Sex Stories of All Types: Real and/or Fiction - Real with an Australian  

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10/31/2021 7:57 pm
Sex Stories of All Types: Real and/or Fiction - Real with an Australian

I may post some<b> stories </font></b>continuously on here depending on what response I get from a group like this one.
Here is my first. This is a true story.

I received a one day on FriendFinder-x from a very handsome and built stranger. We talked for a week or so, sent photos of all types to each other, and decided we wanted to meet. The thing is that he lives far away. took him a couple of hours to drive up here to meet me one night at a restaurant, one I knew I didn't know anyone around.

I arrived at the restaurant first. He came in about 45 minutes later due to traffic/confusion. But he was gorgeous, and I immediately picked up on his beautiful Australian accent. Certain words he would say would completely turn me on. I also had a beer and some other sips, so I was feeling pretty good. He also had one or two, I can't remember.

When we were done at the restaurant, we decided to go somewhere else - a flower garden. We locked hands as we walked around the garden that looked onto a lake. As we stood at one landing, he held me close, and we started kissing. Our tongues played, which turned me on even more! We even looked for places to hide, and if someone walked by, we just straightened ourselves.

After the the flower garden, we both wanted each other. However, I'm still fairly new to the area and didn't know where we could take advantage of each other. He eventually parked his truck in a parking lot of a park. 😂

We talked about what we could do, but were people in the park. Instead, we jumped in the backseat where the most action happened. We kissed more, but I wasn't going home without at least some action. I slid my jeans off, leaned back kiss him more, and his hand went between my legs. And then, he said with his awesome Astralian accent, "Pull your panties the side." I did what he wanted, and his finger was inside me. Just one finger inside. He tried put a second finger in, but I may been too tight since the timr anything had been inside my vagina was 8 months before. But his other finger my asshole every time his finger was thrust inside me. felt amazing, and very soon, I was cumming. He kept fingerfucking me, and I came again. I grabbed his head and kissed him deeply as he rapidly fingered me, and I came again! I was soaking wet and shaking. I even think he slightly chuckled at my shaking, not at me, but in a way that he felt good about helping me cum multiple times.

I wanted slide his pants off and return the favor, but when I looked at the time, was time for me go, unfortunately.

I felt like we could been fuckbuddies on and off. We still may be, but I haven't heard from him in a while. ...ahem... If you are reading this, you know you are, I still haven't given up. I will never forget you, especially not your accent. Thank you for an awesome experience!

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