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4/22/2021 11:50 pm

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Most of us in this site use this as a place escape the everyday blahs of life, everyone is here for different reasons. We're free enjoy our fantasies, needs, wants & desires. With being on this site and the people Ive met & have enjoyed getting know but lately what has opened my eyes & thoughts is the importance understanding boundaries, asking the right questions, basically having conversations get know the person and what is about them and what it is the want.
Yes, woman have needs & desires, and us guys, not all but most dont know what they are. We need ask ourselves this "what will she get out of this", "what does she like, enjoy, turns her on...."
In changing my ways in how approach being on this site, Im here like majority on here is because I like thinking about sex, enjoy sexually creative dialogue & I hope find chemistry with someone who feels the same way. Im here seek & explore the sensuality thats all around us & inside us.
PASSION attracted passionate people, I like take calculated risks I go for what I want. Sometimes I do get stymied challenges & inner demons when there is that chance had when feeling of lust, wanting more, when some days spent distracted dreaming of the next time we encounter erotic pleasures. I am a pleasure person where I get excited getting you excited.
Getting know someone is just as much the reason being on this site of just anyone. I appreciate someone willing take the time read my profile. It tells they want know more of . I dont want expectations or want pretend we're something we're not.

FWB, (does the F really & truly stand for friend)?
Basically Im getting know what the why is with articulating notions & creative desires that I want express and<b> expose </font></b>the erotica and if you want get know , lets have conversation and see where this goes.

I'll continue later with more

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