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Yes Daddy
Posted:Oct 27, 2021 5:20 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 6:34 pm
For years and years I've sworn up and down I was vanilla. I don't like all that extra stuff I just like sex. To me being kinky meant tying up and pain and all sorts of accoutrements which just really isn't my thing...

... buuuuuuut it's not just all that and I am most definitely far from vanilla as I have discovered lol. Oh boy am I not vanilla. I think at this stage I'm some kinda peppermint choc chip. So needless to say I have some stories to come!

I also protested for years that I wasn't a sub. Until I met Daddy. I still think I'm not really a sub at heart. I barely take suggestions let alone orders, and anyone telling me what to do in my busy work life? Well, this boss bitch just raises an eyebrow...

But Daddy doesn't treat me like that. It's always just a suggestion, or a request, and I can always say no but since we're both clearly kinky depraved pervs the answer is almost inevitably "Yes Daddy".

Which brings me into our latest foray into the depths of depravity. Daddy loves that I love older men (the older the better). He loves that I love being filled with cum too. Daddy asked if I liked the idea of being filled with so many cocks, one at a time, that I'm overflowing with cum and I absolutely love it. It was actually my request that they all be older men, and he put the age at 70+.

To think about being in a room full of men 30+ years older than me, for whom I might be their ultimate fantasy is such a turn on. The idea of feeling each and every one of them fill me with their seed to overflowing and feeling that running down between my legs is absolute heaven.

So.... are you game?
Ummmm Doctor??
Posted:Jun 24, 2021 5:34 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 2:34 am

*** Just a little warning up front you're probably going to be disappointed at the outcome of this one. That's because it's not a fantasy at all but something that really happened this morning!! ***

So goodness... it was an interesting and rather awkward morning!

I had the dreaded cervical screening to go to. Now I know I know I've seen the porn too... it's not hot it's awkward, uncomfortable and usually for me, downright painful.

But today?
Painful? No... ah... almost the opposite
Uncomfortable? Ummmm not really...
Awkward? Oh yes. Most definitely yes.

I've been successufully avoiding this fun little part of being an 18+ female for the best part of the last 7 years. Unfortunately, another issue brought to light the fact that I hadn't had one (d'oh!) and so my doctor - ever the caring, vigilant and very thorough - had his reception hound me until I had it booked in.

They caught me off guard actually. I had indended on booking my appointment online with the nurse (whom I have met before and was ok with - I mean she's super cute!) but the receptionist called while I was on another call, but expecting a different call so I figured I should phone the number back straight away. When the voice at the other end blurted out very quickly I've been told I have to book you for your cervical screening as soon as possible, my mind was on when I could squeeze that in around the mania of work and not who would be doing it. I assumed they meant with the nurse but when I asked for a time the following week they simply asked who my doctor was, offered me the first appointment on Monday and it was all over before I could even think to ask for anything different.

So was the situation when my alarm blared this morning signalling the impending doom of a different type of action to what I'd like to be getting. I am not a morning person.... at all... like not even a little bit... so I was not only cursing my lack of time to call back and reorganise with the nurse, but to book a time that wasn't so bloody early!!! I checked the online portal - you know, just in case I could just cancel and oh, I don't know, go back to sleep - to no avail so there was nothing left but to drag my shapely naked butt from bed, and attempt to feel like some level of human being (as well as, of course, make sure to wash well!).

What's that you say? Shave? Oh no.... no dear darling reader that's not neccessary when there's wax in the world. I was smooth and soft just how I love it.

I begrudgingly make my way through the traffic (soooo much traffic!) so reach my doctor's clinic just in time for my appointment. The doctor greeted me with enthusiasm, as always and we went into his room for the appointment. Before anything else, he wanted to check up on the last thing we were discussing and make sure that was all completely dealt with, as well as get all the surgical details (did I mention thorough?). Once he was happy that issue was completely sorted, we moved on to the screening.

He got the bed set up, a sterile cover to go over me, all the various bits and pieces he needed and then stepped aside for me to undress. Now.. I'm used to my waxing and having my wonderful beautician, with whom I'm entirely comfortable, step out of the room and knock to check that I'm comfortable and ready before she opens the door again. No such courtesys at the doctor! I don't even think he thought about closing the little curtain until I was stood there quite awkwardly waiting and kind of thinking... do I just do this right in front of you? I mean I know I know he's about to be completely face-first in my pussy but the longer the illusion of privacy the better! Thankfully he did pull closed the curtain and step to the other side of it.

I removed my pink lace panties, folded them neatly, and tucked them under my cardigan that I had (stroke of genius) taken off previously and laid over my handbag. Being the shortarse that I am, I very clumsily and unceremoniously climbed onto the bed and put the little cover over me. I could hear him getting things prepared which seemed to take a while but that could have just been every minute being the longest minute ever while I faced the impending situation.

It's at this point I'm sure you're sick of my whining about this being so horrible. Women get it all the time right? What I seem to have to remind doctors of whenever I have a screening, is that I'm just over 40, have never had , have done my keegel exercises every day of my life since very young and have actually had relatively few sexual partners (though if any of my fantasies on here are realised I might need to review that last part). In short, I'm tight. Like really tight. I also happen to quite fancy my doctor, which made it all the more awkward since I didn't really want to be thinking about that while he was "in there".


I expected the doctor to just go ahead and insert the speculum and do his thing. He didn't. Instead at first he ran his fingers along my pussy, feeling the labia and even commented something about them (I didn't catch the adjective he used) and then slowly parted them and took a good look, and a good feel to find the hole. He drew his fingers down to my opening and then stopped to get the speculum. I (thankfully) heard him lubing it up and he inserted it.

Then was the part where I always catch my breath as I feel myself spread open. It feels like it's for all the world to see, even if it's just a health professional. It wasn't long before I heard him say that he was going to need a larger speculum. I was a little taken aback by that. I didn't even know there were sizes!! Before the second one went in, he felt my labia again, this time not stopping at my opening but actually inserting a finger. I was so glad he never touched my clit because I think I would have had a much more difficult time keeping things under control.

He finally inserted the second speculum and, again, opened me wide. It didn't hurt though. He was so much more gentle than any of the female doctors I've had doing the procedure. He took the samples he needed but explained that he was having trouble finding the cervix. Ever the thorough doctor, he wasn't happy with just leaving it at that. He removed the speculum but wanted to reposition me to get a better angle. After a bit of faffing around thanks to a very stiff and unhelpful bed, he gave up on that and decided he would try to find it himself. This is when he told me he was going to use fingers agian. Now, I know I am small and maybe this was just me overestimating, but I am quite sure he put two fingers inside me and definitely took his time feeling around. Again, I'm just thankful he avoided my g-spot because that could have been a whole different outcome!

Once he'd worked out his angle, he went for the speculum again. By this time I was definitely not relaxed, and so unlikely to let go of those muscles inside me that I kind of felt sorry for him trying to get the job done. I was trying to like as still as possible and breathe and relax as much as I could... .. when I realised what was going on. He was moving the speculum in and out of me slowly..
is he... ?
is that... ?
is he really...?
OMG he's fucking me with it!!! lol

I doubt he even thought about the fact that that's what he was doing!!! Moving it in and out of me slowly, at slightly different angles each time, with the device opened (though I don't think very far) I was definitely being fucked. Well my goodness how do you stop thinking about that once you realise???!!! I must have changed my breathing, or he noticed that I started to get that hot flush that only comes to a pussy when it's starting to feel just right but I was really getting to the point of not keeping my cool for too much longer. I could feel myself start to get wetter.

And this is where the opening disclaimer comes in because, being ever the professional he stopped. I do suspect he noticed a change or maybe realised what he was actually doing but he gave up on his pursuit for my cervix lol.

So as it stands, we have my sample and all is well. But depending on the results of the test, I may have to go back and get it done all over again with the nurse. Did I mention she's REALLY cute?! I first met her when I had my first Covid jab and my goodness if I didn't blush I'd be surprised. I had to go home and masturbate that day so... that could be a whole other story!!!

♥ ♥ ♥
Well this is boring...
Posted:Jun 8, 2021 6:26 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2021 7:41 am
... or is it?
Maybe it could be some wicked fun!!!

It's like having someone blindfolded and not being able to touch me. I could have some terrible, terrible fun with that.

What might I post to tease and tantalise without anyone being able to comment!!

Hmmmmmm..... the mind boggles. In the meantime I shall sign off with this flourish....

Help Please!
Posted:Jun 7, 2021 5:36 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2021 7:25 am

So for the last couple of days - maybe a week I have tried a few comments on group posts to have a message about incorrect captcha come up.

I've just gone to reply to comments here, or even comment on my own post and I get the same error.

Am I missing something? Please help oh nerd gods. It's not the same if I can't interract with the lovely people here! ♥
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Fantasy #10
Posted:May 21, 2021 2:01 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2021 7:47 am
The Golden Ticket

This one is similar to a previous one in that it involves camming but it's a bit more... everything...

So, I'm broadcasting on cam. All anyone can see is my breasts, and I suppose my hands as I play with them. They hear me every time I orgasm from playing with them, which is often. I also have one of those buzzy toys inside me and they can hear me cum and watch me jiggle when that goes off too.

After a little it's clear my work has payed off as I start to squeeze my breasts and show my milk flow. It's not massive - I can't squirt across the room - but nonetheless it's amazing. Every time I orgasm, more leaks out, so the buzzing is going crazy - and so am I.

The other reason the buzzing is going crazy is that for every buzz the viewer gets a ticket in the draw. The winner to be posted here on the blog....

The next time I'm on cam, I'm in a corset. It's black and has boning in the cups, but with a gap... oh hell let me just show you

My nipples clearly show through it. The camera also has a wider angle this time. You can see a from my chin down to my waist as I sit at the desk, and more of the room than usual (but why is the desk behind now cleared?). Then you see someone walk into shot and stand behind me. His hands reach down and start playing with my breasts. They caress my nipples and roll them gently, quickly having the desired effect with my first orgasm. They don't stop there though, they start milking my breasts, getting everything wet, me cumming on cam over and over.

and then they stop.

The viewers see me stand. Something they have not seen before. I'm wearing black lace nickers to match the corset. I turn around and lay over the desk behind

the viewers see the mysery person's hands on my butt, roaming over everything, exploring every crevice and slowly making their way inside me. They also hear everything as I orgasm again and again. Finally the mystery person steps into view behind me. He is wearing a t-shirt but no pants and his erection is clear at first as he's side-on to the camera. As he turns, back to camera the viewers can see on the bottom of the t-shirt are the words "Cam Lottery Winner". Clearly, I am the prize.

He positions me on a diagonal and I prop my leg on a stool for better viewing, I pull my butt cheeks open so the viewers can see everything. They see as he slowly slides in and starts taking his prize for all it's worth. All the while they can hear me moaning until I suddenly gasp and hold my breath. The viewers see him pump me harder than ever and I nearly scream as he fills me with his seed.

The final view is one of his hands spreading my cheeks so that everyone can see his creampie. What a win.
Fantasy #9
Posted:May 12, 2021 3:13 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2021 12:42 am

The public thing...

This is one I've imagined many times over.

i'm at a function with someone. Maybe it's a work event, maybe a club, maybe I don't even know what it is and it really doesn't matter.

I'm wearing a lovely feminine dress (I tend to be quite ladylike in my dress style) with flowing skirt that rests mid-thigh and sweetheart wrap neckline which rests demurely around the curves of my breasts.

Everything is lovely and polite. We have a few wines, and make small talk with a lot of people, none of whom I know.

Eventually, we get to talking to the "leader" of this group, whomever that may be. He is charming, and very complimentary, admiring my dress and looking me up and down. It makes me feel a little uneasy, but I figure I'm with someone who will keep me safe. Naïve of me isn't it?

This "leader" becomes more and more flirtatious, slowly making efforts to touch me as we speak, eventually putting his hand on the small of my back and slipping it down to my ass occasionally as we converse. All the while I'm trying to signal this person I'm with that this is happening, so they can find an excuse to get us away. Not only does this not work, it's clear I'm expected to go with it. This is somehow what they wanted.

With no resistance, the leader becomes more brazen, his hand slipping down beyond my ass, to my thigh and under my skirt. Once there, he does not remove it. He starts to play with my butt. Squeezing it and running his hands over my skin, grabbing my hip under my skirt and pulling me to him to whisper in my ear. He asks if I'm ready for the fun part. Ever so polite, I look quizzically and smile thinking I must have misheard but not wanting to be rude.

He slides his hand up over my ass cheeks and up to my waist, grabbing my skirt as he does it so that now my lace nickers are visible to all behind me. It's at this moment I realise everyone is still chatting, but they have all congregated close by. I try to pull my skirt down, but he holds it there, making sure everyone can see. He holds my skirt with one hand, while still playing with and stroking my ass, now making moves between my legs.

The people around press in more closely, with a woman beside me now holding my skirt up so he can play with my neckline while his hand slips into my nickers and starts to caress my flesh. At the point I realise the person I came with is gone, he pulls my top open and squeezes my breast as his fingers find their way inside me. As his fingers enter me I feel faint, grabbing the woman beside me for stability who moves in front of me to hold me as I'm bent over, breasts now bared in front of all these people.

It seems I'm about to become the entertainment, and I'm not sure I mind (could I do anything if I did?). It all happens quickly now. My nickers and pulled down and off and thrown into what has become the audience. I am exposed to everyone, and they can all see how wet I am. More hands on me now, with the woman in front holding me steady, others touching my breasts, some my stomach, and others my pussy and clit. I feel him stand behind me and rub his hard cock along my slit, finding his intended target. He pushes into me and I moan, holding on to the woman in front while he fucks me hard with a room full of people watching. He pounds me hard and fast, making me cum a few times over and then he pulls out. I think I'm done, only to be led to a table, completely stripped and laid on my back. People are holding my legs wide open while everyone watches. Some people are fucking around us, others touching me, still others masturbating over me.

He enters me again, with people cheering each time I clench against his cock and cum, and then I feel it. He's starting to swell. I feel that ever-familiar building as he pumps me harder and faster. I have a moment of panic. I'm not on birth control. Before I can even finish the thought, he's pumping me full of cum and I can't help but orgasm from the feeling of being filled. Once he is satisfied that his cum has hit the spot, he backs away, a woman taking to her knees to clean him with her mouth. I go to push myself up and am stopped by the woman that held me earlier. She smiles sweetly like one would to a slow , as she pushes me back down and explains that it's everyone else's turn...
Fantasy #8
Posted:May 9, 2021 12:09 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2021 5:52 am

This one is a little selfish but hey what are fantasies for!

I've always wanted get one of those massages that start out like a normal full body massage but slowly become more and more erotic.

Not where it just turns straight out sex. A massage that stays as just that! Eventually making cum from sorts of spots which can do that my body, and perhaps ending with fingers inside but always within the realm of massage

Fantasy #7
Posted:May 4, 2021 3:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 2:34 am

I did it!! I bit the bullet and did something I've wanted to do for over a decade. I bought a breast pump.

I got home from work and couldn't wait to try it. I stripped off my uniform, got myself comfortable on my bed and set it all up and gave it a go. Ohhhhhhhhhh it was so so SO good! The feeling was incredible. So much so that I orgasmed a couple of times, just with the pumps on (I got a double sided one) and while I pumped I fantasised about a gorgeous curvy woman sucking on my clit in sync with the pumps, then being "pumped" hard and deep by a nice hard cock.

My breasts feel incredible. I can't stop touching them. I can't wait to do it again!!! What a great way to relax in the evenings. I might even wake up earlier to do it in the morning.

♥ ♥ ♥
Fantasy #6
Posted:May 2, 2021 5:20 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 8:36 am

I love being filled with cum.

Maybe it's because I've always done my keegels, never had and so I'm very very tight - in fact it can be a little painful if I haven't done anything in a while... but my point is that I can feel everything inside me. I can feel that moment when his cock starts to really swell. I can feel it stretching me. I can feel the blood pumping harder. I can feel the cum as it flows through him and then I can feel as it floods me with it. The whole sequence is, quite possibly, the best feeling in the world to me!

I actually love it when he cums quickly (actually it's quite rare that doesn't happen lol) and then keeps playing with my breasts and making me orgasm until he's hard again.

Anyway... I digress...
I fantasise a lot about a room full of men, their hands all over me and my hands on bodies wherever I put them. Being stripped by a group so quickly I barely realise before hands and lips and tongues are all over me. I'm so sensitive I'd orgasm before I could fathom that this was really happening. I'd be ready in minutes... seconds maybe? All of a sudden I'd feel someone in me. My mouth too busy sucking to see who. I'd feel him swell and fill me with cum and before i knew it I'd feel it again over and over. Filling me up as deep as it could go. I wonder how long I could keep taking it in and just how many orgasms I could handle ♥ ♥ ♥
Fantasy #5
Posted:Apr 28, 2021 6:57 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2021 7:42 am

I've always been curious about cams. I'd love to have one of those toys you can buzz. i'm so orgasmic I wonder how much it would affect me. I can just imagine being there, boobs on show under some of my nice lingerie just jigglng away as I chat and cum. I don't know that I could show any more than that. I can't show my face and my room is really not set up to show my pussy (I'm a big girl and these things require logistics lol!) actually maybe that would be more of a comedy show. It's still kinda hot thinking of guys chatting to me and randomly making me cum.
Fantasy #4
Posted:Apr 27, 2021 5:55 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 3:24 am

So.... I am kind of orally fixated. I think Dr Freud could have written a few chapters on how I just have to have something in my mouth (no wonder I'm a big gal!!! Need more cock and less calories hehe)

I have a fantasy of being in a hotel room on my knees, breasts bared, hands tied behind my back and blindfolded. A line of ten men awaits me. One by one I take them in my mouth, lovingly sucking them using my soft lips as contrast to my strong sucking, slowly feeling them harden and grow then feeling them swell and the rush as their cum fills my mouth for me to taste. When I'm done with all ten I have to choose my favourite.

Of course... I'm very forgetful
Fantasy #3
Posted:Apr 26, 2021 2:10 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 3:24 am

*deep breath*
This is the big one. It won't appeal to many... maybe not any but it's out there now!!

I love milky breasts and I have a real thing for lactation. - There I said it!

I have never lactated but oh how I would love to. I'd love for someone to help me with that. I'd also be excited to help someone else to lactate or keep their milk up.

I have a related, and very specific fantasy of being with a much older woman, playing with, sucking, teasing her breasts as I lay across her lap with my eyes closed, not realising her husband/partner is watching. As I tease her she starts to use her older and skilful hands on me. She moves down to play with my pussy and clit and get me all warmed up and wet. She slowly stretches me in anticipation (I'm very tight "down there" and need to be prepared). I keep sucking, licking and loving on her breasts while I start to play with her too. With eyes still closed I feel as someone moves between my legs.... let's not turn this into a full sex story but needless to say she watches as hubby fills me with cum as I moan into her chest.

I have had this fantasy since I was a .
Fantasy #2
Posted:Apr 26, 2021 1:55 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2021 5:50 am

Fantasy #1 is on my profile, and really isn't a fantasy actually so I won't put it here... so here's the first actual fantasy.

★ I love older men. The older the better! I would love to have a naughty weekend with a man much older who wants to fill me with cum over and over. I'd love to go out with him and meet his friends and have them all talking and fantasising. Better yet if he shares me with them!

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