Emergency phone call  

FREEatLAST19702 58F  
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11/20/2021 1:42 pm
Emergency phone call

While I was taking a shower, I suddenly became extremely horny!! My powerful waterproof vibe wasn't going to satisfy this horniness. But, I knew my live-in exBF/best friend, Dennis, could. He's got skills! Unfortunately, he was upstairs wearing his earbuds and wouldn't hear me. My pussy was throbbing like crazy. I didn't just want him; I NEEDED him. Then I remembered that  my  phone was in the bathroom. Things were looking up. I frantically called Dennis and asked him to come down ASAP! He rushed down and asked if I was ok. Standing naked in the shower, I saw him eyeing my hard nipples as his cock quickly became rock hard. He had that look that makes me quiver. I exclaimed that I NEEDED him to FUCK me.... NOW...RIGHT NOW! We both laughed, as we rushed to the nearest bed. He threw me down on my back and turned me over and commanded that I get my ass up high NOW.  I wriggled my ass up high enough for his 7.5 inch thick cock to penetrate my throbbing wet pussy. He knew to bypass foreplay and just give it to me hardcore. He tells me not to move and slowly goes in balls deep and rests his cock while my vagina is clenching away. As he slowly pulls back, I feel the veins in his cock growing. As he slides in and out at a slow pace and after making micro-movements with my body he's spanking my ass hard. The heat from the spankings heighten my ecstasy as he easily hits the g-spot and then cervix. Now, he's thrusting and spanking...harder with each thrust. I GUSH as we both explode. We lay there with his cock still in me. Aaah....It was just what I needed.

But, after 5 minutes, he told me to clean his cock and get it hard; he wanted my ass. He then pulled me towards him leaving half my ass on the edge of the bed. I looked up to see him standing....wow, I loved looking up at his strong chest, shoulders, and arms. His grin with dimples and chisled jaw just melts me. He lubed my ass with our cum and what I longed for..... started with a slow stroke balls deep that steadily built to pounding. I felt the heat forming in my pubic mound. That's when I screamed harder and faster NOW. He listened and pounded taking just 2 hard strokes till I gushed like a geiser. A couple of slow strokes till I felt the heat again. Repeat....After squirting 3 times, we were spent. He practically collapsed on top of me.  WHEW! Good thing my phone is always within reach!

Red hot vixen

profcoquin27bis 57M
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11/21/2021 6:21 am

really hot

FREEatLAST19702 replies on 11/29/2021 10:43 pm:
Thanks so much!

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11/22/2021 2:27 pm

Damn. Now I’m gonna need a shower!

FREEatLAST19702 replies on 11/29/2021 10:44 pm:
Wait for me!

mistahpaleez 43M  
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11/28/2021 8:18 pm

You are so sexy, fun and deliciously naughty!!! Love it!

FREEatLAST19702 replies on 11/29/2021 10:49 pm:
Mmmm...thanks! {=}

passion8guy44 44M

12/4/2021 3:19 pm

great story!

Alwayzhorny7676 47M
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12/23/2021 11:29 am

When can I experience that scenario??

Gladiator202122 74M
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12/30/2021 8:15 am

We shared a beautiful New Years Eve and hopefully we will again. You are fabulously talented! I still owe you BIGTIME!

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