My Vacation  

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11/5/2021 3:51 pm
My Vacation

This week I took off from work. I needed some time off. And my Boo needed some time off too.

I'm luck. I am spoiled. Boo got us an AirBnB on a lake two hours out of the city. Three nights of nothing to do but , sleep and play in the hot tub.

I got a new bathing suit a previous trip that got canceled. It's a black one-piece with a v neck that goes down my mid<b> stomach. </font></b>My boobs slip out of it without boob tape and that is what I like about it. Who wants boob tape on in a hot tub.

Unfortunately the hot tub was on the back deck with no privacy. Fucking in the hot tub might be fun. I've had two guys in a hot tub before for a game of I touch yours and you can touch mine but we didn't end up fucking cause of whiskey dick.

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