am

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The unicorn 3, What starts in the bathroom gets moved to the bedroom.

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
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10/3/2021 9:23 am

Seeing the wives toasting each other and kissing along with Lisa's invitation to join them I stripped out of my jeans as fast as I could, pulled off my socks ( the shoes were kicked off the minute I got into the room ) and was pulling my t-shirt over my head and off as I rounded the corner to enter the bathroom. Looking over as I entered the bathroom I could see Ted fumbling with the laces on his boots, silly sod...wearing boots...well his loss as I'd be the first to join the ladies and get to choose where to sit...and he have to sit next to the water spout. Turns out the tub had a side mounted spigot, so it wouldn't be too bad? As I stood in front of the tub, the site of Lisa sucking meg's left nipple as she played and tweaked the right one only made my cock harder. You two have room for one more? I asked. With the question Lisa let go of megs nipple reached over a took hold of my member, stroking me a couple of times and using my cock like a pull toy pulled me into the tub. Stepping over the rim, Lisa rose to her knees and stuck out her tongue, starting at the base of my cock licking all the way to my throbbing cock head, once there opened her mouth and sucked me in....her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, her tongue dancing on the underside of it making me moan out loud as she gave me head. I don't know what excited me more... Lisa's talented mouth, or the fact Meg was sitting next to her in the bath being bolder then ever I thought she could be by playing with Lisa's boobs as she watched me getting head from another woman.

I guess I must have closed my eyes getting lost in the hand placed softly on the back of Lisa's head guiding her, urging her further down on my shaft. When I felt her nose brush up against my pubes I opened my eyes, thinking Meg had never been ale to deep throat me, my eyes now open the site before me mirroring what was happening to me wife up against the edge of the Tub Ted's cock in her mouth her nose brushing his pubes, and as she pulled her mouth of his dick to play with it jacking him I saw how she could get his entire meat in her mouth... At most Ted was five inches fully hard. Reaching over I grabbed Ted by the ass and as my wife took him in her mouth once more gave it a little squeeze and a push.. telling Meg to swallow it all for him. While this was going on Lisa continued to suck me...I knew if I let her keep at it that I'd shoot my load cumming in her mouth, but I'd been thinking all week about taking her from behind ( preferably while she was going down on Meg.) So reluctantly I pulled my throbbing cock out of Lisa's mouth and sat down in the tub beside her, I felt something sharp brush my back as I sat down, I didn't know what it was. I could see nothing on the tubs edge that would have done it and quickly forgot about it as I turned my attention to Lisa. The water warm, bubbley and slippery ( I assumed the ladies had put some of those bath beads in when the filled the tub.) I slid over closer to Lisa my hand reaching for and connecting with her breast as I nuzzled her neck kissing softly down her body till my lips reached her nipple. I love sucking on a nice pert nipple, something about it awakening a primal instinct in me. The same is true when I'm eating a woman's pussy I get a little lost in it... Often losing count of how many times I can make a lover cum using just my tongue and lips. Most women end up having to push my face away because the area has become too sensitive to take any more pleasure. I happiest when I know a woman has been satisfied and I come up from in between her legs my face looking like a freshly dipped glazed donut. With my mouth softly sucking on Lisa's nipple, my hand started roaming sliding up her leg under the water my fingers searching out the sweet spot. Running my fingers through her soft curls my thumb finding her swollen clit I rotated it softly as I pushed two fingers in to her honey pot, my ring finger sliding under and brushing her asshole. Lisa had ben nuzzling and kissing my neck and when my finger made contact with her back door she bit, not hard but enough to know I'd touched a nerve that she liked touched....

I'd stopped paying attention to what was happening around me.. call it tunnel vision if you like? Lisa's love bite awoke me to my surroundings. As I looked up I saw Ted had stepped into the tub, and noted he looked like he was buckling at the knees trying for a space to sit down, so I slid further back in the tub as I could. Pulling Lisa up on my one knee telling Meg to make some room for Ted to sit down. Ted managed to squeeze in but although the tub had looked big enough at first glance, squeezing four adults into it was proving to be a tad difficult. We did manage to get the job done though, and like Lisa, Meg had to half sit on Ted's lap... straddling his one knee. Our legs crisscrossing everyone else's in the middle of the tub. I think it was Ted's foot that seemed to be lodged under my ass and I know my left foot was directly under his ball sack, I could feel his eggs touching my toes. ( yeah I made sure that I wiggled my toes... wanting to see if I'd get a positive or negative reaction from him. Though if he noticed or knew it was me he didn't let on ) That's when I noticed the water had risen just a bit too much.. and for some reason felt more slippery then it did when I first got in and sat down. No matter, it made it easier to manage with all four of us now sitting in the tub. Though I did tell Ted to open the drain a bit so we didn't swamp the floor, he did, letting a bit of the water flow out the drain. That's when I noticed it.. the blister package... the rose scented bath oil beads came in. Was floating on top of the water. I picked it up and the water drained out of the pack.. the beads were not in it anymore. I asked the ladies how many beads they'd put into the water when they filled it up... They said they put two in figuring that it was such a big tub that one, like you'd use in a normal sized tub wouldn't be enough. Unknown to me the package had been sitting on the corner of the tub on the rim and that's what had scratched my back when I got in and sat down. The pack had laid in the bottom of the tub until all the beads had dissolved. Now the oil had gotten all over the four of us and made the bath a slick pit. We got out once we figured out what had happened. Taking turns helping each other out of the tub, making sure no one slipped, then using all, and I mean all the towels in the bathroom proceeded to wipe the oil form each others bodies. Laughing at our screw up all the while. It had been a fun idea to play in the tub, but theory and practice didn't quite mesh the way we though it would.

The ladies were first out of the bathroom, Ted followed.. I rinsed the tub down with the hand held shower head. ( though I'm sure the maid cleaning the next day cursed us for using too may bath bead as the tub was still slick after I was done ) Then I joined the others in the bedroom area. Ted was sitting in one of the arm chairs, and he'd already cracked open another beer his five incher pointing at the room ceiling with a big bead of pre cum forming on his piss slit. Seeing me come out of the bathroom Meg asked if I could grab her drink that she'd left on the bathroom counter, seeing her laying on the bed unable to go get it herself as Lisa was between her legs on her knees one hand on Meg's thigh, the other three fingers deep in her pussy. I swiftly went and got the drink.. not wanting to miss anything that would happen between them. Coming back I set Meg's drink down on the nightstand beside the bed. When I did Lisa leaned over and licked the head of my cock.. telling me to have a seat in the other arm chair as the show both Ted and I had always fantasized about was just about to start. I quickly refilled my own drink and by the time I'd finished and walked over to sit down Lisa's head was already in between Meg's thighs licking and sucking on my wife's clit the fingers of her hand looking like a piston driving in and out of my wife's honey hole. I sat down and got comfortable to watch... Noting that Ted's eyes had given my seven and half incher more than a casual look. I took a big gulp of my drink then set it down. Turned the chair just a bit so Ted could get a better view of me as I stroked and watched the ladies.. He looked dividing his glance between them and me.. often lingering more on my stiff prick then it did on the women. Of course I was looking as he stroked his cock...thinking to myself that perhaps after the women were done we could put a nice show on for them as well.

There we were, the two guys jacking off watching our wives doing something we'd never ever thought they'd do.. every now and again catching each other stealing glances as we jacked. The ladies progressing with their show.. keeping us both stiff as boards. ( I guess that's why when a guys cock get's hard they call it a woody) By now Megs legs were up in the air the moaning and sounds of sucking coming from the bed had my cock dripping pre cum like a spigot. Having been the only man and the first who'd ever eaten Megs pussy I could tell she was close to cuming , her moans would get louder and she'd start directing traffic... pushing my head to certain areas so I'd hit the pleasure points she was directing Lisa's the same way she did to mine while I was licking her pussy. As unsure as she was if she'd ever get off with another woman eating her out I think there was no doubt it was about to happen with Lisa at the helm. The site and sounds were too much for me and I wanted in on their play...and got up, going over to the bed I ran my hand down Lisa's back then in between her legs finding her pussy dripping I slipped my fingers in only to withdraw them seconds later to lick my fingers clean of her sweet juices. Getting behind her on the bed I spread her legs apart, and knowing my intent she moved them freely for me. Lined up I pushed forward just a bit and as my cock head just started to enter her hot hole Meg came.. pushing Lisa's head further into her pussy with her hands her legs wrapping around Lisa's head quite like she done to me many times in our life together. Off balance and pulled forward like that my cock slipped from Lisa's pussy a trail of my pre cum and her love juice leaving a string between us.... I was about to move forward and plunge back it to drive my cock to the hilt when Ted spoke up... Lisa, he said...get dressed.. we're leaving.

What? I turned and looked. and Ted had already put his shirt back on and was starting to put his pants on. As he stood to pull them up I could see the glob of cum on his belly being held there by the hair, some dripping down onto his pubes. There I am about to drive my swollen cock in to his wife's dripping pussy, his wife looking up at him Megs' pussy juice on her face, Things just getting started and just at the good point and he says they are leaving? Well fuck! Lisa asks him what's wrong? Meg chimes in as well asking if something that had happened thus far had made him angry for some reason? He never answered Meg. and calmly repeated to Lisa to put her clothes back on that they were leaving. Well Lisa got off the bed and took him over to the alcove to find out what had set him off.

A lot of loud whispering, and some angry words could be over heard. After a sort bit Lisa came back in and said she was sorry but they had to leave. It looked as though she might have been crying a bit. As she got dressed she kept telling us how sorry she was about what was happening, never telling us what the exact problem was really. Meg tried talking to Ted, but although polite her just kept repeating that they had to go and he didn't want to say why.

As I locked the door behind them after they left I couldn't imagine what had gone wrong? Meg and I talked about it a bit.. thinking maybe he'd shot his load and knowing he wasn't able to get it up after wards for another round. Not being able to play along as it were got pissed off at himself and opted to leave instead of facing the fact that he wasn't able to get it up anew? That or seeing my much larger cock about to be plunged into his wife's pussy knowing that he might not be able to measure up after I'd fucked her.. well some guys can't deal with that sort of thing. Who knows.. Meg and I never did find out why they left when they did. I do know we fucked like we were possessed after we finished talking about the whys and what not's.

I called them a couple of times after that, with no answer...once he answered and promptly hung up. After that we gave up trying to get in touch. Funny thing in all this... a few years later after the wife had left a female friend fixed me up on a blind date with one of her recently divorced friends.. I though I'd met the woman someplace before when I met her when I picked her up that night and told her so...but couldn't remember from where? Out on the date at a bar I did the kiss her quick routine, you know kiss her when she doesn't expect it... after that kiss I knew where we'd met before... It was Lisa, that kiss was like a finger print to me. She'd changed her hair color and put on a few pounds. ( nice pounds, as I always thought she could use a bit more padding ) My eyes got wide and a blurted out...Now I know where I know you from... With a shit eating grin on her face she finally remembered.

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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10/3/2021 9:26 am

I hope you all enjoyed... Next Sunday a new tail from the past, or maybe I'll write down the one I put off writing down for yesterdays blog? Check back and see. Till then... Have a good one!

author51 59F  
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10/3/2021 11:21 pm

Wow Hun..Great adventure to look back on.Too bad the hubby got jealous and ruined what could have been a fun night for all....xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


Eviloutlaw1 replies on 10/4/2021 1:38 am:
It was a great night. Although how it ended up wasn't so hot. Oh sure Meg and I were doing it till the wee hours of the morning...but I always wondered how things would have turned out had Ted not freaked out as he did. I always suspected Ted was dealing with issues of his own bisexuality, an seeing his wife freely and avidly going down on Meg then blowing his load as he was looking at me jacking my cock pushed him further out of his closet than he was ready for. I do know for sure that after that night Meg became a lot more open about her own sexuality. Often times discussing things with family and friends that I felt should have been left out of the loop about our play times with others.

I'm glad you liked the tale...Have a good one my sexy friend!

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