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On the DL....
Posted:Mar 23, 2014 9:26 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2019 11:54 am
SO... ladies... how many of you know what this means and have someone who thinks you dont know?

Is there a difference between giving the option of permission and a partner just doing it on the DL ?

Ladies who play with those who are taken, do you always check with the other half or just assume she has agreed? When you see them in a social setting , do you realize that their woman is with them and if they arent speaking to you, then she has no clue?

Sometimes I wonder....
Are you serious??????????????
Posted:May 1, 2011 10:15 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2016 8:08 pm
Ok ladies ..... I've gone for 7 years now on this site... I have amazing friends ... and yes even found a nice guy or two to spend some time with over the years... but there is one thing that I cannot and will not deal with anymore and unfortunately even tho its a male generated problem , you perpetuate the bullshit.

Lets get one thing straight right now... the very idea that you are going to talk to a guy you are interested in and he is not going to talk to a hundred different OTHER women .. IS SHEER STUPIDITY !
Chances are , that guy that you've been chatting with in the chat rooms or sending emails back and forth to, has done the same thing with quite a few other ladies. Is he going to tell you this? NO. Do you think the other women know.. prolly not. Here's the clincher... will it probably be one of your friends? YOU BET YOUR ASS.

So now.. you've found out... however .. and you confront .. more than likely.. you've told your friend too.. now he's gettin it from both sides... What do you think he's going to say? Well he's gonna make up the first shit that comes to his mind to get out of trouble and one of you are gonna end up the bad guy, because of course its not his fault. So now one of you , according to him, has said or done something to the in regards to the other and starts off a huge good old fashioned pissin match. Heres where I stop and just say some shit that most women on here SHOULD recognize, take to heart and deal .

YOU do NOT "own" anyone on this site unless you have a piece of paper from the state sayin so... or its mutual that you both are seein each other exclusively . You CANNOT lay claim to a stable full of guys you're interested in , and expect noone to speak with them or otherwise. Just because you have spoken to each other for a few weeks thru email or chat DOES NOT constitute a relationship in which you should pack your shit and decide to move across the state for them nor should you randomly start attacking females who talk or meet with them. In the end, its going to be each of their decision as to who they want to be with.. IF ITS NOT YOU BE AN ADULT ABOUT IT , AND REALIZE ITS NOT HIS OR HER FAULT!!!!! Its a fact of life, its human nature and they decided they were interested and you didnt make it to the cut.. hey shit happens.. STOP persecuting them for having the audacity to like each other.. quit being a selfish ass .

Heres a biggie.. and should be something you KNOW but I am finding that women are losing their friggin minds lately ...
People are gonna talk to each other , they do not have to report to you that they are regardless of the fact that you may be interested. Sometimes they know.. sometimes they dont... STOP being a neurotic retard and attacking your friends when they have the audacity to be human and converse. People are gonna meet in various places and may develop a friendship/relationship/etc with out consulting you and you know what... THEY DONT HAVE TO. Its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what they do.. you can choose to be a friend and an adult , or you can be an asshole and lose a friend over some guy that more than likely will not even stick around .. and then what do you have.. no man .. no friend.. then you have to ask yourself.... was he worth it? Was that brief "relationship" with that person worth enough to lose maybe a good friend? Because in the long run.. its neither of their faults that they liked each other more than you, its human nature. AND BTW.. if a person chooses to keep their private lives and/or relationships to themselves and not make it public knowledge... you do NOT have the right to attack or talk shit about it.. PISS OFF... its their life and they dont have to tell you SHIT!

*** For the females that find themselves on the opposite side of the fence and are the recipients of abuse at the hands of your so called friends... LISTEN TO ME......... IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.
It is the other persons negativity and loss of self worth that makes them do it. YOU did nothing wrong, its their problem not yours. DONT let them bring you down. Realize that its a "disease" with them, and just ignore the negativity.

With that said.. I want to say to my FRIENDS.. I love all of you and wouldnt hurt you for the world and the real ones know that. Sometimes shit happens and its inevitable that things may not be hunky dory, but I will NEVER purposely hurt one of my friends. Sometimes it jus happens .............
For those that cannot accept that yea I might be a hardass and talk shit and sometimes be a bit abrasive... ITS ME.. if you dont like it.. theres the door. Its never locked.. use it. I am me and you know from day one how I am.. if ya didnt like it you shouldnt have gotten on the damn ride.

HAve a fabulous day.. Peace love and pixiedust.
impending Festivities !!!
Posted:Jul 14, 2010 6:12 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2011 11:33 pm
Ohhhh yes. ..My crazzzzzzy is that time yet again.
Saturday July 24th will be the date of the bday partay this year....those peeps I wish to join me will receive the invites in your emails this week. If I dont have your current Y email please let me know!
Toodles and lets have a ball! !!
Woooohooo.. time for another YMBAF
Posted:Jun 20, 2010 4:16 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2010 3:57 am
SO .. I get up today to this random email from some guy I havent ever spoken to much less would..... As you can see... theres still hope for the fucktards.. they have endless ranks of wastes of flesh....

> Sender: creed8279
> To: IMayBeASin
> Date: Jun 20, 2010 8:49 AM MDT
> Wow somebody must of really screwed you good. Hon I think you may be a little too damaged for a website like this.I hope you get the care you need.
To which I responded :::

LOL>.. See.. you are the epitome of what the entire profile is about. Just because a woman decides to take a stand and tell you EXACTLY what she is not looking for and state her opinion on certain things , doesnt make her "damaged". ... I think that maybe you're a little damaged to actually have taken the profile as seriously as you did. Maybe you should get some "care" in reference to your "knight in shining armor" complex and your inability to correctly psychoanalyze people.. ... I hope the next email you send out has a tad more couth and less bullshit. ( Hands you a dictionary to look up the big words)Apparently you'll need it.

Have a nice day and dont bother writing back.. see.. I block ignorant jackasses like you for a reason... theres only so much of your BS I can take.. and frankly yours isn't even worth the response I just wrote.

OH and btw.. I have a feeling I know why the email was sent ...
*From his profile **

Smoking: Prefer not to say
Drinking: Prefer not to say
Drugs: I use some recreational Drugs
Education: Some college

Yep.. why do you think they call it dope?
OH yeaaaaaaa Window lickers abound.. all is not lost.....
Posted:Mar 30, 2010 2:27 pm
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2010 1:29 am
So I get this email from this guy this morning.. never seen him before nor his name .. but it jus goes to show u .. Rain Main is still alive....

42 year old Man
Aurora, Colorado

Mar 30, 2010 1:25 PM MDT
If you were really commited you would remove your profile. I feeel sorry for this guy did you meet him here. wow chicks are cruel. LIght switches. Sorry for my perspective but what do you expect.


Well now.. lets just thank the gods right now that we dont rely on your "expert" perspective.

Listen ya shithead.... I DID In fact meet him on here and WOW ... guess what ... WE'RE BOTH STILL ON HERE and doing just fine thank you very much. See, what you fail to realize is we're ADULTS and can handle our business unlike you , who should keep his nose and obvious stupid opinions to himself.

As far as being committed (correct spelling of the word), yea.. you could say that .. committed to the point that we can both still be on here and very comfortable in the knowledge that its not a danger at all to our relationship. Matter of fact, morons like you are why we are here. See he's just as much a smartass as I am and well... he's gettin a big ole laugh outta your silly ass right now.

You say chicks are cruel , well thats so morons like you get the friggin point. Maybe someone should turn your light switch off because apparently there's no lightbulb to light.

As far as your perspective... my suggestion would be not to give it until you actually get something worth sharing.
Oh btw... what do I expect.. a realllly retarded reply from you. Dont let me down ... the masses are waiting with bated breath for your perspective.

42 year old Man
Aurora, Colorado

RE: RE: hey
Mar 30, 2010 3:31 PM MDT
> your ability to use foul langage is impressive I'm sure that it will come in handy in your alcohol infused realationship with your soul mate good luck it is obvious that you are very smart so I made sure not to type to fast so that I wasn't corrected for spelling some things wrong good luck sicko have a drink on me or in you you're whats wrong with america you and your GuY---------------------------------------------------


My ability to use foul language hasn't even been addressed but my ability to use correct punctuation and spelling is only surpassed by the ability to actually not obliterate wastes of human flesh like you from the Earth. Thank you for your well wishes for me and my soul mate as you put it, hope you find your trailer trash queen soon . As far as my "alcohol induced relationship" is concerned , you're not as perceptive as you think you are ,seeing as neither one of us is a drinker. We save that for the hicks like you to do on a Saturday night with your sister, or cousin or whatever family member you're hookin up with this week.
Yes I am very smart so your lack of correct spelling is once again hideous...(BTW.. its too not to)and the use of periods and commas in your sentences might actually give the illusion you have some proper "learnin ".

The only "sicko" around here is you and judging by your picture , the mental asylum is going to figure out your backwards ass country fuck ass is missing at pudding time.

What's wrong with America today is the fact that they didn't choose to abort you before birth.
Anxiously awaiting your next reply for my You Might Be A Fuctard memoirs...
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THIS is the kind of crap I get daily... no wonder I'm the way I am lol....
Posted:Mar 10, 2010 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2010 8:52 am

Mar 10, 2010 1:06 PM MST
I read your entire profile and just wanted to say a few things. I see that you are a woman who is putting herself out there on a dating site and is clearly not amused by the amount of guys that email you. It's no wonder that you have made yourself out to be this in formidable wall that most males would be afraid to even attempt to climb. I do find most of what you said rather funny. You seem pretty right wing to me but hell i don't even know you. Drugs are Drugs and users are users but Don't you think your being alittle harsh about weed. I'm not a big smoker but a couple times a year i will indulge myself and I can tell you I would rather meet a pot smoker then a heavy drinker anyday. But your probly thinking well id rather meet neither. Lol and thats fine its your prerogative. I think however that you have had to deal with that type of person and are totally over it. However you go alittle far when you call all people who drink or smoke alittle morons. But like you said if you get to the end and arn't offended you might work. Well i could say im am a bit offended but lol not really this is your profile and you can weed out whoever you want. I will give you props for actually writing about yourself as most idiots on this site do not. For all of your expectations you wrote very little about yourself in fact it turned back into a rant when you were trying to describe yourself. You say you are one of the kindest people, if you like them. but then you scare me by saying if it does not end up well then your going to turn into some crazy woman out to ruin the guys life. scary.. Lol im not sure where im going with this but im also not quite sure why your on a site like this if you don't want to hook up with anyone and you know that 99.9% of people are going to contact you for sex and turn out to be idiots. I'm just curious about you for some reason. Why pick FriendFinder-x if nothing in your profile was about sex? I await your smart ass answer. Lol I am also very blunt and offend people so you can get angry or you can laugh it off as this is not that serious.

Well it is , as you say , your prerogative to have an opinion about my opinions, I just dont have to agree and basically some I dont.

Drugs are Drugs and users are users is right.. its also illegal.. and as a Criminal Justice professional and a SMART person.. I feel that people who use illegal substances or over indulge on legal things such as alcohol are not only morons( yes I said morons) but also not worth the time and energy that I have to give. Occasional drink at the club is one thing... rip roaring benders to see who can puke first or how many "chicks" they can get numbers from or bang is quite another. Not interested.
Which brings me to your next point, writing about myself.. well plain and simple.... do you think Im going to put my most intimate details about myself in plain sight and out there on an adult site that is mostly walking hardons with no morals?? Hardly! When I say I'm a kind person... I am.. when I say if you mess with a friend or family I will hunt you down.. well.. you're damn right! Never said I was going to ruin some guys life. Unless of course he does something moronic like stalk someone, or God forbid put his hands on a female.. then yea.. its on like Donkey Kong.. so sue me.
As for being on this site.. let me reiterate one more time because it seems that the only people I have to explain this to are men. When I joined this ADULT site, there was nothing in the bylines or regulations that said I HAD to be here to "hookup" or even want sex for that matter. This is an adult site .. more like a portal .... for people to find what it is they are looking for... not a drive thru to get laid. (Never heard of a Mc Pussy's yet)
SO basically, I'm here because yes... its an adult site.. I can talk to adults and friends (which there are alot ) ,talk frankly to adults and yes, even occasionally broach the subject of sex. However, that doesn't mean that the first question out of your mouth to me should be "hey I'm in town at the airport and have an hour. how about a blowjob" ... .Not only crass, but shows the absolute inability for men to recognize that one thing they still have NO clue about:

Whether you are looking for a relationship,FWB or just one nite stand.. YOU STILL HAVE TO HAVE SOME SEMBLENCE OF COUTH, SOCIAL ABILITY , AND PERSONALITY.You have to be able to socially interact, carry on a conversation and yes even be aware that it is based on mutual attraction. Even tho some wont admit it.. you wont go to bed with someone you're not remotely attracted to.

NOW.. onto YOUR profile....
I'm a climbing instructor so i have an athletic body. I like a woman with curves just not so many that they can't see their feet. sry to be blunt but i like a gal that takes care of her body. because i try and take care of mine.
((( OK.. once again... shallowness is NOT a good quality.. most of you guys just dont get it.. a nympho barbie doll skinny chick is the reason you guys get your heart jumped on.. will you ever learn ?SHE will ALWAYS find someone better because YOU cannot maintain that young body forever anymore than the rest of us do as u get older.)))

I love sex but more importantly i love a good connection with a woman. because orgasms are 80 % mental anyway so making a good connection means great sex! I'm an outgoing honest guy looking to add alittle more flavor to his life. I am very uninhibited in the bedroom so its hard to make me blush.
(Well at least you have one point right)

My Ideal Person: Looking for an outgoing little lass with curves.
(You say curves.. what you mean is a barbie with a big ass and a rack right?)
A woman that's confidant in her body and knows what she likes and how she likes it done. I want a woman who loves the outdoors likes to camp, and hopefully i can make a diver out of. That way we can go swim underwater for the day and come back home to a nice long hot sweaty session in the bedroom. Now in my mind that is the perfect day/woman..
(You're perfect idea of a day/woman consists of swimming and hot sex afterwords? Really? Forget the fact that she may be a nice girl, have a job, take care of herself, have feelings like everyone else or may have OTHER interests besides swimming and sex? You're not interested that she has morals, character or might even like you for more than just sex... wow)

And people think IM the crazy one lol ...?????? This coming from a guy that has one vague pic of himself and two really good ones of his on a "sex" site.... whateva!!!
Oh yea.. have a nice day :: giggle :::

Oh yea.. the quote... MM said it best.. so if peeps cant handle what I say here on the profile when Im being in your face blunt and real.. then they dont need to be around me to see the other side.


>ahahaha you are to much. First of all I have more morals then you would ever think. I have never cheated on a woman and always treat them with the respect that they deserve. If you want to know what i mean by curves on a woman which you assume is tits and ass. Curves on a woman means she has a real body.. with a little meat on her bones because honestly i don't buy into the whole starve your self to look like a barbie doll. bullshit. Now when i talk about a day of diving not swimming that means scuba diving and if you ever knew anything about the sport you would know how connected to your diving partner you have to be. You are 70 feet underwater and your partner is about the only thing that could save your life if something goes wrong. Not to mention the bonding that comes in to driving to a beautiful place and just being with someone you care for. And if i say that diving then going home to my cabins and being intimate with the girl that I care about is a good day I mean it. You look at my profile and try and pick it apart and assume making a complete ass out of yourself in my opinion. By saying that im some shovanistic asshole that doesn't care about women. If you want to know my opinion you have a very ugly soul. To judge one that you know hardly a thing about except a few paragraphs that they wrote on a website that most porno sites advertise. To tell you the truth this site is more of a joke to me then anything. I simply wanted to get on the internet to find a girl that enjoyed diving and had a sex drive to match mine. You say you only have to explain this stuff to men and you have this HUGE profile explaining how much you hate about people who email you about sex. Hello try a differant site if you don't want to get that kind of email. I guarantee you there are hundreds of other adult community sites that don't have naked pictures of about every person on profiles. which is what FriendFinder-x promotes. I find your assumptions to be hilarious because you are so far off the mark of what you think i am about it makes me laugh. If you were trying to get back at me for telling you I think you have the wrong site it didn't work. O and i consider closed minded people such as yourself A big reason there is so much hatred and fucked up shit that happens to people in this world. I know nothing about you and i wouldn't presume to tell you who you are. I always read a girls profile to see what they are all about and I read yours all the way through also and I found so much negativity in it that it was slightly sad. But you know what I consider my self to be a kind person and despite what i might have written on your email I will go so far as to take it back. I don't believe in fighting and since i know nothing about you and you clearly know nothing about me I will leave it at that... you were commenting about my obscure pictures... thats because i don't believe in putting my cock all over the website for all to see. And why is it that woman who are Plus sizes find so much offense to guys looking for curves. They wine about thats not what a REAL woman is and bla bla bla. Thats our society sweetie. get used to it..

This member has opted to turn off receiving mail at this time. Most times, this means that the member is taking a break from FriendFinder-x, only wishes to contact others, or visit people in the chatrooms.

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WELL... its true lol
Posted:Feb 10, 2010 6:34 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2010 6:55 pm

For those of you who havent heard yet... YEP I'M HOMEEEEE !!!!!
Finally back in Denver, actually Parker but who's checkin lol.... and I'm so glad to be back . Will update everyone soon on the welcome home party date. ... Please remember this will not be an FriendFinder-x function , it will be a personal function with my friends from the site invited..

Oh and on a side note.... I hadn't even made it into town yet before the shit talkin started... let me jus let you know... if there is ANYONE (hint.. EMTEN..) who thinks that they have the cajones to step up and "cunt punt " me or feels that they can "put a leash on me " as the statement was related to me ..well if you're feeling froggy you SOB.. then JUMP!!! Otherwise ... get your facts straight and have a nice big bowl of STFU ! The statement by me that someone was not invited nor welcome to the party was referring to MY WELCOME HOME get together and NOT the SSJ party.. so the drunken asshole with no couth is once again starting shit by saying I told him not to go to the party.. .. which is the reason most wont attend that party in CS.. noone wants to be around him and mostly if they do , its because he's buyin the drinks.Do yourself a favor people ... if you dont like me .. fine... I have no prob with that.. iggy me.. but dont you DARE sit in that chat room and jump on the bandwagon of bashing me thinking that I wont find out.
I have never nor will I ever cause a scene at a function and you KNOW that. If you dont know, then you dont know me. Either be a friend and dont start in with the fucktards or be a fucktard and move the hell on.
One more thing, If you're having a function in which people dont want to go due to certain invitees or such, have the common courtesy to understand that having a get together for those who wont go is not "chicken shit" . Its merely giving an alternative . There will be other functions to see those people who didnt make it, and it will avoid there being a "problem " at your function. Apparently you worry about my behaviour in regards to those atagonists, why would you expect me or others to put ourselves in the situation of proving you right?

Nuff said... with that I say... its still wonderful to be home... I missed you all.
Posted:Jan 13, 2010 1:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2010 7:43 pm
OK.. now.. I have spent the last two years in this hell hole and I will finally be leaving within the next 8 weeks... I cannot say where to as of right now.. ( G-14 classified and all ) lol... but I do know that I will be seeing alot of old friends and maybe even make it thru Denver in time for Mardi Gras provided they give us a date soon lol... ..... Those who have volunteered to unload the moving truck better get ready lol.. its comin fast
Love love love all my friends in all the places I've lived and will see some of you very soon

Heres a JACKASS for you... FUNATTTHEY is his name...
Posted:Dec 15, 2009 5:15 am
Last Updated:Mar 12, 2010 3:05 am
58 year old Man
Norman, Oklahoma

> > Sender: funattheY
> > To: IMayBeASin
> > Date: Dec 14, 2009 4:54 pm PST
> >
> > Does that mean you are actually fat??
> Sender: IMayBeASin
> To: funattheY
> Date: Dec 14, 2009 5:06 pm PST
> > NO that means a lil extra padding you jackass... I see that the MALE distinction on your profile actually means you're an asshole.. good riddance and piss off already
> ---------------------------------------------------

RE: RE: A little extra padding?

Dec 14, 2009 10:31 PM CST

Good finally a response! You do have a beautiful face, however you are a fat little shit. And obviously you have a terrible personality. I have sent you several e-mails without any response. It took this to get your attention!!
However, PLEASE be of service to the rest of mankind and fuck/suck/swallow/ and let men fuck you in the ass as well.......!!!

You are blocked!

NOW .. keep in mind that this is the first time I have actually heard from this eunich that chooses to call himself a man... secondly , if he can judge my body from a face pic and my personality from ONE email that he provoked,, then someone call the Book Of Records because he'a freakin wonder of the world of perception.. thirdly and obviously freakin hilarious.... this asshole doesnt understand that IF YOU DONT GET AN EMAIL BACK FROM SOMEONE (which I didnt get one in the first place)THAT MEANS THEY'RE NOT INTERESTED DICKHEAD....I of course ALWAYS send back a "thank you but not interested" to ALL those who write that I dont have any interest in . Lastly.. and even more hysterical.. this eunich has now hidden behind the block feature because he obviously cant back his ass up and his mouth has overloaded it.... Wassa matter pansy ass.. scared of lil ole me..???? Chickenshit ! waaaaa.. go cry to someone else grandpa.. and keep your email blocked... forever.. trust me.. You'll need to after I'm done.
Alright....... the verdict is in....
Posted:Apr 13, 2009 8:01 pm
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2009 5:58 pm
Stuck in Okiehomer for at least another semester... seems these fellers here wanna gradjiate me with a degree finally.. and well.. who am I to say no? SOOO... I'll be hangin wif da cows an such for a while longer.. ya'll Coloradian peeps of mine that lovvvvve me mucho... well.. ya'll is invited to these here parts if'n ya wanna visit k?( picked up on the lingo quite well dont you think) lol.... until next time
Peace love and Pixie Dust..
Rotten Tink
1 comment
Posted:Oct 19, 2008 10:34 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2009 8:30 pm
Crap.. stuck in Okiehomer for months now... sigh.. someone better come visit meeeeeeeeeee... ya'll suck.. sigh... fine... I'm leavin now... I'll jus be ovah here in mah corner of the BARN.. ack...
SIGH>... Well crap....
Posted:Sep 19, 2008 11:15 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2008 8:54 pm
So it looks like Mid Oct is not gonna be an option.. matter of fact.. well.. it looks like its going to take me a few more months to get back to all my peeps and home. :: sigh:::..
Good news is... well.. I'll keep that to myself... Ya just dont know about some of the phreaks... lol
Sadly the bad news is.. well.. its just gonna cost too much to move back and I dont have the income to support that right now... So more than likely.. it'll be after the first of the year sigh... this sux!@*&#

I miss all of you... ...


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