The beach  

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11/23/2021 5:42 am
The beach

Summer has arrived. It was a beautiful day and the woman that conquered my heart asked me to go to the beach together. I had a flex job at the time, so I agreed happily.
She picked me up in her small Fiat Panda and we were on the way. She was wearing shorts and a white T-shirt that fit nicely over her C-cup breasts. On the highway I placed my hand on her leg and slowly caressed her. Her hand reached over and came to rest on my crotch. Which started to bulge due to her touch. We had to stop this, because she lost the concentration on her driving and we tried to be patient.

At the beach we found a quiet place in the dunes where no one could see us. She placed a large blanket onto the sand and took off her shorts and T-shirt to reveal a wonderful bikini. I got my clothes off and we laid down on the blanket and started with a long and passionate kiss. Our hands were all over each-other and I felt her hand going into my shorts and grabbing my dick. It was rock solid and she could barely fit her hand around it. She opened my trousers and closed her mouth around my Johnny. First slow and ever faster she moved her head up and down. I had to stop her. I was 23 and could cum in seconds. I pushed her on her back to the blanket and took over off. I went with my tongue to her nipples and slowly licked around them. Then I gently nibbled them and licked them. Her hands went through my hair and pushed my head gently down. I knew what she wanted and boy was I ready to give it. Already at that age I loved a girls pussy. I love to play with the lips and spread them slowly to expose the inner parts. Then with my tongue I started at the bottom and worked my way up. she was trusting her hips upwards. Then I placed 2 fingers in her soaking cunt and placed my tongue on her clit. She moaned and came with a scream. I quickly looked up, but no one around.

I could not wait any longer I asked her to turn around and placed my dick at the same level as her cunt. I was about to enter when she apparently thought it was taking too long and she threw her hips back and her pussy folded around my dick until the end of his shaft. She was sooo wet. In rhythm we moved back and forward and it was good that the waves of the ocean muffled her moans.

Again I came way to quick, but this time I continued to fuck her. My dick became a bit sifter, but before she could notice it we were fucking like before. Since I already shot my<b> load </font></b>into her pussy I could continue without any problem. When I moved my dick backwards I could see the her cum on my shaft and she was begging me not to stop.

We enjoyed each other for maybe another 30-45 minutes until it was time to go home. She had to pick up her youngest from school and cook diner for her hubby.....

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