Sexy fun  

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11/2/2021 8:47 pm
Sexy fun

We plan for a good afternoon of fun so I come over. I pull in the parking spot near your condo and walk up the door and ring the buzzer. You buzz me in and stand in your doorway with a nice big smile on your face. I follow you into your living room and I walk over behind you and I reach up to your shoulders, I begin to rub and your tense muscles in your shoulders and you stand enjoying my attention. I lean forward and kiss you on the neck, gently but lingering for a moment, you can feel my breath on the back of your neck. I move my hands down your back and then I drop my knees. I spin you around and push you down on the couch then I push your legs apart and stare at the crotch of your . I can't resist so I lower my head and bury my face between your legs. I can smell the scent of your already moist pussy through the fabric. You laugh and ask what I am doing and I reply that if I am bothering you I will stop. You reply to me that isn't a problem at all and I lower my head again and begin kiss and rub my face against your crotch. Every time I rub across the fabric of your sweats sends chills all over your body. Now I reach up and pull your sweats down and off then I just stare at your panty covered pussy almost mesmerized. I bury my face in your panties now causing your juices begin flow. I can feel the moisture beginning make a wet spot on your panties. I extend my tongue and lick across the wet spot, slightly tasting your juices.

You are becoming more and more excited with every passing second. I stand up and pull my pants off and my shirt. You can see the bulge in my<b> underwear </font></b>and the
pre-cum wet spot that has formed. You sit up and pull my<b> underwear </font></b>down quickly, freeing my stiff pole right in front of your face. You immediately take me in your
mouth and begin slide in as far as you can take . Then you back out and start rhythmically bobbing your head up and down on my cock. The wonderful feeling of me inside your mouth almost has me in a trance. I am almost the point of cumming and filling your mouth with my juices but I stop and back away from you, pulling out of your mouth before my orgasm hits me. I bend down and kiss your lips then my tongue enters your mouth. as we kiss I reach down with my left hand and pull your wet panties aside. With my right hand I take my stiff prick and place it at the entrance to your warm love tunnel. OMG! I move forward slightly and ease the of my dick into you. Slowly I pump in and out until I am completely inside of you. Your tight pussy feels like heaven as I pump in and out of you. now I ask you a very sexy question. "Will you let me cum in your mouth?" You into my eyes and say yes as I begin to pump in and out of you harder and faster. "I am going to cum in your mouth Babe" I whisper you as I slowly your wet pussy. The feeling is beginning cause your excitement build and within a few seconds your body is overtaken by a wave of warmth and an intense sensation in your very juicy pussy.

I can feel my orgasm building now. I pump your pussy harder and faster as the tingling sensation reaches it's peak. I immediately pull out of you and stand up offering my prick you. You take me in your hand and slip me into your mouth. is almost instantaneous as I shoot my first load into your mouth. You moan softly as I fill your mouth with cum. You swallow every drop eagerly as I become very sensitive. I pull out of your mouth and pull you up me. We lock in a passionate kiss as my heartbeat goes back normal. We sit on the couch holding hands and recovering from our fun.

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