About my bodybuilding experience  

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8/18/2021 3:19 pm
About my bodybuilding experience

Howard. Since 1975, i started in Bodybuilding, Power lifting and Weightlifting! In 1976, i started
in Martial Arts and later in Martial Arts Aerobics and have been<b> training </font></b>ever since! In 1997, i
entered a Bodybuilding contest for, Bill Phillips, in Muscle Media 2000! The first prize was a
$225,000 Lamborghini and a $50,000 contract with, Muscle Media 2000! We had only 12 weeks to complete
the contest, we had to, take a picture, of ourself with a newspaper, showing the date and were Not,
allowed to take steroids, and we had to under go testing, if we made it the top 10!..On the application
form it asked, which, or all the 3, building power, strengh or losing body fat, we would be going for!
like a DUMB SHIT, i put all 3, down and because of that, i finished in the 92 Percent bracket out of
54,000 people in the United States, that entered the contest! When i started the contest i was 165 lbs.
at 20 percent body fat, bench pressing 335 lbs, and finish up the contest, 90 days later at 152 lbs.
a 5.4 percent body fat, with a 320 lbs, bench press! Although, i looked just as good as the finalists,
i didn't, make it because of what i put in the application, and i was working a supper, high speed,
job, to this day, i'm still wondering, HOW I MADE IT OUT ALIVE! I just thought i'd share this with you,
this, in actuality, was the greatest moment, of my life!..People that exercise all their lives, like
i did! Are chronically, much, YOUNGER, than the average, joe!...

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