First Tittie Viewing  

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10/18/2021 11:51 am
First Tittie Viewing

A background on myself. My parents immigrated here after WWI We were hard working but poor. My father worked nights at a machine shop and during the day he did construction. I expected to help out. I a large . Not that much fat, but tall and strong for my age.

Like all my friends and male cousins, I a horny guy. Always trying to get a pee It did not matter who it , teachers, sister, female cousins, neighbors, strangers. I discovered masturbation just by playing with my erection. There wasn’t the internet to learn about sex and since it was considered a sin, it wasn’t discussed. However, I still jerked off at least once daily. I used a sock for the cum and casually threw it into the laundry basket. I thought I was so clever. Later in life, I realized mom knew but decided not to say anything.
Why do a paper route? While I was expected to work in the garden and help with Dad’s construction business, I didn’t get an allowance. Any I made by the paper route would be mine. Heady stuff for a poor boy.

My route consisted of a bunch of apartment buildings each consisting of three<b> stories </font></b>and 18 units. I didn’t mind delivering the papers. The worst thing I had to get up early.

I did hate collecting every Friday after dinner. It took four times as long as delivering. Almost three hours.

There one highlight at first. One lady started giving me hugs. She a solid eight inches taller and 80 pounds heavier than me. The first time surprised me. She didn’t ask to hug me. It a statement. “I have to hug you.” I embarrassed. I doubly embarrassed when I saw her husband or boyfriend watching all this. He not smiling. I do not know the back story.

She started to hug me every Friday. She sometimes wore a shirt or dress that showed cleavage. That cleavage right at my eye level and she when she hugged me tight, her boobs were right in my face. I looked forward to her hugs. After a few weeks, she stated I a terrible hugger. That hurt. She asked me to shake her hand. She said I had a good handshake. “Who taught you to shake hands?” I answered my dad. “Did anyone teach you how to hug? “No” She explained all I did stand there with my arms limp at my sides and that I am supposed to hug her bac She right. Hugging is better if you use your arms. Yes, I beat my meat to the thought her a lot of nights.

And that is how it went for about a year.

I could not tell you what Miss Rose looked like. When I knocked on her door to collect, she opened it about a half an inch, looked at me, shut the door completely, a minute or two later the door opened only just enough to hand me a dollar and said, “Keep the change.” Then door shut again. It had always been that way since I started delivering. It didn’t bother me even though most folks left the door wide open while I stood there.

One Friday, when it the payment came, the door opened quite a bit more. a that a tittie? ………… with no bra!? Can’t be. But yes, it . I debated this back and forth the rest of the evening. Final conclusion: It must have been her breast.

I about wore out my pecker that night.

My first attempt at writing. I will continue if you find it enjoyable.

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