Booster Time  

FatAndSassier68 53F  
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10/29/2021 5:28 pm
Booster Time

It's raining and chilly in WNY tonight, and I'm already in bed, at 8:23pm. Today I got my Covid vaccine booster injection. it's been about 5 and a half hours, and so far, my arm is a little sore, and im tired. (I was tired before I got the shot though, as I've been awake since 3fuckingam for some ungodly reason.)

Wish me luck! Will update any symptoms and side effects. For now, I'm settling in under the covers. I got caught in a down pour today and haven't been able to get warm again!

Anybody have a fireplace I could borrow? And a big, comfy couch? And maybe a puppy?

OldTeacher5 65M  
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10/29/2021 6:16 pm

I hope you're feeling ok. I wish I was there to help you.


Paulxx001 64M  
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10/29/2021 9:09 pm

I wish I could offer something more substantial than a few warm words. That fireplace sounds inviting, and the puppy, well, who doesn't like puppies? Now, if I could figure out a way to lug the couch over on the roof of my car...
Good luck, you'll be fine! 👍 😎❗❗

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hardguy0051 70M
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10/29/2021 9:31 pm

No fireplace, but a glass-fronted woodstove and a fat cat... and a heated waterbed guaranteed to warm your toes.

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8154 posts
10/29/2021 9:33 pm

I got gas logs, a dog and a thick quilt!!!! And some good bourbon!!!!

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5010 posts
10/30/2021 12:23 am

You must have been one of the early ones to get the shots? I won't need a booster myself till sometime mid January. Hope you weather the shot well, and stay out of the weather as well. Have a good one!

FatAndSassier68 53F  
78 posts
10/30/2021 3:46 am

AM Update - Woke up to pee at 4:45 and haven't been able to get back to sleep. The arm is pretty sore and feels heavy, and my joints hurt, but I dont know how much of that is the vaccine and how much is the cool, wet weather.

So far, so good.

Thank you all for the kind words. I'm hanging in there.

Owatalife 65M
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10/30/2021 8:15 am

All out of puppies over this way, fireplace no longer working but do have a functional couch, so one out of three is a miss but oh so close. Um you're probably a bit under the weather due to outside temps & damp getting you a bit down, wouldn't think a booster shot would cause you much bother if you've already been vaccinated. Hope you're feeling better.

FatAndSassier68 replies on 10/30/2021 8:37 am:
My arm feels like it weighs 200 lbs. I have a mild headache, some aching joints and I'm tired. Not sure how much is weather and how much is vaccine.

Chub4bwc 35M

10/30/2021 8:34 am

Kudos to you for getting the booster! I'm getting mine on Monday

SCMale4U1000 61M
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10/30/2021 9:02 am

I've got the couch and a 75lb lab, but I have to warn you she still thinks she's a lap dog. Hope you're feeling better.

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xxx14760man 46M
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11/1/2021 11:24 am

Got my first show a few weeks ago. Not anti Vax or for it. but if i want to keep my job, had to get it. anyways.. I was sick the day after my first shot, hurt to move my arm, walk, slight fever, chills, etc. 2nd day I was fine... so thats a plus.

FatAndSassier68 53F  
78 posts
11/1/2021 5:03 pm

Went back to work today. I have a red spot where I got the injection, which the nurse at work said was normal. Still a tad ouchie if I bump it, but otherwise, none the worse for wear.

staci_19702 51T  
3413 posts
11/9/2021 11:44 am

You poor thing!
I feel for ya.
Hope you find a fireplace and all of the accessories!!

Have a great day! 💋

69ereatwetpussy 59M
6502 posts
11/27/2021 7:29 pm

I have three pups, had a fire box in old home no room for in the new home. best I have to offer is body heat under a blanket. good body massage and glass of wine or bottle of whiskey to warm your insides.

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