Are you serious??????????????  

IMayBeASin 54F
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5/1/2011 10:15 am
Are you serious??????????????

Ok ladies ..... I've gone for 7 years now on this site... I have amazing friends ... and yes even found a nice guy or two to spend some time with over the years... but there is one thing that I cannot and will not deal with anymore and unfortunately even tho its a male generated problem , you perpetuate the bullshit.

Lets get one thing straight right now... the very idea that you are going to talk to a guy you are interested in and he is not going to talk to a hundred different OTHER women .. IS SHEER STUPIDITY !
Chances are , that guy that you've been chatting with in the chat rooms or sending emails back and forth to, has done the same thing with quite a few other ladies. Is he going to tell you this? NO. Do you think the other women know.. prolly not. Here's the clincher... will it probably be one of your friends? YOU BET YOUR ASS.

So now.. you've found out... however .. and you confront .. more than likely.. you've told your friend too.. now he's gettin it from both sides... What do you think he's going to say? Well he's gonna make up the first shit that comes to his mind to get out of trouble and one of you are gonna end up the bad guy, because of course its not his fault. So now one of you , according to him, has said or done something to the in regards to the other and starts off a huge good old fashioned pissin match. Heres where I stop and just say some shit that most women on here SHOULD recognize, take to heart and deal .

YOU do NOT "own" anyone on this site unless you have a piece of paper from the state sayin so... or its mutual that you both are seein each other exclusively . You CANNOT lay claim to a stable full of guys you're interested in , and expect noone to speak with them or otherwise. Just because you have spoken to each other for a few weeks thru email or chat DOES NOT constitute a relationship in which you should pack your shit and decide to move across the state for them nor should you randomly start attacking females who talk or meet with them. In the end, its going to be each of their decision as to who they want to be with.. IF ITS NOT YOU BE AN ADULT ABOUT IT , AND REALIZE ITS NOT HIS OR HER FAULT!!!!! Its a fact of life, its human nature and they decided they were interested and you didnt make it to the cut.. hey shit happens.. STOP persecuting them for having the audacity to like each other.. quit being a selfish ass .

Heres a biggie.. and should be something you KNOW but I am finding that women are losing their friggin minds lately ...
People are gonna talk to each other , they do not have to report to you that they are regardless of the fact that you may be interested. Sometimes they know.. sometimes they dont... STOP being a neurotic retard and attacking your friends when they have the audacity to be human and converse. People are gonna meet in various places and may develop a friendship/relationship/etc with out consulting you and you know what... THEY DONT HAVE TO. Its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what they do.. you can choose to be a friend and an adult , or you can be an asshole and lose a friend over some guy that more than likely will not even stick around .. and then what do you have.. no man .. no friend.. then you have to ask yourself.... was he worth it? Was that brief "relationship" with that person worth enough to lose maybe a good friend? Because in the long run.. its neither of their faults that they liked each other more than you, its human nature. AND BTW.. if a person chooses to keep their private lives and/or relationships to themselves and not make it public knowledge... you do NOT have the right to attack or talk shit about it.. PISS OFF... its their life and they dont have to tell you SHIT!

*** For the females that find themselves on the opposite side of the fence and are the recipients of abuse at the hands of your so called friends... LISTEN TO ME......... IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.
It is the other persons negativity and loss of self worth that makes them do it. YOU did nothing wrong, its their problem not yours. DONT let them bring you down. Realize that its a "disease" with them, and just ignore the negativity.

With that said.. I want to say to my FRIENDS.. I love all of you and wouldnt hurt you for the world and the real ones know that. Sometimes shit happens and its inevitable that things may not be hunky dory, but I will NEVER purposely hurt one of my friends. Sometimes it jus happens .............
For those that cannot accept that yea I might be a hardass and talk shit and sometimes be a bit abrasive... ITS ME.. if you dont like it.. theres the door. Its never locked.. use it. I am me and you know from day one how I am.. if ya didnt like it you shouldnt have gotten on the damn ride.

HAve a fabulous day.. Peace love and pixiedust.

dyk4u2c 54M
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11/13/2015 10:19 am

Sounds like a "No Brainer" to me. But, we see people everyday, with perfect advise for others, who rarely practice what they preach.

Scott_in_Tulsa 50M
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10/2/2011 5:14 pm

i absolutely agree with you on this, thank you for writing it!

i've ran into this myself several times, i'll be chatting with some gal and she starts acting like i shouldn't be chatting with anyone else. That's my que to distance myself from her.

I get it if a woman wants me all to herself, but there's a way to go about accomplishing that. Start by being the most magnificent woman i know, then figure out how to keep me so busy that i don't have time or energy for other women. What? That's too much work ? Too bad, next.

I'm not going to buy the car without a test drive, and i'm not going to negotiate with anyone who tells me i can't shop around. Beat out the competition fairly, or go find someone else to play with.

"We are all worms, but i like to think of myself as a glow-worm" - Winston Churchill

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