New Norming ? Still going on.#3  

Freshfresh18 58F  
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11/15/2020 10:19 am
New Norming ? Still going on.#3

Oh my Goodness i had at least a half a page typed and it went away. Pooofffffff!!!!!!!!

So again here wa all are the Majority of this Country going back to lock down as i typed this. Our Country is going just as Viral as the Pandemic, sit down somewhere and Let things be , heck every day is a Race to mae it another day, We loose love ones, nieghbors, Co-workers, even the<b> pets.

</font></b>Next Hopefully we will not have to keep repeating the same old same old pattern for another 8 to Ten Months u know, Hi I like dating the right ones at times and wish continue doing so, But at same time i dont want this Covid and anything of the following situations going on , So i can and
will control just what i can and leave the rest alone.
Last and foremost Stay Safe and Keep ur Heads Up Stay 6 ft in Public and if u get too close to me in Line im gonna move a Rack in between Us.
Something so u get the Hnt Hint. Peace and love for all!!

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