You are not ready for the post covid world. Lets warm up!  

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6/6/2021 9:04 am
You are not ready for the post covid world. Lets warm up!

I like to write with a sense of humor from time to time so take anything I write with a grain of salt for flavor. I'm writing this for me, but I hope it inspires you and you enjoy it.

Alright everyone it's time to peel back the rocks we have been hiding under and get back on the . The battery stockpile is getting low and unless you bought a rechargeable it is going to be tough to self care much longer. Now I know we all said I'm going to hit the gym (which was closed by the way) and get in shape during the lock down but that didn't happen. So it's time to consider sex with other people again.

Now I'm not saying you have to go from 0 to 60 in five seconds but you need to get ready for it. It's gonna come back and to be honest we all could use the relief of a bit of fun and a few shared moments. Before any of us get there we need to at least get back to communicating with each other. Say hello to the milk man before you ask him in. I went to the desert (tinder ) and saw the disaster that was. I am thinking we all need to slow down a bit and actually communicate with each other more. If I saw your tinder profile you......... should reevaluate it. It is angry, hostile, rude and unwelcoming. I think I got cut on all the rusty edges and I might need a shot.

Quit trying to skip steps.
Step one eye contact: online your profile is your eye contact. I'll let someone else tell you what to do there I have no clue.

Step Two initial contact: Engage in conversation not a wedding this can be messages, phone calls, smoke signals or even a telegraph.

Step three negotiation: So now that you have found out you are capable of talking to a person again you use this time to put your desired outcomes on the table and compromise. Oh you hate that word. Do you hate long term relationships? Because that what they are. Most guys want to drive the car around the block. Hell 0% want that if they are here. There is always something between a drive by fuck and being paired for life from first touch.

Step Four .... really you need me to tell you to put the rubber to the road at this point. I think you got it from here. Lets get back to the prep work.

Lets all go do the things we forgot to do and make ourselves more presentable. I need to remember to<b> shave </font></b>on Sundays (guilty). Taking care of ourselves is the first step of ending the pity train and finding someone. Wash behind those ears or mom will get mad. Clean up that apartment and get the candy wrappers out from behind the couch cushions. Rent a steam cleaner for Fido's piddle pile. Put some Tom Jones in your play list and start dancing with your bad self. You are going to need to shake that booty to get some booty. It don't matter if you can or can't it's the effort that pays off and after time guess what you are dancing.

So come on get pumped up and ready babe! You can do this!

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